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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football 53-Man Notes (8/31) *Subscriber Extra Notes…McCoy, Hyde, Zeke

September 1, 2019 12:44 AM
September 1, 2019 12:42 AM
September 1, 2019 12:44 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football 53-Man Notes (8/31) *Subscriber Extra Notes…McCoy, Hyde, Zeke


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors (in no particular order)…


OK, lots of 53-man roster stuff to hit. I’m going to touch on a few quick tonight and maybe more detail tomorrow after 1pmET when all the waiver claims are processed…


 -- Carlos Hyde is not going to be the main RB for Houston. I don’t know who is yet, but it’s not Hyde.

The Chiefs and Texans exchanged players they were going to cut. The Texans OL (Rankins) involved in the swap was already listed as a cut…and then later traded (which is legal before the 4pt deadline). Sometimes an easy way to cut a player you’ve had all summer is trade him and then his new team will cut him soon after.

Hyde is a stop gap item for Houston, while they negotiate with LeSean and/or add guys from waivers they like. Hyde is not the final answer.

Hyde may stick on the roster, but he is likely not the Week 1 or season long answer. Don’t get suckered in too hard. Trade him hot if you got him…before noon/too long tomorrow.


 -- Before you just gobble down the Adam Schefter note…

What does it mean that Dallas and Ezekiel Elliott talks are intensifying? Seriously. Tell me what that means.

You’re telling me on Labor Day weekend Saturday with the 53-man roster moves consuming all football professional’s (like myself) entire day…and the first big week of college football…you’re telling me Dallas and Zeke’s people are just in a smoke filled room exchanging offers on slips of paper and sliding it back and forth to each other.

Get the ___ outta here with that stupid news report.

How intense can the talks be? Zeke wants to be the highest paid RB in the NFL with the best guaranteed money. Dallas is not offering that. Elliott is fine sitting out the entire season if he has to. There can be no intense negotiations. There is only Jerry Jones gives in or there is nothing to talk about.

What, you think Zeke is dying to get back on the field to be with his ‘family’? Man, you (rabid fans) are the ones decorating an entire room of your house with team merchandise. Zeke would leave Dallas in two seconds if the Eagles offered him what he wanted (and he could go). Zeke is not budging. He has no reason to. It’s not 2007, when guys would do this to skip camp and get a small raise and life went on. And Jerry would cut Zeke the moment he’s not of value anymore either. It’s a two-way street.

Even if they talked today, it wasn’t intense…it would be less than a minute.

Zeke’s Agent: “Hello”

Jerry: “Wanna come back for Week 1 with not-Gurley guarantees but a big contract number overall so you can impress your other clients, but it’s really hot air and we’ll cut you the moment it’s fiscally proper too?”

Zeke’s Agent: “Nope”

Jerry: “Pretty please?”

Zeke’s Agent: “Nope. Give us the most RB guaranteed money ever or we don’t come back.”

Jerry: “Have a great Labor Day weekend.”

Zeke’s Agent: “You too. Good luck against NYG next week.”

Jerry: “Thanks. Bye now.”


Either Jerry caves, or this drags on. And I think either party is fine if it goes 4-8+ weeks into the season and keeps Zeke fresh. I still think Zeke is 50-50 for returning Week 1, and if he isn’t there…this is going for several weeks and maybe all season.


 -- (I wrote this section a few hours after the 53-man roster info was official…as I go to publish it, McCoy signs with KC.)

Where’s LeSean McCoy going? Here are my latest odds…

48% Kansas City = I think this would complete the circle on the story…it answers the question/the curiosity of why Andy Reid would go from ‘all-in’ on Damien Williams in Jan.-June and then turn his back on him out of nowhere for no good reason in July. Damien Williams did nothing but miss practice (as every RB does in the preseason) and what…Carlos Hyde was so good that it forced Reid to abandon everything? Darwin Thompson wasn’t even being discussed then. Damien Williams did something to move Reid off of him – Reid can fix the wrong and go for the title with his old Philly RB who knows the offense Day 1.

34% Houston = If McCoy wants a Super Bowl, he goes to KC. If he wants money, the Texans may give it to him in their flurry of activity of late. McCoy is a better fit in KC…if KC is willing to pay, they get McCoy (assuming Reid wants him).

18% LA Chargers = McCoy is connected to him back to their time together in Buffalo, but I’d think LAC would just ride it out with Jackson-Ekeler and expect Gordon back for Week 11/the playoffs. No need to panic into McCoy.


*Well, now it’s official – McCoy to KC. I knew there was something wrong with Damien Williams and Andy Reid. Circle complete.

This is no split. This is McCoy coming in for one more run at a Super Bowl as the lead dog with DW taking 20% of the workload. Your Darwin Thompson lottery tickets just blew up…as I warned they would.


 -- One of the biggest news items of the day, to me, was lost in the flurry of big-name activity…and the fact no one in the national football media has any real idea who Taywan Taylor is…

But the fact that Baker just got the Titans’ most dangerous WR is stunning…stunning what they are doing for Baker. GM John Dorsey has nabbed the Dolphins best WR, the Giants best WR, and now the Titans best WR in a little over a year.

John Dorsey is becoming in the elite among personnel people and GMs. Belichick, Will McClay (DAL), and Dorsey I’d say is third right now.

Taylor will take a few weeks to get used to things and then become a strong #3 WR/WR3/flex…and this really helps OBJ-Landry because teams will have to respect Taylor vs. lack of concern for dull Rashard Higgins. Brilliant, brilliant move.


 -- Four guys you know I love…that were cut, and my prediction on their landing spot…

Samaje Perine = I’d be shocked if he was not the Josh Jacobs handcuff by the end of Sunday.

Josh Adams = Houston has invested too much in 2019 to go with Adams as an ‘answer’. They probably don’t know who he is. Adams would be best to go to Jacksonville to handcuff. The Jets could make a play with their new GM ties to Philly or Adams has connections to the Bears OL coach. If the Texans wanted Adams badly, they would have given up a 7th round draft pick to leap priority over the other teams.

Kyle Sloter = Watch for the Rams here. The dot connection? Kirk Cousins tips off Sean McVay. Sloter goes on the Rams practice squad. Could be San Fran, if Cousins tells his buddy Kyle Shanahan.

Zach Zenner = The fact he hasn’t signed means no one cares and it’s possible he’s going to just go be a doctor.


Other guys who could have FF impact that I was watching…

Brandon Powell = What the Lions are doing, I do not know…but I love it because that house of cards is on the verge of a massive collapse. Patricia and the GM will be fired at the end of the year, my prediction.

Powell is a promising WR talent. I’ll predict Cincy and I’ll say why if it happens…and no one cares anyway.

C.J. Prosise = I was shocked he was not released nor was he dealt to Houston.

Andre Ellington = Him being cut means Barber-Jones-Ogunbowale in that order on the depth chart, which means Dare will be #2 in no time and pressing to be #1 at some point.


Also, did you happen to notice UDFA WR Steve Sims made the Redskins? I think I’m seeing that right. Good for him. That’s going to matter for us someday, but not now.


 -- All the Houston moves?

It’s Bill O’Brien gone wild.

He (essentially) has control over the organization since the GM was canned a few months ago. A grinder head coach with no time to deeply study personnel or the economics of everything personnel-wise…a guy on his last leg with the fans and organization – he got Daddy’s credit card and went to town buying everything.

He hated Clowney, so he dumped him for not much. Clowney was worth a 3rd-round compensatory pick if he left Houston, so all Houston really got was Jake Martin (promising) and Bark Mingo (ehh). The deal was more about getting rid of Clowney.

Then we have the franchise future-killing move of the deal for Laremy Tunsil. Two 1st-round picks and a 2nd for a guy with some off-field red flags and he’s coming up on contract time. A bad move for 2020+, but O’Brien does not care. He’s playing for right now. Andrew Luck is gone and O’Brien is on thin ice – it’s now or never and the future be damned.

Wait until Tunsil holds out next year a la Melvin Gordon…if he hasn’t received a huge deal by spring.

It’s sneaky smart and malicious of O’Brien and I totally get it. This is what happens when you have a messed-up front office like the Texans have. O’Brien might as well take over the GM job because everyone else they had butchered (anyone remember the Brock Osweiler deal?). 

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