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2022 Dynasty Offseason: Four Things Report for 3/30/2022

March 30, 2022 5:53 PM
March 30, 2022 5:51 PM
March 30, 2022 5:53 PM

2022 Dynasty Offseason: Four Things Report for 3/30/2022


-Thing #1: Aaron Rodgers Trade?

After a couple of years of ‘Aaron Rodgers wants to be traded’ news reports and rumors…the saga ended harmlessly with him getting big bucks to stay in Green Bay. It was rather anticlimactic, but actually it was part of a tremendous AMC-like TV show ‘swerve’ in the story – as soon as Rodgers signed his big deal to stay, then Davante Adams was the one who bolted last second on the Packers.

Adams wanted out of Green Bay, for various reasons…Green Bay-centric or not.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, same thing, in a sense…the free agent choosing KC over GB.

Green Bay made equal/better offers to Adams, MVS…and tried to get Tyreek Hill – all the WRs turned them down.

I’m a broken record on this, but it fascinates me…no one with options wants to play in the upper Midwest or Northeast. Not even ‘playing with Aaron Rodgers’ is enough of a pull. And maybe working with Aaron Rodgers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…as his WRs bail on him, AFTER he signs to stay in Green Bay.

But now, Green Bay is left with a very expensive Aaron Rodgers…and no high-end wide receivers around him. We’re back to Rodgers’ original contention/problem – no weapons are ever procured for him. How happy is Rodgers about finishing his career in Green Bay without Adams…and with (likely) rookie WRs coming in?

Former GB exec Andrew Brandt wrote a piece in The Athletic that basically boils things down to…the set up of Rodgers’ new deal is essentially a one-year deal for $42M, and that the overall structure of the deal purposefully leaves/creates an out for Green Bay/for Rodgers to bolt in 2023.

It made me think…what if 2022 ends up a lost cause, with rookie/weak WRs and Rodgers gets unhappy again and the team underperforms midseason…might the Packers be wise to deal Rodgers in-season 2022…if 2023 offseason looks like it’s end anyway?

One way or the other, this might be a down year in Green Bay…and the final year of Rodgers there…which, if true, changes the valuation of Allen Lazard long-term and/or the rookie WRs that they might be drafting in a few weeks.

If things crater, I suspect Aaron Jones could be moved midseason as well – he’s for sure on his final year with Green Bay unless he restructures his 2023 deal (set to make $20M in 2023). As Rodgers declines or leaves, and as Green Bay looks to rebuild – that would be good news for A.J. Dillon to be their centerpiece.

The Packers core group remaining is on its last legs…and may not make it to December 2022 intact.

It also makes me think…what if Rodgers is unhappy at all that has happened the past few weeks of free agency, and talks with the Packers…and we get a new round of ‘I want out’ behind the scenes, even if that’s a shot called (now) ahead for 2023 – might Green Bay bite the bullet, since Davante double-crossed them, and just trade Rodgers (to SF) now? For Trey Lance and things? Just a thought.

Look at all the QB movement this offseason…did you imagine it would happen? Why not another plot twist in the Rodgers story pre-Draft? I mean, the formula is working…player complains, management clutches their pearls, player wants out, and suddenly a whirlwind trade happens. It never used to be that way, but now it is…apparently.



-Thing #2: Josh Allen…non-mobile QB 2022?

What am I to make of Sean McDermott’s recent comments on how he wants Josh Allen to run the ball less? 

A coach just rambling?

A coach with something definitely on his mind, but he’s not really going to do anything about it!? 

A coach with something on his mind who will want to enact it — but then the player dictates much of this on-field, so it’s really meaningless words? 

If this were Mike (Mic) McDaniel, new Miami head coach, it might be different — he has not met a microphone or interviewer he didn’t like to tell his life story and full day’s events to. But McDermott is not usually as mouthy. So, I’m a little more curious as to what is happening here. 

It got me to thinking…I wonder how much new NYG head coach Brian Daboll was an influence over the offense, and we’ve heard rumblings of McDermott-Daboll conflict, so might McDermott be interjecting his desires into the offense going forward…and this McDermott harness on Allen will be real?

If the running is purposefully throttled back for Allen, less run play calls called…more ‘give it to the back, straight up’ play calls versus Josh Allen option run/keep option, especially near the goal line – how far does Allen fall in our rankings/projections? He’s the top ranked player in QB friendly scoring systems for us right now, so he can only go down. We’ll see what our computer models say next Dynasty rankings update.

If Allen’s run freedom is restricted, then it could be a boon for Devin Singletary, who was white hot for FF at the end of 2021 season.



-Thing #3: The Plight of the Eagles…and the pending 2022 crash/2023 gut & rebuild

Want more proof of the decline of upper Midwest and Northeastern teams? No one wants to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, willingly…if they have options. Especially at WR.

So far, this offseason, the Eagles tried to trade for Calvin Ridley…but then the gambling thing popped up. Since then, they tried to trade for Robert Woods (he didn’t want to go there), tried to get in on Tyreek Hill (ditto), and were ignored by Allen Robinson in free agency – and those are the headline items we know of.

Philly did sign Zach Pascal, however.

The Eagles, currently, have the 3rd-most CAP space and they’re desperate to bolster the WR group…and have struck out in every major attempt to do so. Jalen Reagor appears to be all but done for Philly but may survive as a starter because the Eagles can’t find anyone to come in as a worthy alternative.

The Eagles two big free agent moves of 2022, so far (outside of re-signing their own players) is…signing overrated pass rush specialist Haason Reddick and the middle linebacker from the worst run defense in the NFL 2021, LAC’s Kyzir White.

There are several problems with Philly being able to sign/attract WRs…

1) No WR with options wants to play in the NFC East/in Pennsylvania for home games. Any WR worth anything would want to play in a dome…or at least in a more Southern climate.

2) No one, with options, is attracted to playing for a messed-up GM and a goof ball HC Nick Sirianni.

3) WRs, with options, don’t want to play with a mobile QB…it’s not good for their business/brand.

With all the QB chaos of 2022, it’s going to be worse in 2023…as teams/fans continue to blame the QB for everything, and if they could just change spouses/jobs/QBs, then everything would be so much better in life. The grass will always be greener in the NFL with the ‘me too’ movement of changing QBs following a non-playoff season.

Jalen Hurts is going to be Public Enemy #1 in 2022 if/when the Eagles don’t make the playoffs. The GM is going to make yet another change, another rebuild to divert attention away from the fact that he’s completely awful at his job….and round, and round she goes…

I predict Jalen Hurts will be replaced in 2023, or attempted to be…and it will cause a rift in the locker room and the whole losing scene will cause an organization-wide issue and the Eagles will go into a dark place, like where other geographical negative teams Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore, New England, NYG, Green Bay are headed without an elite QB…and where Buffalo, KC, and the Jets are going to be gravitationally pulled with their QB trying to stave it off, but are ultimately going towards too in time.

Hurts has 2022 value, but as much as I like the guy/player – I don’t think he has a bright future. He’s going to get a version of the Baker Mayfield treatment in the 2023 offseason, I think. He won’t be seen as a coveted starter soon enough. In other news, Jameis Winston is getting his thousandth chance to show us all again he blows.



-Thing #4, the non-football thing: Low Carb Life

I’m not sure why I keep adding pounds all 2022 offseason. You’d think working 10-12+ hours a day, mostly all sitting, and then grabbing easy food on the fly without thought would mean massive weight loss, but alas…it has not.

So, I’m buckling down this past week…the start of a new me…hopefully. When I diet, I go low carb…it’s the only thing I can stick to – and with modern advancements in low carb ingredients and creations, it’s getting easier than ever to go on/stick to a lower carb lifestyle. I’ve discovered many new, good/great low carb food items/snacks/sweets off of Amazon the past couple years. The options keep getting more plentiful and better tasting every quarter year it seems.

I would like to promote an item in the low carb world that has been a recent revelation to me and my wife – the best low carb item of 2022 we’ve discovered, and we discovered it not on Amazon but at the supermarket (for us, Publix). I think it’s a national-ish brand, in the bread making industry…if it’s only regional and you don’t have it anywhere in your town…sorry.

And note…I violently miss bread and pasta, when I go on low carb diets. Pasta is my favorite food group I’d have to say…over sweets or meats, etc. Breads and pastries are right up there. I always hate that I’m going to abstain from them during any low carb era. I have tried various low carb breads over the last few years. They have all been following a cardboard flavor model…just awful (like the Aldi low carb bread craze that I never understood, after tasting it). Low carb bread options usually have the look of bread, but they are so bad tasting (to me) that I’d rather just not utilize it…I’ll just skip sandwiches, etc. I had pretty much given up on the concept of low carb/Keto bread options…typical white bread low carb options specifically. I’m sure someone makes their own acceptable low carb bread at home…or there’s a local company that has a decent thing, but I’m talking go to the store and grab a loaf anytime I want it type of useful low carb bread for my new lifestyle.

The company who makes the first regularly packaged low carb bread that I’ve ‘liked’ is a company by the name of ‘Arnold’, and in stores around here the Arnold brand has like 4-8 different loaves of typical bread options…the white, wheat, multigrain, oat, etc. They have a whole chunk of the bread section in various supermarkets in our area. But buried among their options…with 0.0% feature or promotion…with the same packaging design, wording font, etc., as all their other options…so I have to sort through to find it…is something they call ‘Superior KETO Bread’ (3 net carbs per slice).

Their Keto bread looks like, mostly, a normal slice of white bread.

The touch, feel, and texture is close…it’s a bit more sturdy than typical white bread, more dense but not too bad.

The taste…it’s not a taste sensation, but the key is – the taste is not a detraction. It gives you the sensation of bread, something to hold your sandwich together, has a neutral taste/no noticeable taste with no aftertaste. I can now eat sandwiches again, which really helps me transition to sticking to the low carb life because I can throw a bunch of meat and cheese on this bread and have at it in a hurry. We also use it as a hot dog bun/holder alternative. I make small Philly cheesesteaks with it, etc.

This Keto bread is doing its job, being like the offensive center of the football team or the place holder for the kicking game…you don’t notice them when they are good at their job…they make the whole operation hum – but when they’re bad at their job, THEN you really notice them.

So, anyone partaking in a low carb or keto life and you’ve all but given up on having bread being a part of your life – you might wanna check this out. Hopefully, it’s in your area. It’s $6.99 for a loaf, so it’s not cheap – but I happily pay it because it’s damn near a necessity now, and it lasts a pretty good while used/treated/stored like a typical loaf of bagged grocery store bread.

But, in the spirit of ‘Thing #4’…I need to complain about something on it…

Here’s how I know this bread is pretty good – when I go to the store to buy it, all the other Arnold bread options are fully stocked, front faced on the shelves, looking pretty visually and ample in supply. However, the little section with their Keto bread…it’s either empty, one left, or stocked but not front faced because people are buying it so they grab the front one and move on…leaving the remaining inventory further and further back, and disheveled.

My eyeball test and weekly experience shopping for it tells me it’s the popular one of all their offerings times ten. So, in all love and respect I’d like to say – what are you idiots running Arnold’s doing? Stop with the freaking even balance of all varieties of your bread…we don’t need two rows of every one of your breads, not the oat bread nor 12 grain bread – you should have like 1-2 loaves each of your other breads available and then like 50 Keto bread loaves on display. Why don’t you heavily produce and display your best, most in-demand product? It’s like I never understood Diet Coke taking as much shelf space as Pepsi Zero Mango. Can anyone read and interpret inventory and sales reports? Feature/make available what people want/buy all the time!!!

Also, Mr. Arnold, you have a winning product with no real competition…maybe a big sign to jump out and attract and feature this offering to passersby…since the Keto is the #1 diet in the US right now, even bigger if you hook ‘low carb’ into the count. I found your bread by mistake one day and thought I’d give it a try. Most days you wouldn’t know it existed because it looks like all their other packaging…but it’s the one people are buying so there’s a foot+ of empty space on the shelf where this Keto bread is housed normally, so you have to look and reach further back to even see that it exists.

Arnold Keto Bread gets the same promotion/utilization by management as Cordarrelle Patterson got in the passing game the 2nd-half of 2021 season – the team’s most successful thing in the passing game, by far, and they stop featuring it as a great weapon, for no reason, to lean heavy on just his run game. Do you hate successful things? What exactly is being discussed at the Arnold corporate sales planning meetings?

Generic $20 per hour employee: Hey, boss (at Arnold’s)…sales of our Keto bread is off the charts compared to all our other offerings! Maybe we should go into more production of that brand and put more on the shelves to increase our quarterly/annual sales?! We could be the kings of the Keto bread industry!

Seven-figure annually CEO: So, you’re saying sales of our other breads are down…they’re just going stale on the shelves? Hmmm, let’s run a big discount promotion to get our other breads moving. We’re committed to being a diverse bread company. Let’s work more on all these other bread options and see if we can get them to sell like our Keto one. Put all our best people on the other breads. We’re going to run a sales contest on increasing our multigrain sales and have some fiscal bonuses to the salespeople who increase oat, 12-grain, and sourdough bread sales the most.

Generic $20 per hour employee: Why don’t we just give the people what they want? Why don’t we just put energy into our one differentiator product and take over that specific market for as long as we can, before our recipe is stolen/duplicated and just explode sales now and get ahead of everyone?

Seven-figure annually CEO: I have a master’s degree in business and two vacation homes, and my dad is a connected politician in the state, so I think I know what I’m doing.

-end scene-

Where was I? Oh, Arnold’s Keto bread ain’t bad…if you're watching your carbs, etc. FYI. 

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