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2021 Dynasty/Fantasy SUBSCRIBER Camp News, Notes, Rumors, Commentary 7/29/2021

July 29, 2021 10:15 PM
July 29, 2021 10:11 PM
July 29, 2021 10:15 PM

2021 Dynasty/Fantasy SUBSCRIBER News, Notes, Rumors, Commentary 7/29/2021


 -- If Xavien Howard is traded, it will be the team acquiring him agreeing to a contract extension at the same time. So, it’s gotta be (a) a team with CAP space and (b) far away from Miami’s division (so NYJ and BUF are out).

It’s funny how football players are voting/speaking with their feet…i.e. leaving, and then talking smack about it and/or flourishing later (Minkah Fitzpatrick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Van Noy, Ryan Tannehill, Laremy Tunsil among others). Miami has all the advantages (Florida/no state tax/freedom and weather) but all they are doing is running off key players it seems. Something wicked, something Cleveland Browns-esque must be going on behind the scenes with management.

How could things go wrong when Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull have a say in operations?

My ratings on Brian Flores as a talent evaluator: https://youtu.be/Dc_6dlY5Qnk

Because Flores is the worst (Myles Gaskin…are you kidding me? RyanFitz pulled for Tua?), I assume Xavien Howard could very well be traded. Miami won’t want to, but Howard is pushing their buttons. And Flores is the kind of ‘this is a family’ BS believer, so that he’ll agree to a trade because no one tells him they aren’t happy with management and lives to tell the story.

Where could Howard go?

No sense in trying to handicap it because every team should be interested, but I will say this – the Fantasy landscape shifts if Howard goes elsewhere. Howard could make a top 10 defense a top 1 defense. He also would then fully sink the Dolphins hoax DST for FF 2021…and you should also bet all your money on the Miami win total ‘under’.

Everyone keeps saying the Saints are the main players for Howard, and I’m sure they want in but they have mounting issues and little wiggle room. They are a contender for Howard, but they aren’t the only ones.

Speaking of the Saints, they are sunk with Michael Thomas…he’s going to cost them for the next two years. Thomas, for me, is a ‘don’t touch’ at about any price in Dynasty/Fantasy.


 -- I think the latest news out of San Francisco is a bit telling…

Kyle Shanahan has proclaimed (essentially) there is NO QB competition…Jimmy Garoppolo is starting, end of story (unless he gets hurt). Trey Lance is the clear backup.

This news was taken with an (a) grain of salt, because it could be different in late August once they see them play, and (b) most people are fine with it because ‘let the rookie sit and learn’.

We’re not in the ‘let the rookie learn’ era anymore. Shanahan was kinda ticked when he made the comments…like he was a little hot at Lance for some reason (I could be reading into that). But what it made me wonder is: If I were the 49ers, and I was going to acquire Aaron Rodgers in 2022…free and clear…what would I do in 2021? (if the contract situation ends up getting Rodgers out of GB next year).

1) I’d hide Trey Lance in 2021, because I’m going to need to trade him away next offseason. Lance can only hurt his trade value hitting the field, I believe. It’s a massive transition from struggling versus Central Arkansas in 2020 to dominating the NFC West. If Lance were to get overwhelmed in front of millions of eyes in 2021, the bloom would be off the rose and his trade value would dip. You have to hide him to keep his value up.

2) If #1 is true, then I’d start Jimmy G. with confidence…proclaiming it to the media so that there was no doubt that this was my plan all along.

Jimmy G. starting Week 1/all season is a VERY good thing for those of us Deebo Samuel holders.

If you knew Trey Lance was going to not play much in 2021, and then be traded to Green Bay for 2022 (just throwing out scenarios) – how far would he fall in your mind for current Dynasty Rookie Draft and redraft purposes? When you think of the fall of value that would be – it reinforces the notion that part of the Lance religious FF-belief is the ‘faith’ in Kyle Shanahan to see and do things?

I like the upside of Lance, but his pending greatness baked into his current Dyn/FF valuation doesn’t attract me to him.


 -- Training Camp running with the 1st team inside linebackers for Philly…

1) Eric Wilson…obviously, and if you’ve been with FFM for a few years you know who this is/why he’s so good.

2) Davion Taylor…4.49 40-time, 6.96 three-cone, 21 bench reps at the 2020 NFL Combine. A bit of a shocker when I got the info, but also note LB Alex Singleton, the tackle machine from 2020, is on IR with COVID. So, Taylor is getting a shot.

We don’t know if it is just because of Singleton out or if this is a Taylor takeover with the new staff.

Just an IDP FYI watch item…because Taylor is good too.


 -- Sterling Shepherd has been announced as moving to the slot/starting in the slot…that’s a good thing for his PPR case, but he’s still on a terrible NYG passing offense.

Shep has been Daniel Jones’s favorite WR the first two years for Daniel Dime, and likely will be again out of the slot in 2021 – but the problem always becomes Shep getting hurt just when he gets rolling, and Jones is so bad there are no TDs to rack real FF points with.

But going to the slot officially is good news for Sterling…assumed to happen, but good that it’s announced. Kadarius Toney is already out of the running as the buyer’s remorse on him continues to settle in.


 -- Well, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Yesterday I wrote about Saquon Barkley being coy about his injury and that he might be being held out just as a precaution more than an absolute admission that he will not be ready for Week 1.

I then spoke to someone who I have some trust in that worried about Saquon’s availability Week 1…or 2 or 3 or 4+ today. That rattled me. But then I just saw that the Giants just signed Alfred Morris – ‘check, please’. If you are counting on Saquon out of the gates for 2021, good luck. The risk levels seem to be rising.

You’ll see Saquon on the ‘Overvalued Report’ before or right after you read this note.


 -- Deonte Harris got a DUI this week…it likely means he’s going to be suspended Weeks 1 and/or 2. Which between that and Mike Thomas issues…Marquez Callaway is getting into better and better position to be the Saints top target WR out of the gates. I still think they trade or sign for a better/more experience WR…but Callaway’s value is on fire/rising the past 24 hours…

Speaking of the Saints, Taysom Hill is taking the 1st-team snaps at training camp. I guess that QB competition is over before it started. Geez, I wonder who predicted that 6 months ago, when the entirety of the mainstream was bellowing for Jameis Winston as the obvious choice? Taysom Hill is a QB1 in 4pts per pass TD all day long as a starter…even without Michael Thomas.


 -- Word is going around that Jaylen Waddle is not fully rehabbed from his ankle issue at Alabama last year. Between those fears and their Tua fears and Xavien Howard wanting out…that Dolphins are a sinking ship right now. 

 -- Any of you going to training camps? Like in the past – feel free to send me any things you’re seeing. It is very helpful!!! I’m communicating with people all day on camp things, but I trust our audience more than the many ‘football people’ on what they see…and especially to look at under the radar players and not just always watching the QBs. Send any info to rc4metrics@gmail.com

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