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New Tyreek Hill Valuation/Situational Update...

April 25, 2019 5:57 PM
March 25, 2019 11:15 AM
March 25, 2019 11:17 AM
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The Tyreek news is moving around like stock market news -- related to a stock trading on the Nasdaq...rumors of things, reactions to rumors, herd mentalities, negatives always believed over positives. Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who said...

I have no firsthand, verifiable information on Tyreek Hill. However, I do have several second and third-hand pieces of information being given to me. Everyday, I have 1-2 reasonable pieces of a big Tyreek puzzle shared with me by normal people.

When I get the information, I have to decide how plausible, how logical, how does it fit...how much do I want to/can I believe it? I want to be one step ahead on this...just like you. I want to have sold before the stock collapses in price...or I want to have bought it low before the secret good news hits. With that, I greatly fear the opposite...selling right before the good news hit or having just acquired before the bad news hits. It's a near-impossible needle to thread.

I'm giving you updates as I feel led to...when I feel information is heading in a certain direction. My updates and interpretations or moods on things might be whipsawing back and forth, making you dizzy and just wanting to hold on Tyreek and not worry about any of it until there is a reason to. That is a very logical position. As your advisor, as your friend...if you were in the cubicle next to me and I heard information you might be interested in prospering from or avoiding danger on -- I would grab you and tell you what I heard/what I was thinking...so, I am going to the proverbial water cooler and just bending your ear here. You take these updates as you wish...they are not gospel, they are just what I am thinking/hearing/reacting to.

Last Friday, I put the Tyreek is in trouble odds at 70% and told you I was open to hearing decent deals to consider making moves ahead of trouble...to mitigate risks.

Based on the information I've received this weekend (that I am not at liberty to detail), I feel the tide is shifting and I am in more of a 50-50 position. I'm more inclined to hold than sell. I'm more inclined to hold to see what the next few days brings. I might even be a buyer if I can steal him. That's a different mood than just 4 days ago. That's how rumors and hearsay and sources work in the marketplace considering one of the top players in fantasy.

Tomorrow, I might post a reversal or the reversal. Who knows? I'd rather share information/leanings than hold them just because I might be worried that I might be wrong/have a bad source. It's a game. I'm playing the game. You're playing the game. We gotta make decisions...even if if the decision is to do nothing/freeze.

Today, I'm in the pause/freeze camp because I am starting to see/hear some rays of light/hope in recent info given to me.

Do with it what you wish.