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2nd-Round (12-team) Mock Fantasy Draft and Strategy Discussion…(8/16/19)

August 16, 2019 10:45 PM
August 16, 2019 10:57 AM
August 16, 2019 11:00 AM


The way I’m playing this for this series of reports is – I’m making every pick; I’m drafting against myself. As I get to each pick/make it I discuss what I was considering before I did what I did.

I already did the 1st-round version of this about a week ago, and I will start by reprinting that first…but you can skip past that if you already read it (but it’s here for context if you want to re-read within the flow of things).





1st-Round (12-team) Mock Fantasy Draft and Strategy Discussion…(8/7/19)


OK, I’m going to go through a Mock Draft 1st-round in this piece. The twist is…I’m going to be making every pick. I’m going to start at #1, make my pick…and then be me as if that pick/player is gone and now I have to pick, and so on. If I didn’t explain that clearly, you’ll get the gist in a moment.

I’m not just making the picks and commenting on the players…I’m also going through why I didn’t make a pick and what I’m thinking ahead when I do or don’t pick particular players. So, it’s one round…but we’re going to examine other things down the road with this.

The scenario:

Redraft (not Best Ball)

PPR (but what you’ll take away from this will help with half and non-PPR too, I believe)

4pts per pass TD

No bonus scoring

(2) RB, (2) WR, (1) TE and (1) Flex (and 1 QB).


One note upfront…I’m not necessarily taking the players exactly according to what my computer valuations are. For various reasons, which you’ll see in a moment…but my main reason – the top 5-15 guys are separated by fractions of a point in value in bunches. You don’t have to be a slave to it. Our rankings are a guideline, a way to see what ‘value’ players are out there to build a plan off of by identifying great options rounds 2-10+ and building out from there on the rounds/players in-between.

For me, the 1st-round is about the easiest round to deal with. Everyone is going to get a good player they can be happy with (before the season starts). Mostly, I’m looking to take a player I love/think can lead their position in FF scoring…and avoid the trouble players at all costs because there are plenty of options.

With that, let’s get started.


1.01) RB Saquon Barkley, NY Giants

Absolutely not my favorite player in the draft. Truth be told, I’d rather have McCaffrey-Kamara-D. Johnson among the big name RBs. So, why draft Barkley?


I draft Barkley, I can trade him before the season starts for things I want. Barkley is EVERYONE’S favorite player. Every draft expert likely has Barkley #1. Everyone is sold on him as the best RB in football. When I select Barkley, I have a very tradable player that I can go and correct issues from my draft or just turn Barkley into two great players in return, capitalizing on the masses’ love for him.

Worst case, if you really would rather have McCaffrey (let’s say), you can likely swap Barkley for McCaffrey straight up before Week 1. You likely cannot do the opposite. For that reason, Barkley has #1 value…even though he’s not necessarily my #1 ranked player output for this format (or any format).

If you’re not comfortable trading, or it’s Best Ball, etc., and if I wanted to take the BEST RB available (not to deal away quickly)…I’d say Barkley might be my 4th-choice/pick or later.


1.02) RB David Johnson, Arizona

You could go McCaffery here. You could go Kamara. You could go David Johnson. I wouldn’t fight you on any of them at 1.02…or 1.01.

Also, notice I just names three RBs for this spot. No mention of a WR or TE or QB. Why that is…

a) I’m not taking a QB 1st-round (unless superflex). I know I’ll be taking Mahomes-Mayfield-Murray ahead, so no need to rush it.

b) There’s some logic for what Travis Kelce brings to the table in PPR, but tight ends don’t have the general value to the masses that they should. Whereas RBs make people drool.

c) If I don’t get a WR in the 1st-round…there are a ton of options I like ahead. So many value WR1.5s to load up on – like Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, Tyler Lockett, Curtis Samuel. Way more WR value in the middle rounds than the drying up of the RBs (because everyone chases them so hard).

d) I feel great about any of the top four RBs, so I can land one and not have to worry about RB for a while. In my mind, I like to leave a draft with one powerhouse RB and then I know I’ll be able to maneuver and improvise all season for my 2nd and 3rd and 4th RBs.

If this were half or non-PPR…I’d take David Johnson here no doubt.

I take D.J. here because I believe in the Arizona offense running a ton of plays (elevated opportunities) and that PLUS Johnson’s super-talent and the work he gives in the passing game – this could be an MVP year for DJ.  


1.03) RB Christian McCaffrey, Carolina

Why McCaffrey over Kamara? I like the game logs from 2018 for CMC more than Kamara – Kamara had a huge game early in the season, like crazy numbers…then he was really good aside from that. A lot of TDs but not as many catches and touches, as you would have thought, outside that one game.

I also believe Latavius Murray is the better Mark Ingram, and people thinking Kamara is now the solo lead-RB shows their lack of understanding of what the Saints do and what Murray is.

However, if you feel it on Kamara…let’s ride!


1.04) RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans

I’m good with Kamara here, but I might want to take my #5 pick here so much… In PPR with the big three gone, it raises Kamara’s value/need.

One extra note here – you will not see Ezekiel Elliott in this top RB discussion until he returns to Dallas. I believe there is legit concern to believe he’ll miss part or all of 2019. I can’t have that.

If Elliott were available, I would not consider him with my top four. Maybe around pick 5-6-7-8, if he were back, and if he fell in the draft – and then I do it just to trade him. But I might be inclined to just pass on Elliott altogether because I think Elliott is trouble waiting to happen, off the field, and being highly paid isn’t going to help that.


1.05) WR Tyreek Hill, Kansas City

Now, I’m done with the big four running backs I feel are way above the rest. I know RBs are the sirens call to all fantasy players I’m working against, so if I can get a tippy-top RB I’ll take it. But now we’ve hit the part of the draft where I’d be fine with Leonard Fournette as my first taken RB in PPR. Or Derrick Henry in non-PPR. I can get those guys rounds 2-3.

So, do I take the top WR…or go for Travis Kelce?

Kelce provides some huge spreads of scoring per game away from the top 12 TEs.

The difference between the #1 and #7 WR in scoring per game last year (Weeks 1-16, no Week 17 considered) was 2.2 PPG.

The difference between the #1 and #7 tight end in scoring per game last year was 9.2 PPG.

That’s a lot of PPG edge at one position.

…and Tyreek Hill wasn’t even a #1 scorer at WR PPR last season (he was #6).

So, I choose Kelce! Actually, I don’t. I might take him here, but I might not. Depends on one factor… When do you think he’s going in this draft? I see him go as high as #8-12, but sometimes not until #16-20…because fantasy experts have brainwashed people on not taking tight ends highly. Making mantras of positions with blanket statements and rules on when to take a positional option is possibly the dumbest way to strategize for fantasy ever.

I don’t care about ‘history’. When has there been Patrick Mahomes-to-Travis Kelce before? And I’d argue people have under-drafted tight ends forever in fantasy – Gates, Gronk, Graham in their hey days were worth way more.

I take a top WR around this level of a draft, and not Kelce IF I believe I can have a shot at Kelce 2nd-round. Tyreek will be gone by the 2nd-round almost always. Hopkins will be gone for sure in the top 10. Kelce, I might roll dice and win that he’s there in the 2nd-round.

You want to take Kelce here, I won’t blame you. Especially if you play TEs get 1.5 pts per reception.

To me, there’s seven players that stand alone in fantasy redraft 2019: McCaffrey, DJ, Kamara, Barkley (because of value to THEM), Hill, Hopkins, Kelce. Odell Beckham should make it #8. After about pick #14-16, all of them are gone almost always…except Kelce. If I want TWO of my HOLY eight, I can only do it if Kelce is the 2nd piece.

Therefore, because I believe Hill can lead all WRs in scoring with distance…he’s that kind of talent – then I take Hill over Hopkins, plus I just love Tyreek. I want to play FF with Tyreek, like I have the last three seasons. So, I’ll pay the +6-8 slots overpay here because he won’t be there in round two from here. If you love working with Hopkins more, then by all means. I won’t criticize you.


1.06) WR DeAndre Hopkins, Houston

As we debated above…

If you want to go Hopkins in the #5 spot, feel free. I like what Patrick Mahomes can do for a WR more than Deshaun Watson, but Hopkins is arguably the best pure WR in the game and has succeeded with the worst of QBs.

You may have wondered – why no Davante Adams talk with the Hill-Hopkins (Kelce) debate? I’m a fan, but I hate the way the schedule falls the first 4 weeks for Adams. And, we have some unknown with the new Green Bay staff. I’m punting on Adams and I’ll look to acquire, if possible, maybe at a bargain, in Weeks 3-4.

Why not Kelce here? Every pick that goes by is another chance close to getting Kelce in the 2nd-round. Long shot you’d get him at #18 though, but possible depending upon league.


*Now, I’m at a crossroads*

Those first six players are the ones I really feel great about, even if I’m delusional. The rest of the first round is me looking at players I have some worries on, even if I have a lot of love for them. A lot of the players I want from here are not first-round ADPs.

I arrive to pick #7 looking at Odell Beckham or pulling the Travis Kelce trigger.


1.07) TE Travis Kelce, Kansas City

I’m just going to go ahead, and not get cute, and take the top TE…taking the player who might provide the biggest scoring spread over the norm at his position. I’m likely not taking Patrick Mahomes in this draft (because Mayfield-Murray are better bargains), so I get in on Mahomes’s offensive output by proxy here with Kelce.

I could argue Kelce’s value as the #1 overall pick in PPR (not half or non-PPR). I could try to get George Kittle coming up or settle on my other TE love Evan Engram…and I do often, because from pick #5 on (#6-12) I’m getting Tyreek Hill in the 1st-round. Kelce is then gone a lot 2nd-round, and I have to go to tight end plan B.

If your TE scoring is TEs get 1.5 pts per reception – even more Kelce has a claim for the #1 most powerful non-QB in fantasy.

Kelce’s value dips with each change in the scoring downward…to half-point and then further in non-PPR. This is a ‘PPR thing’.

I’ve just gone through my ‘HOLY SEVEN’ 1st-round players for 2019. When I plan my draft – I’m walking out with one of these seven players or I’m going to feel like I didn’t ‘win’ or ‘keep up’ with half the league my 1st-round pick.


1.08) WR Odell Beckham, Cleveland

Why OBJ and not Michael Thomas, Julio, or Adams? I addressed Adams prior. Julio always makes me nervous; I don’t know why – the older he gets and his foot issues too often. Plus, his normally lack of a TD production always scares me. Something about him, in general, rattles me. But he very much warrants consideration here. I respect Michael Thomas, but I don’t love playing FF with Thomas. I just don’t get excited/don’t get the joy with him on my team that I do with Tyreek, etc. And that’s a real thing…when I have other viable options. I mean, I’m a profiteer…I’ll start the devil if he has a good matchup. But with options, I tend to shy away from Thomas as highly as others like him.

I go OBJ here for two reasons: (1) When healthy, he’s arguably the best WR talent in the game. (2) He’s working with Baker Mayfield, and if Baker is going to top Mahomes’s output (or die trying), then you want ‘his guy’.

If I knew OBJ was not ‘mentally unstable’ at given points of any season – I could argue him as the #1 WR for fantasy 2019. So, he is the definite #8 on my HOLY SEVEN list.


*You may have wondered…why no Le’Veon Bell talk in the first eight picks?*

I fear the Jets’ stink being put on him. And I fear ‘been paid’ and his numbers/effort trickles down in combination with a terrible Jets franchise/team. He’s on the ‘possible’ top 12 list, but not as high on it as his ADP suggests. But he’s going to be considered from here on in.


1.09) WR Michael Thomas, New Orleans

I consider Julio Jones in a coin flip here. I considered Le’Veon Bell as a possible draft-to-trade. I even reconsidered Davante Adams. I went with Thomas because I trust the Saints’ offense more and he’s younger/less injury-prone than Julio (in my mind, due to age/history).

I’m not thrilled with this pick because I am not a Thomas-lover, but it’s a logical pick. I can always trade him if need be.


1.10) WR Julio Jones, Atlanta

People love Julio, so he always has trade value…I can keep and use or make a deal.

Other players I’m considering this late, guys not usually in the top 12 picked, because I’m not in-love with my 1.09 on…

Nick Chubb, but I fear he’s great for a half and then Kareem Hunt just splits/spoils things.

Todd Gurley, but I don’t know if he’s really ‘right’…or how much they will throttle him back.

Antonio Brown, but I don’t know where his head is at and I don’t like WRs switching teams in their 1st year with the new group. This foot thing may be a giant problem for him to be ‘right’.


1.11) RB Le’Veon Bell, NY Jets

I hate to do it, but I have to do it. If not him…who? Maybe a reach for Joe Mixon…but I can get him with my next pick/#14.

Really, I’m making this pick to trade him pure and simple. The WRs left to choose from…I like guys in the next 2-8 rounds just as well.

If I make to 1.11 and Tyreek, Kelce, and OBJ are gone…I am crying big-time.


1.12) WR Davante Adams, Green Bay

I don’t want to, but I had to. I can hope his first four weeks aren’t as bad as I project…or I can trade him.


Others who I wrote down to consider, but didn’t at 1.12 here…

James Conner – I fear his top 12 status is going to fall fast when people see Jaylen Samuels this preseason. Didn’t consider for two seconds.

JuJu Smith Schuster – actually, I thought about it…but I’m not 100% sure he is going to be ‘AB’ without AB taking coverage among other things. I know he’ll be good/fine, but so will Mike Evans or T.Y. Hilton, who I’d be more/just as happy with.

Dalvin Cook – I would just to trade him. I think he’ll have a nice PPR season…if he can stay healthy, but I’d rather roll the dice on Damien Williams than Cook.  


Well, that’s it. A 1st-round mock to give some direction or to ease your mind on how to play the 1st-round.

What to do in the 2nd-round? We’ll get there. I got some multi-round/full mock events to share coming up…using different scoring formats.






2nd-Round (12-team) Mock Fantasy Draft and Strategy Discussion…(8/16/19)



As a reminder…The scenario:

Redraft (not Best Ball)

PPR (but what you’ll take away from this will help with half and non-PPR too, I believe)

4pts per pass TD

No bonus scoring

(2) RB, (2) WR, (1) TE and (1) Flex (and 1 QB).



Going into the second round, here’s a quick list of the actual picks from the 1st-round. 


1.01) RB Saquon Barkley, NY Giants

1.02) RB David Johnson, Arizona

1.03) RB Christian McCaffrey, Carolina

1.04) RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans

1.05) WR Tyreek Hill, Kansas City

1.06) WR DeAndre Hopkins, Houston

1.07) TE Travis Kelce, Kansas City

1.08) WR Odell Beckham, Cleveland

1.09) WR Michael Thomas, New Orleans

1.10) WR Julio Jones, Atlanta

1.11) RB Le’Veon Bell, NY Jets

1.12) WR Davante Adams, Green Bay



As I approach the 2nd-round, what I’m really hoping is that I am picking #10-11-12 (my proclaimed best spots to draft from), so that I have a quick turn into the 2nd-round…for the long shot hope I get TWO of the Holy Seven players + 1. The ‘+1’ is OBJ…I want to call this the ‘Holy Eight’ group (the first 8 players I selected in the 1st-round, but OBJ has a little flaw that has him right on edge of greatness or madness/his off-field antics).

It would be great as owner of the 1.12 that I got Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, and I got the other at 2.01…ditto if I were at the 1.10 and 2.03. You can see all that theory in the 1st-round piece I did. But Hill-Kelce, etc., are gone here, as you see. So, now, we look at a fresh batch of options for the 2nd-round taking into consideration who was taken by each team in the 1st-round.

In general, if I am approaching the 2nd-round and none of my ‘Holy 7 + 1’ are there then I have a little wish list to consider going into this round. And note, I semi-hate the 2nd-round this year if none of my top 8 guys have fallen there. I don’t like the ‘typical’ names you are supposed take in the 2nd-round, mostly. I’m going to have to/am prepared to reach a bit…but I am totally fine doing that because we should – we should play this draft different then the opposition. They are all zigging, and we zag. We are not slaves to ADP, people in the room laughing, or ‘I gotta get ___ position’ settled. I want to acquire talent with the big picture in mind.

The names I am considering/liking in this 2nd-round, that are somewhat logical to take in this round…

Leonard Fournette – I am not afraid of his injury past, anymore than I would be on Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, or whomever you want to consider here. All the RBs are flawed coming up. At the end of the day, I think Fournette is a possible #1 fantasy RB this year…at the bargain price of a 2nd+ round pick. I willing to overpay here…especially if slots I know I cannot get to him in the 3rd-round.

Joe Mixon – I love Mixon too, but Fournette is more talented and the Bengals are a potential grease fire. Still, Mixon should be fine.

Mike Evans – The guy is so vastly underrated. In 2018, he was 3rd in the league in receiving yards per game at a whopping 95.3 yards per game. #7 in non-PPR PPG and #10 in PPR PPG last season. In 2019, the offense is built to go deep to him even more, in theory.

George Kittle – The Kelce alternative I’m becoming more and more interested in, especially non-PPR-wise.

I would put T.Y. Hilton on this list, but the Andrew Luck situation has me paused until I know for sure he’s not disappearing for a season with ankle surgery or something.


Among those I’m not taking/considering as seriously (but I would have to take at some point)…

James Conner – I fear Jaylen Samuels is going to sink him, but I would take him at a certain point just to trade.

Todd Gurley – Don’t like the risk-reward proposition…don’t like the risk side for the cost.

JuJu Smith-Schuster – I do fear an issue without AB there, and JuJu getting top coverage.

Patrick Mahomes – I’m all for the QB early, but as much as I love Mahomes…the schedule is brutal this year…I’d still roll with him despite that BUT I know Baker and Kyler are better/as good and cheaper/to come.

With that little lead in, and we’ll discuss more players as we get into this…let’s start drafting:


2.01) RB Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville

At 1.12, I took Davante Adams.

I’m fine taking two WRs 1-2 but not Adams-Evans so much. So, rule Evans out because I have options. It’s a bit too early to take George Kittle…unless a 1.5 PPR scoring for TEs. Maybe Kittle falls to my #36 pick (doubtful).

So, really…I’m down to taking a running back. I don’t want Nick Chubb for 8 games of goodness, or the Gurley question mark or Dalvin Cook risk. The RB who I really want is Fournette. He won’t be there for me at my next pick (#36), so I’d pull the trigger on him a full round early here.

I really hope I get two of my HOLY SEVEN + 1 in rounds #1-2 and then Fournette in the 3rd-round, but that’s not the way this slot (#12) affords me.


2.02) RB Joe Mixon, Cincinnati

I got forced in Le’Veon Bell with my first pick here.

I plan to try to trade Le’Veon before the season starts, but if I’m stuck with him then I could look at another RB (Mixon) and deal Bell or I could go WR (Evans) or reach for a TE (Kittle).

I’m going to go Mixon to create a possible power 1-2 RB punch or deal Bell and have Mixon in my pocket.

You want to take Mixon over Fournette, I get that and it’s fine. I’ve got no issue with it. I’m a Fournette guy, so…could be crying about an injury soon and him being soft!


2.03) WR Mike Evans, Tampa Bay

I had to take Julio in the first round here.

I’m fine with Julio in PPR, he’s just not my favorite. I’d likely try to trade him before the season. Not to just dump him, to smartly leverage into a great deal for things I want.

All the RBs that I really like are gone for the 2nd-round. I really do not want to go Julio-Evans, but I might. Could reach for Kittle. Maybe take Dalvin or JuJu to trade.

I’ll take the layup with Evans, and either have a nice WR duo or free myself to trade Julio. I will have to take an RB (Derrick Henry hopefully) next round or all my top RB options will be gone.

I’m OK with this Evans-Julio pairing 1-2, but it’s not at all how I’d want my draft to go.

*The players I pick at 2.03-2.09…you could take them in any order as far as I am concerned. I’m not married to any of them in the spots I took them.



*Why no consideration of Ezekiel Elliott in the 2nd-round?*

I’m sure he’d be long gone by now, but he is available here in this mock.

I think it’s 50-50 that Elliott (or Gordon) will play Week 1 and Elliott might not play at all this year. Why take all the risk in the early 2nd-round. I can get other RBs coming up. I definitely don’t want my 2nd-round pick to miss the entire year, and that’s quite possible with Zeke.



2.04) RB Dalvin Cook, Minnesota

In the 1st-round, I took Mike Thomas.

The RBs that I want are gone. The WRs from here on in…I like a lot of 3rd-10th round options. Don’t want to overpay on any in the 2nd-round if I could help it.

Might I pull the trigger on Kittle here? Or wait and try to land him in the 3rd-round? Do I take Chubb-Gurley-Cook-JuJu to trade?

I am taking Cook over Chubb-Gurley to trade. When you try to trade Gurley now, people balk at his injuries. When you try to trade Chubb, it’s the ‘what about Hunt?’ game. I like Chubb a lot, but I fear the Hunt split to come. Cook, however, everyone LOVES. I know I can trade him…or if I get stuck with him for a few weeks, it’s fine. If he’s healthy 16 games, he’s an RB1 for sure in PPR. I ‘settle’ for Cook.


2.05) RB Nick Chubb, Cleveland

In the 1st-round, I took Odell Beckham and I’m happy about that.

So, what to do here? I keep mentioning Kittle. JuJu-Chubb-Conner-Gurley are there to use/trade. JuJu may be the most tradable.

I’m going Chubb as my shot at a known RB1. I know I got games #9-16 to deal with Kareem Hunt, but it’s possible Chubb is so entrenched that he’s awesome for 8-9-10 games, Hunt is introduced gradually but Chubb is still doing his thing. I get a great start to the FF-season with Chubb. If Hunt wouldn’t have been lurking…Chubb would have made it a HOLY EIGHT +1.

The main RB with Baker is a good thing. I’ll rule things for 8+ weeks with Chubb and give myself time for a backup plan in case Chubb slips down some.


*It’s around this part of the draft that in non-PPR, I consider a reach on Derrick Henry to score 15+ TDs this season.*


2.06) WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh

In the 1st-round, I took Travis Kelce…so, no talk of Kittle here.

JuJu should be fine, but I understand the AB risk. I also fear the Patriots shut him down with extreme prejudice in Week 1 and then the fear ramps and I cannot trade him early. I can trade him before the season starts…or just ride him all year. He won’t bust, but he might not live up to my investment.


2.07) TE George Kittle, San Francisco.

I took DeAndre Hopkins in the 1st-round.

Let me stop talking about Kittle and take him a round ahead of his ADP.

I don’t like any of the RBs to take here. I don’t love any of the WRs here either…I can get what I really want later.

So, I’ll just take what I think will be a threat to Kelce as #1 TE in 2019…the only real threat. I could’ve picked him anywhere in the last 2-3-4 picks and been OK.


2.08) RB James Conner, Pittsburgh

I took Tyreek Hill in the 1st-round.

Every I really wanted in the 2nd-round is officially gone. I’m in a position now of taking players with an eye on trading quickly or reaching for them a round early. Only, I really don’t love the 3rd-round either (many guys there I already took…Fournette, Kittle).

I take Conner and pray I can trade him before Samuels creates too much doubt. I need to move Conner before the season starts and the Patriots squash him.


2.09) RB Todd Gurley, LA Rams

I took Alvin Kamara in the 1st-round.

I’m going to bite the bullet and pray that maybe Gurley is fine, and I just got a top 5 fantasy asset for 2nd-round money. Worst case, he should produce RB2 numbers. I cannot trade, so I’m blind hoping here. I don’t love anything else here so let’s do a little gambling! In reality, Gurley is long gone but sometimes he falls quite a bit on fear.


2.10) TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia

I took Christian McCaffrey in the 1st-round.

I could go two WRs that I like – T.Y. Hilton or Adam Thielen. I don’t want to mess with Kerryon Johnson or Aaron Jones or Mel Gordon. Might I reach for Zach Ertz here? It is PPR. After Ertz, the TEs really fall off. I would not even consider this if non-PPR.

The WRs ahead are bountiful so I feel no pressure to force it here…and with an ace TE sitting there, the last one (on paper). I pull the trigger.


2.11) WR T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis

I took David Johnson in the 1st-round.

If I knew Luck was playing, then I’d love this pick. I assume Luck is but have reason to worry. I’ll gamble that Luck is fine and then this is a steal.


2.12) WR Adam Thielen, Minnesota

I took Saquon Barkley in the 1st-round.

I could play it safe with Adam Thielen or I could get radical and consider the man with all the issues…Antonio Brown.

AB without Big Ben is going to fallback to earth some. Plus, he’s a real mess right now. I love the hopes and dreams part on him, but Adam Thielen is as good a WR as there is in the game. We fear the new MIN O-C and a weakened passing game, but Thielen will produce. We want 1st-half 2018 Thielen over 2nd-half, I know…but I’m OK if I got the average per game 2018 Thielen, without the extreme spikes.

For 8 weeks last season, Thielen was the best in the business. Maybe we can get back there.




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