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The Latest on the Tyreek Hill Investigation…

April 25, 2019 5:57 PM
April 11, 2019 11:22 AM
April 11, 2019 11:23 AM
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The Latest on the Tyreek Hill Investigation…

The latest is…there is nothing, really.

Basically, there hasn’t been a stitch of news since the first few days of the story breaking. You remember when the news broke? You remember that entire week of speculation and depression? The week 90% of the media and fans convicted him of a crime?

I still have no idea what really happened, just like all of us. We’re still in speculation mode. I can only tell you this – the most compelling sources I have on this matter are indicating Tyreek is innocent and the truth is going to come out to exonerate him…that he is guilt of nothing.

I wouldn’t bet my life on this theory, but of all the theories and people who say they are in the know that I’ve communicated with in the past month…the most reasoned ones seem to be saying Tyreek is innocent. Take that as you will.

The fantasy community has changed its tune as well…

Tyreek went from (on a scale of 0-10) an 8-9 value pre-crisis to a 4-6 value the week after the crisis and every week since the crisis he’s gained about a half a point back. He’s back to a solid ‘8’. There are no more ‘raging’ deals acquiring him as the people who panicked and wanted out…they’ve sold. The holders…they’re still holding and are becoming emboldened by the lack of any news.

What the silence of any news/updates means…I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. My gut feelings/reactions are – we (Americans) seem to find out about everything everyone does if we want. People spill their guts all over social media…and, yet, no ‘insiders’ (good or bad) have posted/tweeted on this Tyreek situation except those cryptic illogical tweets early on from a purported friend of the family. Nothing credible or even interesting since.

Tyreek hasn’t rushed to the media to defend himself, but I’m told he may be being told to say nothing until the investigation is wrapped. And, again, I say…you don’t want Tyreek having to answer tough, improvised questions because he’s not that bright (my opinion/observation). Even if he’s innocent he could damage himself when trying not to -- with his tongue.

No one with any credibility or connections has rushed to defend or accuse with any detail or putting their reputation on the line. Everyone has an opinion about everything…and this is a story that could make a nobody famous for 15 minutes if they were connected in some way and started yapping about what they supposedly knew…but we have nothing released nationally/with any credibility. I think that’s somewhat good for Tyreek.

All we have so far is a 3/5/19 investigation that the police conducted and just dropped it for lack of evidence three days later. Then there was a call for a new investigation a week+ later and then the news hit…and since then -- radio silence.

You’d think if Tyreek were clear…investigation #2 would be over and reported out by now.

You’d think if Tyreek were clearly guilty, criminal charges and child service actions would have begun already.

It’s a big story. It has to be over-investigated by the State now. There are other people who could be guilty in this, and not Tyreek. This could be an angry girlfriend stirring the pot. This could be Tyreek is guilty and is throwing his wealth into the process with his lawyers to delay and get himself off somehow. This could be Tyreek is guilty but the girlfriend is going to flip/go silent on testifying -- to defend/protect Tyreek because of the money that Tyreek (and, thus, her) have coming (with a new mega-contract)…we’ve seen a lot of bad incidents with sports figures and someone close/involved magically changes their testimony as the weeks drag on and potential money is promised, etc.

All this to say…I don’t know any more than anyone right now. But my best sources seem to think Tyreek is innocent and there is more to all this that will come out.

How to play it for fantasy/dynasty?

I’m just holding on mostly. If I get a deal I can’t turn down, a fair value+ for Hill because someone thinks they’re buying low from me -- but giving me players I love (like if discounted Mayfield is involved with other things)…I’ll sell just to take the risk off the table. But I’m not selling short.

I’m not picking him in the 1st-round of Best Ball or Dynasty startups either…too many other viable options without the dark cloud hanging over.