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‍2019 Fantasy Mock Redraft (non-PPR, #7 spot, vs. ESPN)

August 20, 2019 7:28 PM
August 18, 2019 10:50 AM
August 18, 2019 10:59 AM

2019 Fantasy Mock Redraft (non-PPR, #7 spot, vs. ESPN)


Here’s a new format I’m trying out to share mock drafts with you.

When I do a big old monster one and/or go back and forth with someone else it’s 8,000+ words of comments and takes a week to get ready to publish. I like doing those to let you in on my insights/debates, but I think you want to see more of my mocks to get ideas and compare, etc., so I am doing a series of quick mocks vs. A.I. and sharing results with a sentence of commentary.

I hope you find this useful. More coming.


*Using FantasyPros excellent mock drafting system with a large hybrid of ADPs from all over to work against.

4pts per pass TD


Picking 7th spot/12 team.

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

Using ESPN’s rankings to draft against.



I start out my drafts now by looking where Baker and Kyler are ranked at.

Baker is ranked #67 on this day, so I deduct 20-25 spots off that to know where I probably need to take him if I want to. 4th-round it looks like, but this is 4pts per pass TD with no bonuses so knowing I’m going to get Kyler cheaper I will not go too early on Baker…and if I miss him, I miss him…but I want him paired with Kyler.

Kyler has fallen from around ESPN #100 +/- on Wednesday to now ESPN #127 after his Thursday night media hit. So, minus 30 spots for figuring on when to take Kyler…so around pick 80-90, 7th/8th-round. If I don’t get Baker, I have to make double sure not to miss Kyler in 4pts per pass TD.

This is Non-PPR, so Travis Kelce isn’t as major of an event to force to take early.


My Draft Results:

1.7) Tyreek Hill, KC – Picking 7th, all the top RBs were gone and I’m cool with Tyreek as always.


2.6) Leonard Fournette, JAC – Needed to pull the trigger early (which is happening a lot with me and Fournette in the 2nd), and happy to do so in non-PPR on Fournette.


3.7) Derrick Henry, TEN – Could not pass this up in non-PPR. If I know I can get Fournette-Henry, I don’t care about the other ‘top names’ at RB (CMC, AK, Saquon). I’d rather have this 1-2 punch and use my 1st-round pick on Tyreek.


4.6) Patrick Mahomes, KC – Well, this surprised me. I was looking at a tight end possibly, because Kelce-Engram were long gone. But I don’t sweat the TE quite as much in non-PPR. I mean, I still want Kelce or Kittle but not as bad in non-PPR. I was looking at Engram-Howard but then I thought, with Mahomes falling, and me taking Baker so much in other leagues/drafts…I’d go for a discounted Mahomes to pair MYreek together. Getting the 2018 band back together!


5.7) Evan Engram, NYG – Both Engram and Howard were available, as was Allen Robinson…but I wanted to lock in TE. If missed ARob, I’d have plenty other WRs to chase.


6.6) Allen Robinson, CHI – To my shock…pretty much this whole draft has been a pleasing ‘shock’ for me…ARob was still there. So, it was an easy call. I considered Curtis Samuel and Kyler, but the QBs have been slow coming off and I hoped I could get Samuel later. Not likely.


7.7) Kyler Murray, ARI – Based on ESPN’s #127 rank in this scoring system, I could’ve waited but I go into each draft with the intent to walk out with Kyler, so I made the pick…so, I will not have any regrets.


8.6) Curtis Samuel, CAR – And then to my even more shock…Samuel was still sitting there in the 8th-round. This draft couldn’t be going any better.


9.7) Justin Jackson, LAC – I still think there are sweet odds that Melvin Gordon sits 10 games…and JJ might be a solid RB2 I can deal/use. If Gordon walks back in, I look for JJ replacements for the roster…as we do all year with backup RBs we take later in drafts.


10.6) Devin Singletary, BUF – I’m getting more convinced this will be Singletary’s backfield before we know it…maybe even by Week 1.


11.7) Greg Zuerlein, LAR – At this stage of the draft, I knew all my guys I wanted ahead would not be drafted at all by the A.I of ESPN rankings, so I started getting my best in class stuff.


12.6) Patriots DST, NE – Ditto the above note…


13.7) Jalen Hurd, SF – Like him for non-PPR as a red zone/goal line weapon as a runner and alley-oop option. Could be a 6-8+ TD season with not a ton of yards or catches.


14.6) Preston Williams, MIA – Possibly Miami’s #1 WR this season…and best red zone option for sure.


15.7) Tony Pollard, DAL – Was still there…holding out hope Zeke isn’t back.


16.6) Darren Waller, OAK – my go-to TE2


17.7) Andy Isabella, ARI – I’m starting to think he’ll start Week 1

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