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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes (8/06) *Subscriber Bonus Camp Notes…

August 6, 2019 9:16 AM
August 6, 2019 9:11 AM
August 6, 2019 9:16 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes (8/06) *Subscriber Bonus Camp Notes…


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors (in no particular order)…


 -- I was as surprised as everyone else when we saw D’Onta Foreman was abruptly released by the Texans. His career is about over, if not fully over. ‘Lazy’ has haunted Foreman for years (as has ‘talented’) but add on that Achilles injury. His career is on life support.

The winner for the #2 job in Houston? Not Josh Ferguson…he’s a 3rd-down-ish type Sproles-type back. The current leader, for me, would be rookie UDFA Damarea Crockett (see: CFM scouting report to get more up to speed).

The real winner, the Texans’ #2 RB for Week 1…is likely on another roster right now. There’s no way Houston goes into a season with Super Bowl hopes (delusions) and has Crockett-Ferguson as their #2-3. Alfred Blue may be back, among other notables who will be suddenly available.

If there is a team with a worse RB depth chart in the NFL than Houston, I’m not sure who it is right now.

Foreman signed by the Colts? That shows Spencer Ware is all but done and the Colts are actively looking for a backstop/fail-safe for Marlon Mack…which they should have for the past two years.


 -- One RB that may be available to Houston in early September, after the cut downs – Eagles 2nd-year RB Josh Adams.

Adams is flashing in the preseason again, but I think the Eagles have backed themselves into an unnecessary corner by adding Howard-Sanders and resigning Sproles. Three spots spoken for. If Philly keeps five RBs, Adams will likely be one of them. Likely Philly keeps four and it could be anyone, including Boston Scott as the #4.

I pray to the fantasy gods that Adams is cut by Philly (or traded), and then I would LOVE him as a Texan…because give that 3-4 weeks and he’d takeover from Lamar Miller.

Josh Adams’ fantasy/dynasty value right now is tied up in what team he’s with Week 1 not names ‘the Eagles’.

Just for anyone new to FFM this last week or so – Josh Adams is one of the 15 most talented runners of the ball in the NFL right now. He’s a UDFA because he had an injury coming out of Notre Dame…and his UDFA status has his own team blind to him. Adams went from ‘who cares’ practice squad RB for Philly, to their best/starting RB the 2nd-half of last season. I know what I’m talking about.


 -- I thought Jerick McKinnon would make some noise in camp this year…to make a mess of the 49ers’ backfield for fantasy – trying to figure out who gets touches. But JMK is M.I.A. The pundits like Matt Breida to make the backfield a mess…but me, not so much.

Breida and McKinnon hovering has been forcing Tevin Coleman’s general valuation/ADP to stay ‘mediocre’ this summer…the #1 guy for SF, but not a ton of conviction. However, Coleman has nothing but positive chatter from camp to the analysts. It’s a Tevin Coleman renaissance, which makes me wonder why no one demanded he play ahead of Devonta Freeman…be that as it may, I’m starting to see signs that the people are hearing/buying into the Coleman love. Charting him like a stock, I see the ADP chart starting to signal a break to the upside.

Coleman is trading as a #24-28 RB overall right now. I think he might slide into the top 20 in the next week if McKinnon doesn’t emerge back onto the scene. So much positive Tevin talk right now…from the media, how much they have always loved him (which is false/revisionist’s history).


 -- Watch my soon-to-be-released/already released video for more info on the hold outs (Gordon and Elliott), but I want to make clear…if Elliott and Gordon were known to be gone for 2019, and there was a draft of all the remaining RBs on LAC and DAL, today…Justin Jackson is my first pick. He’s a great late-round flyer for a guy trading 125+ overall and might be an RB1 projection Week 1 of the season.

Ekeler, Morris, and everyone else not as likely to be an RB1.

Elliott likely to miss a chunk of 2019 = I put at 10-20%.

Gordon, I put at 40-50%. He very likely could take the first 10 games off and not affect his status for pending free agency. Elliott could be in that same boat but it’s different and a gray area beyond this 8/6 date the media harps on.


 -- There’s some real fear out there that Damien Williams being out with a hamstring combined with Roto-blurbs parroting Andy Reid saying Carlos Hyde is getting extra work/looks good/capitalizing on the extra touches…that it somehow got interpreted by one media interpreter into a copycatted fact running across all the football websites that Hyde is now pushing Williams for the #1 job.

All Reid was saying was Hyde is getting more time to learn the offense, etc.

Like I said the other day – I listened to Reid’s entire media tent Q&A before any of these notes/interpretations hit. And I was listening for clues on Hyde and the KC linebacker situation specifically. I never heard Reid open a door for Hyde to bump Williams…I think he should, but I know he’s not. Hyde had his own Q&A session and never even hinted that he was trying to be ‘the guy’. Someone took a Reid throwaway quote and ran with it…and then everyone ran with it.

I’m telling you – it’s the status quo from a week/month/months ago – Williams is the unquestioned starter. You know I like Hyde too…I wanted a Hyde revolution but it’s not coming naturally, or at all.

I used to think Williams was overvalued, now I think he’s going undervalued a bit. He’s fallen from top 10 PPR RB to #12-13. People are starting to offer him up in trade…trying to dump him based on this news/fear, artificial as it is – but THEY listen to the free football media, which is worth what they pay for it.

I know the suckers are buying it – because Hyde’s ADP is rising as is Darwin Thompson’s. If someone wants to give you Damien Williams cheap, take him. In a week or so he’ll be back to a top 10 RB in PPR when people see him moving around.

KC is just being cautious with Williams…further sign of his ‘golden boy’ status.


 -- My Very Deep Sleeper article this week is on D.J. Chark. The more info I get from Jags’ camp, the more I’m getting convinced Chark might be starting…and ready to ascend to ‘the guy’ by his sheer force of nature/talent.

I still see a lot of Foles-to-Conley in camp, and those guys are friends/connected…so there’s that. But Chark is getting connected more with every practice and I think he might start along with Conley. Keelan Cole being the odd man out…although I’d personally put Cole in the slot over Westbrook, but I know the Jags won’t do that on purpose.

If Cole starts over Westbrook, the Jags are my new favorite team in the NFL…and I’ll explain that if it happens. It won’t, so time saved on my hands…


 -- One of the most captivating things I’ve seen the past week…the 49ers working on running plays with George Kittle and Jalen Hurd, more than you’d think.

Kittle is running a jet sweep where he comes in motion right behind the QB and the snap happens and the handoff to the man in motion happens quickly and boom…a 250+ pound guy with 4.5+ speed has the ball.

Hurd is a guy who ran for 1,000+ yards in the SEC early in his career, then transferred to Baylor his final season and was a big (6’4”/220) WR who ran a bunch of sweeps and wildcat, etc. He’s like a lesser Cordarrelle Patterson…but with more rushing experience. He’s getting in-motion, toss sweeps a bunch in practice.

If Kittle and Hurd are rushing weapons…they’ll run for some scores for sure – that has to hurt Tevin Coleman’s and any other RBs chances for big rushing TD production, no?

It also makes you think that Kittle, not Ertz, is the #2 TE for fantasy…if he’ll see 10-15 carries and rush for a TD or two this season.




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