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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes (7/30/2019) *Subscriber only extra notes

July 30, 2019 11:22 AM
July 30, 2019 11:20 AM
July 30, 2019 11:22 AM
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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes (7/30/2019) *Subscriber only extra notes


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors (in no particular order)…


Three notes I have special for subscribers -- for you to contemplate in your team building this next week/month…


1) I’m beginning to believe that Chris Conley might be Nick Foles’ best connection WR to start 2019 season. They were friends from when they played together in KC…and it’s translating onto the field this summer.

Conley was underutilized in KC, understandable to a degree with Tyreek there, but Conley was lowly targeted so now ‘forgotten’ by the fantasy community. He played a lot for KC, though, the past few years. Why? He was a capable receiver, but he’s a really nice blocker for a WR…which NFL coaches LOVE.

Doug Marrone is going to love that too.

The starting Week 1 trio might be, I’m sensing…Conley-Cole-Westbrook (slot). Chark as the #4 in-waiting to be a star…Marqise Lee unknown how ready he will be. If he’s ready by Week 1, he will start and likely Cole will go to the bench. Lee could be traded, but doubtful…he’d have to prove he’s back first before anyone bit.

Cole-Westbrook-Lee…all smaller guys/targets – Conley has some size and historic levels of vertical. Conley holds Chark’s story back from happening now, to some degree.

Eventually, Chark will start/look to be a #1 for this team…but Conley has cut in line ahead of him on a personal connection to Foles. At least, that’s the feel that I’m getting from sources.


2) You know who is undervalued? LeSean McCoy.

All this ‘Devin Singletary taking a lot of snaps with the 1st-team’ is creating smoke away from recently FF disappointing LeSean. Frank Gore is supposedly someone to fear as well.

Think about it…

McCoy is a star, a talent. You’re telling me he’s going to be reduced in touches for RB-old/not productive in 2018 Frank Gore? And is also going to move aside for Combine bust/rookie Devin Singletary? I kinda like Singletary’s style, sure. The Bills drafted him #74, so they are ‘invested’. I get it, but there is no way LeSean McCoy is taking a backseat to either guy as a specific plan. Loses some relief/rest carries? Sure. But he’s not in an RBBC…that’s ridiculous. He’s just sitting out camp/not doing much because he’s LeSean McCoy.

The Bills are going to try to run the Wishbone offense, to some degree, to protect Josh Allen and to win 7-3 final score games with their defense. There will be PLENTY of carries for the Bills RBs, and mostly touches for McCoy.

I’m not telling you old McCoy is back, but good Lord…we’re all chasing fairy tale rookies and handcuffs for our fantasy backfield and then here’s a possible Hall of Fame talent with at least another good year or two in him who works on a team that might lead the league in rushing attempts…and yet Ronald Jones is trading ahead of him in leagues, among others, right now. This is a slam dunk ‘buy low’ for RB depth for you.


I think there is a 10% chance McCoy gets traded before Week 1, but a 50% chance he gets traded by the trade deadline (if Buffalo falls) – imagine McCoy goes to…Green Bay? Kansas City? Wherever. McCoy would be in extra hot demand then.

McCoy trading outside the top 40 RBs in current redrafts is ludicrous. A screaming value for 2019 to trade for today with established rosters. He’s trading as an RB3 when he’s an RB2 with no too crazy hopes of being an RB1 for moments.


3) Spencer Ware was just cut by the Colts. His injury has him likely out all preseason, so Indy had to move on.

Two things…

 -- Marlon Mack is totally game-on now for touches…a la 2018. However, I’m still not as excited because he’s a body not built for the heavy workload. My opinion.

 -- Spencer Ware should be fine by late August…making him, maybe, the best RB available when the rash of RB injuries hit. Ware is nothing now but could be a shock value in 4 weeks. What if he’s lands in Green Bay off another Aaron Jones injury, or Jacksonville, or back to Indy on a Mack injury?

Just something to think about in deeper roster leagues before you ‘fold’ on him.


*Bonus/sad note – Someone sent me a report that Kyle Sloter is running 3rd-team behind Sean Mannion, and barely getting any camp time. He’s going to be on the move soon, but I don’t know if an NFL team outside of Denver and Cleveland (OC is former college coach who screwed him) knows who he is.