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2022 Dynasty Offseason: Four Things Report for 4/13/2022

April 13, 2022 8:09 PM
April 13, 2022 8:08 PM
April 13, 2022 8:09 PM

2022 Dynasty Offseason: Four Things Report for 4/13/2022


-Thing #1: Trouble in the Ravens backfield

The Ravens are discussing a contract with Melvin Gordon. This news brings a few thoughts…

1) There is no great market for Gordon, so he will likely sign a one-year deal cheap with incentives (maybe with BAL…maybe not). He is likely to come cheap, and the Broncos keep saying how much they like him…but they aren’t making any deals with him, so far.

I think Gordon believes the Broncos will re-sign him, but once Gordon signs elsewhere/gets the hint from Denver he’s not wanted – it will also confirm that Denver is going all-in on Javonte Williams, as they should.

2) The Ravens have to have some concerns about the rehab/comebacks of ACL guys J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards, which is reasonable…year one of a return can be disappointing for RBs coming off an ACL.

3) I think the Ravens would have no issue, as they shown in the past few years, of splitting up the backfield with two or three RBs. If that’s the case, then if Gordon signs AND Dobbins and/or Edwards are ready enough to go for 2022…the FF upside of let’s say a Dobbins is limited because he not only is coming off injury, but will likely be in a committee.

4) Melvin Gordon goes places to play/take workloads…he’s not going to sell himself out as a 3rd-string RB. If he signs with the Ravens, then ‘things’ must be being said to him.

5) All this RB cluster, and then you got Lamar Jackson taking touches too – it’s not a good scene for a running back as it is but adding Gordon to the mix really kills off any Dobbins heat going into 2022, and really-really hurts Edwards as the guy who will lose to Gordon for touches for sure.



-Thing #2: The Eagles Finally Get a Wide Receiver in the open market!

No…not Deebo…or D.K. …or Diontae…it’s some other ‘D’ wide receiver finally agreed to stoop so low as to sign with Philly! Former Oregon WR, 29-years-old Devon Allen…who is better known as an Olympic hurdler the past decade.

The thing is…Allen was a pretty good college WR. As a freshman at Oregon, he posted a 41 catch, 684 yards, and 7 TD season working with Marcus Mariota, the year the Chip Kelly invasion got rocked by Ohio State in the title game.

Wanna feel old? That Oregon uprising season, but eventual loss in the title game featured Marcus Mariota and ace RB Royce Freeman, along with freakish DT DeForest Buckner getting smoked by an OSU team led by Cardale Jones, lead RB Zeke Elliott, do-it-all WR Curtis Samuel and his partner Michael Thomas, helped on defense by Joey Bosa and Eli Apple…among 5-6 other future NFL defenders.

…your title winning head coach, who was the most prized mind in the college ranks at the time: Urban Meyer…defeating the oncoming genius coach that was changing the game as we knew it, Chip Kelly. Urban and Chip have probably done more to ensure that hot shot college coaches never get another NFL opportunity again than any other two college hot shot coaches you could think of. Soon to be joined by Matt Rhule getting the boot.

Any whooo… The thing is, Devon Allen wasn’t a bad little player…and his style, extreme speed style, works well in a ‘things breaking down’, improvised passing game option like Jalen Hurts operates in. You want a guy to be able to run everyone off as the QB is extending the play.

Devon Allen is a name for deep Dynasty rosters, if interested. We don’t know how he’s aged or what no football for 5+ years has done/affect it will have, but we know he’s in shape and can run. His tape showed, back in the day, the dude could catch the ball and played pretty physical for 6’0”/185.

At the recent (2022) Oregon Pro Day, he ran a 4.35 40-time…with a 34.5” vertical, and a disappointing 4.55 shuttle, 7.23 three-cone. He’s about straight speed…deep ball WR and return man guy, I’d assume.

Him at the 2022 Pro Day: https://youtu.be/Z9r6QsjXAY8

A quick taste of the past: https://youtu.be/3fAQA8lLNV8



-Thing #3: Deebo’s Next/New Contract is EVERYTHING

By now, you know there is an issue between Deebo and the 49ers on a contract extension.

Deebo wants to be the highest paid WR in the game because he is the most unique WR there’s been in recent history – a guy succeeding as a #1 WR and as a legit RB, of sorts.

The 49ers are trying to make overtures that his dual-threat nature means he’s a mix of WR and RB pay…and thus the RB side of the mix means he should be paid lower because of the nature of RBs being paid low/not really meaning anything/being interchangeable in the NFL.

Deebo took that info ‘well’ by then scrubbing his social medias of being a 49er and basically separating from the team. 2+ years ago, this would all be pretty meaningless…but in 2022, we see WRs get what they want via demands, even if that means they are traded away.

We can speculate on what will happen with Deebo and SF management, but I would like to note…what if Deebo gets a monster/top contract for being this unique dual-role threat (whether from SF or another place)? Won’t it mean that every WR is going to them try/demand to be a ‘next Deebo’…on the field, so that they can be the ‘next Deebo’ during contract extension talks?

The 2020 drafted WRs who would be coming up on early extensions going into 2023 offseason, that fit a Deebo-ish profile: Brandon Aiyuk? Jalen Reagor? Chase Claypool?

The 2021 guys that could take early note: Kadarius Toney, Elijah Moore, Rondale Moore, and I guess Amon-Ra St. Brown?

If there’s an overall football-societal move to getting more carries to WRs…then these WRs are going to redefine Fantasy Football, and the running back position is going to further crumble on the gaining RBBC/duo backfields + WRs coming in and taking some of their work too.

Remember how FF has been ‘draft 19 RBs out of the gates, and you can get all the other positions later in a redraft?’ Imagine a world where 10 of the 12 1st-round redraft picks are WRs! It may be coming as soon as 2023 -- if Deebo breaks the bank/blazes the trail this 2022 offseason.

…or the converse could happen…Deebo doesn’t get paid top-notch dollars and it signals to all the WRs, not to waste energy or take risk on carrying the ball and taking hits to do it.

The next/new Deebo contract has a chance to be a defining moment in Fantasy Football…a seismic shift from the RBs to the WRs, in general.



-Thing #4, the non-football thing: People Do This for Fun? *insert dog with head cocked at an angle photo here*

So, I was recently taxed with the following question/issue…

We had some friends visiting us from out of town. It was their first time to our area/city — and we’re not too far from the ‘big city’. So many things to do for people…or so you’d think. 

We’re still kinda new to the area, so we posed the question to some local friends, looking for ideas — “What should we do to entertain our visitors while they’re here…what cool/fun things are around here to go do or see for a visitor?”

Various items were floated, but then someone said, “Maybe you could take them axe throwing…have they ever been?

Who throws an axe, honestly? https://youtu.be/an0bVaTjF_Y

When did this become a thing? I see it on commercials and on some TV shows, as like a first date/date night thing, or group of friends activity, etc. 

How is this a desired thing to do? It looks like it would be fun…for about three throws, and then what? How long can this be sustained fun for? What am I missing? 

The axe throwing train of society left the station without me, but it got me to thinking/wondering if I could come up with the next great/stupid ‘throwing things for fun’ business idea. 

When I think of the greatest moments of me throwing things that I’m not supposed to…I had one thing hit me right away. Now, I just have to think about my marketing plan and find a piece of property to layout a facility to do such a thing/launch my Shark Tank instant success idea. 

The concept? Well, the greatest release of stress by throwing something I think I’ve ever had in my life is — after hitting a bad golf shot, after a series of bad shots/a bad day on the course and then just flinging that expensive stick as far as God can take it. 

There’s something about the beauty of the helicopter-like movement of a golf club in full flight, while you’re in a fit of rage. It makes that delightful whooshing sound whipping through the atmosphere. It kinda soars at first, stays in flight…and it seems to go further than you expect, especially a driver or wood versus an iron or putter…but then the majestic in-flight club quickly loses momentum and comes crashing down…usually into water or into a tree or lands in some manner where it finds a way to get damaged.

There’s something satisfying about taking an expensive ‘tool’ you own and trying to throw it into the sun…or to the depths of the ocean blue. It feels like something naughty…something of a ‘bad boy’ move, kinda like the power move of lighting your cigar with a $100 bill. I’m so cool I just throw $300+ clubs into a lake…who cares? Not I…

Who wants to invest in this venture with me? My proof on concept video: https://youtu.be/C6cTe9tbp9w

You can not only throw golf clubs at our ‘club’, but you can break them over your knee or slam them to the earth like the mighty god Thor’s hammer.

I already have a celebrity endorser lined up, who is also a happy client: https://youtu.be/8qaAKxJp0EM?t=76

The premium membership package: https://youtu.be/Aq1qOE9cayg


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