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Is Damien Williams Really Starting For The Chiefs Week 1?

July 16, 2019 6:20 PM
July 11, 2019 9:31 AM
July 11, 2019 9:32 AM
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Is Damien Williams Really Starting For The Chiefs Week 1?


No doubt by now you’ve probably seen the Roto-note/football headline about Damien Williams as the main starter for Kansas City, per Andy Reid.

If you’ve kept up with our material this entire 2019…you know I’m now going to write a defense of how this may not be true and try to promote Carlos Hyde.  

I’m not.

I’m stunned, but I’m not stupid.

Stunned that Andy Reid would go all-in on a running back that was his third-choice last year…Hunt, then Ware, then (by attrition) Williams. The guy had some good games late in the season when everyone was begging Reid to run and not unleash Mahomes on them…and Reid obliged (and went 4-4 record down the stretch), which meant Williams had some numbers, and now that has somehow become Williams is the new great fantasy RB in the NFL.

Perhaps, all that is true…Williams might be an RB1 lock now -- but (for NFL logic) why would Reid announce his intentions so far ahead. What if Hyde plays better in the preseason? What if Williams cannot handle the load as a starter? Don’t you want your players to believe all the jobs are still open to the best performer (a farce NFL head coaches pay lip service to)…especially at the ever-changing RB position?

I could go with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, but I’m not stupid – when blabbermouth head coaches blab in the summer who their main RB is…it’s because that’s their plan. And nothing is going to change it. There was no strategic reasoning Andy Reid had to make this proclamation, but he did…and I know to take that seriously because Andy Reid is going to prove he’s right even if he’s wrong. Damien Williams just got a blank check and many games to prove himself…on arguably the best offense in football that opponents are over-playing the pass and BEGGING Reid to use Williams to beat them. Reid obliged late last year, he’ll get suckered into again this year.

I believe Carlos Hyde is better suited for the starting role in KC. I thought he was brought in to compete for the job this summer, and let the best man win…and I thought Hyde would have a chance at winning that job as the better, more experienced lead back. Now, I know…not on purpose will he get a chance.

I’m starting to change all my projections to favor Damien Williams over Hyde by a distance. There’s no sense in me being obstinate and sticking with Hyde too hard because it was my first bet. I’m selling the Hyde Cinderella story and giving into the Damien Williams story. Maybe Hyde proves himself by Week 4 or Week 7…but I know it won’t be Week 1, so in redraft…I’m not taking those Hyde gambles like I used to. Time to switch horses to other backup RB gambles in the later rounds of redraft.

If I owned Damien Williams, I’m happy with this news…but I am also exploring a possible deal while his ADP/standing in fantasy is so white hot. I don’t give him away, but if you want him/will pay for him as a top 6-10 RB for 2019, we can talk.

I just wanted to put this out there ahead, because I’m changing course on Hyde v. Williams in all the latest rankings and valuations, etc., and I wanted to explain why.