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2021 Dynasty/Fantasy SUBSCRIBER Training Camp News, Notes, Rumors, Commentary 8/4/2021 (Mims, Parkinson, Tevin, Callaway, Reagor, Strnad and more)

August 4, 2021 9:06 PM
August 4, 2021 9:05 PM
August 4, 2021 9:06 PM

2021 Dynasty/Fantasy SUBSCRIBER Training Camp News, Notes, Rumors, Commentary 8/4/2021 (Mims, Parkinson, Tevin, Callaway, Reagor, Strnad and more)


 -- New York Jets WR Stock market Report…

STOCK ‘UP’: Elijah Moore has moved into the starting lineup some in training camp, bumping Keelan Cole…it was only a matter of time.

If there is a league MVP based on media observer preseason camp ‘buzz’ it’s Elijah Moore in a narrow victory over Matt Stafford. Moore is so hot in media buzz right now that it’s either journalistic malpractice or he’s that good – and I can’t say which yet. I need to see him against NFL bodies with pads on.

I’ve been on the fence with him since scouting him pre-NFL Draft – amazing hands, but I did not see the Pro Day measurables on the field.

STOCK ‘DOWN’/DEAD: Denzel Mims was pushed to the 2nd-team in OTAs and has been sinking ever since. He’s running as a #5-6 WR right now. Any 2021 sleeper talk is dead. What happened? I do not know…could be something off-field and it’s dragging him down. Whatever it is, he’s dead for the start of the season.

I’m hearing of a possible trade to Carolina before cutdowns just to dump him (to go back with Matt Rhule, and that would actually be a good thing…unless Mims IS a mess off the field).

There are too many good, bargain WRs in the world for me to pine away for Mims. I’m declaring him dead and putting him on taxi squads or last man on deep rosters or just ditching him for other things if I have a 2021 mindset. He can make a comeback, but it’s not going to be as any impact with the Jets early in 2021…he’s barely working with Zach Wilson in the preseason.


 -- In general, a WR Stock Market Report from training camp…

STOCK DOWN: Jalen Reagor is falling like Denzel Mims…2nd-year guys who showed some promise as rookies but are totally not jiving with the new staff taking over. Reagor hasn’t fully cratered like Mims, but the ground is quaking a little bit.

STOCK UP: Marquez Callaway has seemingly taken the reigns to be the Saints #1 WR. Michael Thomas out, and then Tre’Quan Smith missing time now…Callaway is in about every sentence of Saints camp passing game notes on the QB competition going on there.


 -- Speaking of the Jets… Let’s talk about their backfield report from camp:

It is shaping up to be a Tevin Coleman-Michael Carter tandem with TC as the ‘lead’ but with Carter involved a lot, especially as a passing game back and 2-minute drill guy.

The RB making noise outside of that pairing, I’m told…Josh Adams. Now, they’ve gone and gotten my hopes up again. Rug to be pulled in T-minus…


 -- More and more messages I get from Seattle camp…Colby Parkinson is starting to happen. He has Gerald Everett in front of him/capturing Pete Carroll’s heart, so he has FF-2021 issues…but this is not Parkinson just being a ghost in camp – he’s starting to shine through, but he’ll have to share with Everett…because that’s how these things work. Seattle/P. Carroll is too vested in their Everett spend…and Everett has a Rams-relationship with the new O-C to make matters worse for him in FF 2021.

On the attached video for this post, the Parkinson highlights...don't skip past the play at 1:28. You'll need to watch at least twice. Once to identify him in the play, then again and really just watch his feet off the snapp -- that's a legit TE size guy with those feet. That and he has amazing hands. He has 'star' potential.

Here's a link where it opens up to that play: https://youtu.be/5qgcGqOY5ZQ?t=88

The following are notes that will be posted on the general FFM website tomorrow/Aug 5th but you get an advance look…


-- Denver ILB Josey Jewell hasn’t been able to practice recently, and it has been 2nd-year LB Justin Strnad running with the 1st-team in his place. Jewell better be careful that Strnad doesn’t make too much of an impression. I expect Strnad will not start Week 1 but will see plenty of time and if one of the starting ILBs falters, Strnad will be elevated into that spot.

In other Denver DST/IDP news… Rookie SAF Caden Sterns has gotten the attention of Vic Fangio. Vic is not one for flowery praise, but he has it for Sterns. When Sterns’ mind is right, he’s the best safety prospect (him and Andre Cisco) from this past NFL Draft. But Sterns has been erratic the past season+ at Texas, Cisco is coming off an ACL (and tearing things up at JAX camp) -- which left Richie Grant as our computer model top rated SAF pre-Draft, but my eye says Sterns is the best, when at his best.

Denver is getting back injured defensive talent plus added Kyle Fuller, Ronald Darby along with rookies Patrick Surtain…and if Sterns comes on hot – this defense is nice and has depth with a top defensive mind in Fangio at the top.

Week 1 = at Dan Dimes with no Saquon, is a gift

Week 2 = at Trevor Lawrence, overrated rookie to be exposed by Fangio scheme

Week 3 = home vs. Zach Wilson, who is a talent…but still a rookie.

Many of my mock drafts and real drafts has me taking Denver for the quick start, and then reassessing how to stream from there.


 -- There is some underground buzz about UDFA 2019 Chiefs TE Jody/Joe Fortson. He’s 6’4”/226 coming into the NFL, but NFL announcers and camp observers proudly belch ‘he’s 6’6”!’ every time he touches the ball. He’s not 6’6” but 6’4” with very long arms will suffice to try and become a receiving threat weapon TE. He’s too slow to be a WR, but OK-ish/still weak speed to be an impact TE (4.8+).

I’m not really taking any of his camp buzz seriously because the same people talking up Fortson are the same people who write ‘____ is turning heads’ about every other no name player in camps working 7-on-7…which 7-on-7 scouting is the biggest fraud in all of scouting – it is almost meaningless. These are also the same KC media people who see rookie Noah Gray make a little five-yard route, sit and squat and catch a simple toss in unpadded 7-on-7, and then post a clip of it on social media and screech ‘NEXT KELCE’.

Local (and national) football media are the worst…and the sheep fans of a team are no better when attending training camp and watching unpadded practices and 7-on-7s and then going ballistic over how great everyone looks.

So, if you see any Fortson buzz…right now I’m taking it with a grain/mountain of salt. Ditto on the Gray IS NEXT KELCE cries from K.C. I haven’t seen anything from camp tape to move me to ‘excited’ about either headline blurb. We’ll see what the preseason deals us on them to try and change my mind.


 -- Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson are likely to miss at least Weeks 1-2. A miracle could see them back before Week 1, but likely they will miss a couple of games…possibly out to Week 6-7-8+.

If you project them out for at least Weeks 1-2, then Seattle DST is a hot play for Week 1…and it pushes the LA Rams DST to the ‘has to be’ #1 DST projected for Weeks 1-17 fantasy.

Seattle gets Eason(?)-Tannehill-Cousins-JG/Lance out of the gates…not perfect but maybe workable. Seattle’s defense closed strong last year when they got Carlos Dunlap. It’s a decent back seven and a worrisome front 3-4. But possibly good enough to be OK for a few weeks…at least the hot Week 1.


-- Any of you going to training camps? Like in the past – feel free to send me any things you’re seeing. It is very helpful!!! I’m communicating with people all day on camp things, but I trust our audience more than the many ‘football people’ on what they see…and especially to look at under the radar players and not just always watching the QBs. Send any info to rc4metrics@gmail.com


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