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2019 Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball -- Test Post

April 25, 2019 5:57 PM
January 9, 2019 9:00 PM
February 24, 2019 3:51 PM
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If you're seeing this than you are properly connected to the Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball experiment we're rolling out this season.

Soon you're going to see a projections for players for their 2019-2020-2021 seasons (using the schedule info that we have to go buy and the talent grades from our scouting + their NFL situation projected into the future) to create a blended projection/dynasty valuation and ranking to use for your dynasty planning purposes as well as a pure 2019 ranking for a 'Best Ball' draft guide effort -- our first time providing such a thing. It will be a draft guide in the sense of a ranking/valuation of players, but I won't be writing individual summaries of 500+ players like I do for our summer redraft draft guide. When I do comment on a player in the ranking guide it's going to be about the long-term vision -- the dynasty valuations, not 'this or that' for 2019 only. The Best Ball ranking will be a forerunner ranking for those drafting teams in Feb.-Mar.-Apr.-May, etc., trying to get a jump on those using mainstream ideas to draft teams early.

I'll also be exploring Dynasty and Best Ball topics in posts here -- things just for subscribers...like examining a Best Ball draft plan, or who'd I rather have in Dynasty between like a Mayfield-Goff-Trubisky, or who's the top WR or TE for dynasty and why, etc.

Our hope is to do some live (taped) Best Ball drafts and let you observe me/us doing a draft and commenting on it as we go -- an instructional/documentary of a draft. No promises on that, still working out the technology.

The initial dynasty rankings and Best Ball rankings will be out soon after the Super Bowl is played. I may have some posts in there ahead of that, but my plan is not to start swarming things in here until February (January I'm working/scouting the East-West Shrine and Senior Bowl games on top of CFM launching).

Thank you for coming with us on this debut journey of a deeper work for Dynasty offseason planning and Best Ball planning.