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Tyreek Hill ‘What Happened’ Rumor/Speculation Details (3/17/2019)…

April 25, 2019 5:57 PM
March 17, 2019 11:20 PM
March 17, 2019 11:24 PM
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Tyreek Hill ‘What Happened’ Rumor/Speculation Details (3/17/2019)…

OK, I obviously have no idea what really happened here or what the legal ramifications will be or how they will play out. I am not backing this story or swearing to it like I know something. I’m just passing it on…

I got a tip from someone who told me to go listen to a local Kansas City sports radio/podcast discussion on the story – from back when the news originally broke on 3/15. I will include a link to the show, so you can listen to it and see what you think.

Link: https://omny.fm/shows/between-the-lines/btl-stan-webe-d9f955a4-1ef6-4a6f-a1cb-44829851b22a

The short alleged/rumored version… (and the people talking on the show believe it’s all on Tyreek, and they are talking about it like ‘everyone knows this’ type communication. They come across as some details are ‘known’ so-to-speak. You decide for yourself upon listening.)

If I’m hearing it properly…

-- Tyreek went too far spanking his child with a belt and grabbed his arm in some manner, and however it happened – his child ended up with a broken arm.

-- Personnel at the hospital were likely the ones who filed the concerns…as they would obviously ‘see things’ while treating the child’s broken arm.

-- The mom has taken the child and is gone away from Tyreek.

If this is true…it’s damning. Potentially Tyreek never plays football again. Potentially he is going to jail. A lot of ‘potentially’ things.

The one thing in this entire saga, as a dummy outsider looking in, that doesn’t make sense – if I read the police reports properly, the police came out and investigated on 3/5/19 and didn’t see anything of concern and dropped it 3-4 days later. Then, on 3/15 they were back again investigating and that’s still pending. Why wasn’t anything done after their 3/5 meeting with both the parents? That part of the story is a ‘hope’ here for Tyreek’s side of the ledger – it could just be an ‘accident’, unintentional thing…or nothing at all. If the mom doesn’t press charges/testifies and Tyreek admits no guilt…then it’s the child and the doctors and prosecutors vs. no admission of guilt parents. A court case would be a circus and it would be a bad look for the person, player, team, NFL -- but it may end up a circus and a judgement of no crime can be proven.

Tyreek could beat the case in court with high powered lawyers, if it comes to it, but the NFL could suspend him indefinitely regardless…especially with his past prior incident in college. The NFL would almost have to ban him for years if not forever if guilty. If not proven guilty, they might still give him a year off to go to hard core counseling…to push the story down the road and hope Tyreek rehabs his life (if needed).

The one speculation bombshell that could reverse all this – is if the fiancée is actually the guilty party. She was on the first police report with Tyreek, and then the only one on the report the second time. I’m not sure if that means anything more than who was home at the time. I don’t know. It’s all very strange and speculative still.

It’s a bad scene, a sickening scene if the allegations and hearsay are close to true. I just wanted to share this because it’s the top topic I’m being asked about all day/all weekend, and we all play ‘fantasy’ for stakes, some very high stakes/professionally – and you need all the info you can get to make decisions as needed. I have no idea what to do except hold vs. giving away, but if you got a good deal and want to avoid the risk of this going bad...you got a decision to make. When news of this 'chatter' hits -- it's going to get worse this week, even if none of it is true ultimately.