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Weekly Fantasy Football player projections for

Defense / Special Teams

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  • The Defensive Fantasy PPG comparisons are Defensive-related scoring only, does not include Kick/Punt Return scoring — to establish the true Fantasy Football Defensive performance.
  • The Team-Defense PPG listed for prior years does NOT include Week-17 games.
  • Scoring system notes = Tiered for points allowed (10 pts = for a shutout, and declining from there), 2 pts per INT, 1 pt per Sack and Fumble recovery.
  • “Offensive Points Allowed” = non-Defensive or kick/punt return points allowed.
  • Anything that we change during the week, we will noted in the 'CHG' column.
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Updated on:
December 28, 2018


Seahawks-DST v. ARI

A Seattle win ensures them going to Dallas vs. going to Chicago for the playoffs -- that's important. Seattle can wipe out Dallas...but the Bears are a totally different monster. Seattle will be playing this Week 17 game legit to go to Dallas.

A good, motivated Seattle defense faces the worst offense in the NFL (along with JAC)...and it would not shock me if Arizona pulled Josh Rosen for his own safety (whether from opening snap/to start or after the half), as well as an early day for David Johnson. Arizona is terrible...and then minus the normal QB and main RB -- even worse.

Honorable Mention —
Steelers-DST v. CIN


Vikings-DST v. CHI

The NFL intelligentsia hates Mitch Trubisky...thinks he's a goof, so they love pushing the opposing DST against the Bears. Meanwhile the Bears are a top 10 scoring offense in the NFL, top 5-6 since Week 4.

In addition, the Vikings defense is wildly overrated...they've beat up the Lions 2x, Dolphins, Cardinals, Jets to push their numbers. The Vikes are 1-5 against teams with a winning record.

Honorable Mention —
Ravens-DST v. CLE


Browns-DST v. BAL

The Ravens have scored 20 and 22 the past two weeks facing TB and LAC, and I'd argue the Browns defense is better than the Ravens have faced the last 2 weeks...maybe the best Lamar Jackson will have faced this season. Lamar/the Ravens have at least 1 turnover in a game in every Lamar start. As more tape gets laid down on LJax, the offense's numbers are trickling down a bit.

A motivated Browns defense against a solid/not spectacular offense and a rookie QB who has flirted with being turnover prone. Could be another solid FF effort from the Browns.

Honorable Mention —
Lions-DST v. GB (if Rodgers doesn't start)