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Special Notes For Subscribers – Arizona Cardinals Practice Notes (7/28/2019)…

July 28, 2019 10:02 PM
July 28, 2019 10:00 PM
July 28, 2019 10:02 PM
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Special Notes For Subscribers – Arizona Cardinals Practice Notes (7/28/2019)…


I got a lot of nice tidbits on the Arizona practices this weekend, and I wanted to share them with you in private. This is from some bootleg tape, sources, and skimming through NFL Network coverage of Arizona this weekend.

A lot of interesting fantasy things here…


 -- The Kyler Murray hype train, I predicted all the way back in February, is starting to leave the station.

Your…”QBs don’t go that highly in my league” theory can continue to be flushed down the same toilet I suggested it should be months ago when you protested too much at my lofty vision of the future…for those rookie and redrafting in August.

There’s ‘the experts’ and then there’s ‘We The People’…

The experts are too cool, too smart to take a quarterback highly in a fantasy redraft or dynasty draft. That’s why they are trying to tear down Patrick Mahomes going into this season (you know he can’t do THAT again…with no real supporting case for why other than ‘because’). The expert rankings are all positive but still moderate on Kyler, right now…like a #8-14 QB overall. That will change soon.

The people are starting to see more and more. The real ADPs/love on Kyler is ahead of expert rankings. Reports of shocking picks of him in the top 50 in redraft are being made more and more. And, unfortunately, some of the NFL media is starting to see as well. Kyler was the all-day talk on NFL Network Sunday.

All this hype should have been obvious…the #1 pick QB who is a football-baseball pro working with a pro-offensive head coach – he was going to electrify the fans, especially in a very dull year for rookies (for the masses). Josh Jacobs hasn’t done anything to get anyone excited. David Montgomery and Miles Sanders are big stretches/not assured of anything right away. And then there is the electrifying Kyler Murray.

The people are ahead of the experts on Kyler. That’s leading to his real ADP moving. The NFL Network smells the enthusiasm of the fans. They are starting to wonder if Kyler is a sleeper for fantasy now. You think it’s bad now…wait until they all love and adore him in 2-3 weeks. Your draft cannot come fast enough to get your hands on a discounted Kyler. That discount window is starting to close slowly.


 -- Watching Kyler in practice he is weaving in and out of working with the 1s. He’s not the official starter yet.


 -- The real big news from practices was, and you’re going to see this mentioned all week, starting Monday I suspect…that KeeSean Johnson is becoming the breakout WR among all the Cardinals’ rookie WR names.

Larry Fitzgerald had a day off today, and it was KeeSean running with the 1s.

Andy Isabella was rarely with the 1s, almost always with the 2s or 3s.

Hakeem Butler is a ghost, except when they do red zone drills and he puts on a show with his 6’6” body. Butler might have 20 catches this whole season, and 10 of them for TDs.

Damiere Byrd and Pharoh Cooper ran with the 1s more than Isabella or Butler, and it wasn’t even close Sunday.

We have a fantasy problem here…Arizona has a ton of neat WR options from Fitz-Kirk on down. I don’t know that any one guy will be ‘the guy’. We’re all chasing Cardinals WRs hoping for a WR1-1.5 pop and they all might be WR2s and 3s erratically.

Besides Fitz and Kirk, I don’t know who will start for Arizona. It might be KeeSean Johnson if you were betting today.


 -- Before you despair about any Andy Isabella lottery tickets you’re holding…note that Arizona is running a lot of 4 WR sets with one RB. It may be KeeSean-Isabella at #3-4 with Butler rotating in and out.

I am worried all these great rookie receivers are not going to be fed enough to be consistent for fantasy 2019.


 -- KeeSean Johnson is the talk of the WR group, and I started to see why they liked him a few weeks ago when scouting an Idaho defensive player vs. Fresno State. KeeSean has a little Diontae Johnson vibe – not a measurables star but just great at his craft. I’m not chasing KeeSean hard, but I’m not mocking or discounting him anymore.

I’m doing a full scouting report on him this upcoming week…everything on him is hitting me from all angles. I am starting to think I missed this one, a la Diontae Johnson…but KeeSean is not as good as Diontae.

If you want in on KeeSean…and your league already rookie drafted, you have about 14 hours or so before all the football sites start parroting this in their ‘blurbs’…and then that will activate all the sheep.


 -- How about this great news for IDPers – I think my man Dennis Gardeck is going to start this year. I think he’s starting now. I saw him running with the 1s and saw him as the projected starting OLB for Arizona. He’s not just temp filling in for the injured Haason Reddick.

I’ll say it like I did last dynasty rookie draft season – Gardeck could lead the league in tackles within a year or two if they cut him loose to play all snaps. Think if Leighton Vander Esch was a better player…that’s Gardeck.


 -- Hold onto your hats for this one, because I know you…and you know how happy I am for this…

I see video and hear chatter about a lot of David Johnson working with the QBs in the passing game (screen game particularly) in practices -- and in so many scrimmage drills we’re seeing DJ get the dump off pass. Listening to a DJ interview…it sounds like he’s about to be his 2016 self for touches/scheme. Imagine the best RB specimen created by God in the history of the world working with a fast-paced, high output offensive scheme!!! You don’t wanna believe, but it may be time to believe.

You know who else believes? Suddenly the experts all love David Johnson. Hey, welcome to the party 3-4 years late. The DJ ADP is down to #6 range, and if Elliott holds out more he may go to #5 ADP soon…but #5-6 looks like the spot. No higher, on average.

All us jilted DJ lovers the past two years…it’s a new day. We’re back to contemplating DJ as a top 3-5 asset for redrafts for sure this year.