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‍Dynasty-Fantasy Football Notes (7/28/2019)  *Extra Subscriber-Only Notes

July 28, 2019 10:53 AM
July 28, 2019 10:50 AM
July 28, 2019 10:53 AM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Notes (7/28/2019)  *Extra Subscriber-Only Notes


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…


 -- Sterling Shepard broke his hand. Golden Tate is suspended for 4 games. Corey Coleman is done. Doesn’t all this mean Evan Engram is going to be a star/gatherer of targets early in the season?


Consider two things before you run off with the notion the mainstream who will be pushing on EE (as they are starting to like him now)…

1) If all the main/talented receivers are gone, Engram will get double covered…not helpful.

2) Eli still sucks.   

I’d get more Engram-excited if just one of Tate-Sterling are out…that would help Engram see more targets and not as likely to get doubled, but both Tate-Sterling out leaves Engram exposed as the top weapon to take out in the passing game. It’s possible Shepard is back/fine for Week 1 and it’s also possible Tate’s suspension could get waived or only be a weeklong.

I’m still an Engram fan regardless, you know this. But this NYG WR degradation only means I have to pay more in redraft because everyone will jump to a conclusion on him.

Never forget – Eli is the big problem here (and Shurmur). It’s the risk on our favorite tight end, for FF, in the NFL.

Oh, and Corey Coleman is all but dead for the NFL/fantasy anymore.


 -- Kalen Ballage vs. Kenyan Drake

I have one source telling me Ballage taking #1 reps first is nothing to worry about for Drake. I’ve got another source telling me the Ballage as ‘starter’ push is mostly real.

I personally do not think Ballage can fully beat out Drake…maybe they split in some way. If I had to bet on one, I’m betting on Drake…but I want the falling ADP price tag. He’s going to fall a lot this week, but one good showing in the preseason or nice camp news note that Drake is taking #1 reps and he pops back up in ADP.

New staff in Miami and everything I hear is so erratic right now. They come from the New England school of ‘RBs are interchangeable’, so a hot hand/split is perhaps the best bet. I just believe Drake will stand out because Ballage will falter. Ballage is a great practice/shorts & t-shirt RB.


 -- Watching NFL Network coverage late last week…ay, caramba.  

The three dopes they picked to talk about Bears camp must have said ten times in 2-3 minutes, among their ‘debate’ about Mitch Trubisky – “Well, we have to wonder if Trubisky can make NFL throws because Matt Nagy helped him so much getting receivers wide open with his scheme.” One of them said it to start the ball rolling…and the other two parrots just kept repeating it like they were auditioning for the Dustin Hoffman part in Rain Man.

Can I ask you three dimwits something? What the #$&%@#@ games of the Bears were you watching last year where Nagy’s schemes were creating wide open receivers all the time? They were running a third of the season with Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller as the 1-2 punch WRs (ARob was hurt several games last year).

Trubisky won eight of his last 8 regular season starts…then lost a playoff game they should’ve won because apparently Nagy forgot how to get those WRs so wide open.

The NFL establishment has all decided to continue to hate Trubisky…creating solid QB2 value if your fantasy plans go awry taking two of the big 3 QBs (Mahomes-Mayfield-Murray). I’m not as high on Trubisky as I used to be, not because of talent, but because of Nagy and his terrible offensive schemes after the first two series of every game (also known as Andy Reid disease).

Because THEY all hate Trubisky, Allen Robinson continues to sell at a deep discount by tether. He should be on every one of your fantasy teams because of the bargain he has become. ARob is a former top five WR1 and is a #1 WR for his team working with a good+ QB (with upside) on a roster with no threat to his targets.

When you see/hear these idiots all parroting ‘concerns’ on Trubisky – don’t try and fight it. We want them staying ignorant. They tried to pull this with Jared Goff among many other QBs of late. Let them keep giving us predictable discounts on things…like Trubisky and ARob.   

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