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Dynasty Action Alert: The Josh Adams Rotoworld Note/Gift...

April 25, 2019 5:57 PM
March 18, 2019 9:31 AM
March 18, 2019 9:33 AM
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Dynasty Action Alert: The Josh Adams Rotoworld Note/Gift...

If current Josh Adams owners in your league didn’t catch the comment/gift on Rotoworld Sunday, they will be picking it up to start the ‘work week’ today.

If you missed it, Rotoworld yanked comments from a local Eagles radio person and decided to blast it on their site – that this unknown football media person: …doesn’t consider Josh Adams a lock for the Eagles’ final roster.

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the 1-2 punch was delivered by the Roto-blurb writer who then used that headline to add his own paragraph of denigration of Adams (scarcely used after Sproles returned, barely used in the passing game, etc.). There was no need for this, and so much is factually wrong, but thank God he did.

The local guy gave the headline, and the Roto-blurb writer wrote the slanted piece to make it seem like you’re an idiot having/considering useless Josh Adams.

You know who the idiots are this conversation – because regardless of the Eagles potential stupidity or the sheer ignorance of this speculation…Adams is a major talent who showed as such in 2018, as he rose from UDFA, injury fear to miss the season, to the practice squad, to Eagles starter over established guys midseason and gave moments of ‘the wow factor’. It makes no sense that the Eagles would drop Adams…like, for what? Corey Clement? Darren Sproles’s 50th season? It makes no business sense, in general, but there’s also the issue that he’s their best RB (even when Philly drafts one) and he’s a top 10-15 talent in the league…so says me. If the Eagles didn’t want him for any reason, there would be teams lined up to get him.

The masses already don’t know what they have with Adams, but now they’ve just been told they’re dumb for even holding him. This is the week to strike at a low point of valuation. The next low point will be if/when the Eagles draft a running back or sign a veteran, etc.

Don’t barrel in to trade talks and just so happen to mention it about the same time they caught this story. Inquire about RB depth in general and see if Adams naturally pops up, and you act like you didn’t hear/read the Roto-comment. If the person plays hardball with silly trades, you can then mention you just read on Rotoworld that he might get cut so you’re not as interested…scare the hardliner. Adams is also easier to mix into a multi-player deal as a throw in now – assume your trade partner knows the story and is privately panicked, and they didn’t think much of Adams anyway.

Adams should be acquirable as an RB4-5 type…I’m hoping more RB5 after this gift from the media/morons.

Adams is the best RB in the 2019 NFL Draft (by comparison)…so, the Eagles will be hard-pressed to draft a better RB, even though they’ll probably try.