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Happy Friday: Bryan Edwards to the Atlanta Falcons (FF Analysis)

May 13, 2022 8:11 PM
May 13, 2022 8:08 PM
May 13, 2022 8:11 PM

Happy Friday: Bryan Edwards to the Atlanta Falcons (FF Analysis)


I know you all wanna hear my take on the big WR move in the NFL on Friday! So, let’s get right into Jarvis Landry to the Saints!!

Umm, no. You know I’m all about that B-Ed move.

Per usual, always on a Friday around my dinner time it seems with these trades, I’m just trying to live my life like a common citizen…taking a break from inputting and analyzing the newly announced NFL schedule order…getting ready to order a Jalapeno Turkey Crunchwrap with a side of chili at McAlister’s Deli, out on my customary post-school week end mini-date night with the wife – and then the alerts and texts started rolling in.

Sitting at the restaurant…as my wife was detailing her workday, her upcoming work week and the issues involved with closing down the school year…I was sitting there nodding and daydreaming about how wonderful I felt for Bryan Edwards to get this jail break.


Three things I’ve been thinking about since this Bryan Edwards announcement, and the last of the three we’ll discuss the fantasy impact…


1) I am happy for Bryan…

Edwards has been buried in Las Vegas for two years now…and year three was gonna be even worse with Davante Adams coming into town.

Edwards has had little flashes of something the past two seasons but never got over the hump with any consistency with Derek Carr…who called Edwards ‘Davante Adams like’ last preseason…but he never treated him with that target respect.

I thought Edwards was one of the best WR prospects from the 2020 NFL Draft, possibly the best WR prospect, but buried in the draft some/hidden somewhat from analysts because he couldn’t pre-Draft workout due to a minor injury.


2) How stupid is the new Raiders management?

They lucked into a Davante Adams trade, and have made head scratching free agent moves otherwise, and followed that up with arguably the worst NFL Draft by any team in 2022.

How many times will the league have to be burned by hiring ex-Patriot coaches and (especially) GMs before they realize they are nothing but Belichick lackeys who fail without him?

I’ll bet Josh McDaniels thought nothing of Bryan Edwards and that his hand-picked GM didn’t even call around to work a great deal for him (or they would’ve have dealt him pre-Draft)…they likely just accepted the offer that came across their desk out of the blue this week. They probably thought it was their lucky day.

The Raiders could’ve kept Edwards as a #3-4 WR at a cheap $1M cost this year. You can never have enough WR depth…but not the ex-Patriots geniuses now running/ruining the Raiders.

With the AFC West becoming a superpower nuclear arms race…Las Vegas signed the worst QB in the division to a big deal, while wasting time doing the typical ‘sign all the ex-Patriot role players to bigger contracts than they deserve’…letting good players walk in free agency, and bringing in overpriced, older ex-Pats.

…and now just giving away Bryan Edwards.

I’m waiting for that 5th-round pick they got to be flipped to Bill for N’Keal Harry…or Deion Branch, or any WR who ever had anything to do with the Patriots.


3) Bryan Edwards’ Outlook in the A-T-L…

Anyone think the new ATL QB, former last-two-years Las Vegas QB Marcus Mariota, had any input into helping the Falcons chase Edwards?

If there were a problem with Edwards, some secret (work ethic, off-field, whatever to explain why he was buried in Vegas), then Mariota would have put the brakes on this deal…no? The fact that there was a deal made means Mariota knew the opposite to be true – that there might be a hidden gem here, and he knew it…and that’s a very encouraging sign for Edwards.

Edwards now gets to join a WR room that has no real experience with Mariota (aside from any private workouts this spring)…with Edwards having the most experience with the new QB.

The WR starting lineup is up for grabs in 2022. Calvin Ridley is suspended. Russell Gage walked. Drake London drafted. Auden Tate signed to a basic deal. Olamide Zaccheaus ‘the veteran’ useful hand. Jobs are available and wide-open…a great situation for Edwards to walk into.

All I can say is…if Edwards is going to make it in this league – right here, right now is the opportunity. He should be a starter with London and Tate/Zacchaeus as rotating #3’s (with Damiere Byrd a long shot #3). And London may be the future, but Edwards might be the obvious veteran #1 target Week 1/all of 2022 with his experience (in general) and history with Mariota.

It’s a big day for Edwards…and all of us remaining Dynasty Bryan Edwards holders.

What is Edwards FF-worth as the Falcons, Mariota’s #1 target Week 1? We have to see more throughout training camps and the preseason to see if that’s really what’s about to happen – but there’s some real hope here for Edwards to finally show what he’s only flashed in Vegas prior. WR3 floor for 2022? Ceiling of…? I almost don’t want to jinx it by throwing out WR1.5….

This should be good for Kyle Pitts…now a decent pair of WRs (London/Edwards) for defenses to worry about.

…but if teams continue to quadruple team Pitts…some WR is really gonna benefit. London maybe?

Edwards, perhaps?



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