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Tyreek Is Now ‘Free’ (No Suspension) – Now What? And Something Critical To Consider…(Update)

July 21, 2019 11:41 AM
July 21, 2019 11:33 AM
July 21, 2019 11:41 AM

Tyreek Is Now ‘Free’ (No Suspension) – Now What? And Something Critical To Consider…


No doubt, you’ve heard by now, that Tyreek Hill got no suspension from the NFL based on all the bizarre, scandalous 2019 events. It’s amazing…a few months ago, Tyreek was thought to be suspended for the year, possibly for life. In the end, after several scary twists and turns – he gets no suspension, and rightfully so (it appears).

Many of you have been Tyreek owners in all formats for years because of FFM, so this is huge/good news. A rare few of you have been unable to get Tyreek (Dynasty/Keeper)…or didn’t want the ‘guilty’-Tyreek…and some traded him away for .50 on the dollar a few months ago. So, for a few it’s not great news, for fantasy, per se.

I want to share five thoughts about this…with my last/#5 being an important message I want those without Tyreek in one or more of your leagues to consider…


#1) Our Dynasty/Offseason offering paid for itself here…

Thank you to those who subscribed this year to this new offering, and I get you’re thanking me now…

I didn’t panic like the rest of the media and fans did…and my objective, skeptical approach along with good sources to speak to along with my own study of the basic facts and documents of this case – well, it was the right approach and it paid for your subscription to the Dynasty Offseason.

I work to earn your business and for my information to pay for itself and give positive ROI to everyone in the audience. Staying steady and calm during the early storm on Tyreek was a lone voice in football analysis. I took on a bunch negative emails and social media on it, from mostly outsiders…because I dared to openly talk about it right away. Other football writers ran scared.

My job is to analyze football situations for my subscribers and clients, most of which were heavily invested in Tyreek. I’m not going to cower or go silent because of a bunch of _____ (fill in your own word) wanted to show how sensitive they were. How does silence help in this situation? Their silence and fears led a lot of people to fear…and to dump Tyreek…and for our clients to swipe him off them cheap.

Congrats to all of us!

If I wasn’t hated by ‘names’ in the industry enough before…now I’m a full-on ogre to them. That’s OK. I can be the ‘bad’ Batman the people need right now.

I worked through the James Conner-Le’Veon Bell situation better than the media and analysts last year, and then again on this Tyreek thing. I’m getting pretty good at this. I should be a national writer/investigator of football, no? No…they don’t want the truth…they want to keep the party to themselves. They are not looking for independent talent…they are looking for like-minded drones to control. I’m unwelcome to their party.

Being unwelcome, untethered to their ways…a true outsider – it makes all the difference. I don’t want to be a part of the hive mind…nor do I want to fix them/prove to them I’m right. I just want to profit off of their unsuccessful ways in fantasy and in handicapping, for you and me both. We beat them again with the Tyreek 2019 story!


#2) Please note you were outright lied to by several ‘groups’ during this whole Tyreek situation…

 -- You were lied to by the media/analysts because their first reaction was to ‘hang him’. They wrote headlines to mislead you and make you click. Like they always do…they stirred fear and panic.

Later, a news station withheld parts of the audio on that infamous tape that was deemed ‘YOU didn’t need to know’, which was really ‘this other audio hurts the case we want to condemn the guy we just KNOW is guilty, so we’ll release only what we want you to hear’.

 -- You were lied to by the bosses in the national media, because besides salacious headlines with no real information behind them…the entire group went radio silent for much of this issue – no real research of a story begging for deeper research. Information would come out that was opposite of their narrative, and they wouldn’t research or publish it…or consider it. There was a ‘don’t talk about this or 17-to-112 people on social media might get mad at us’ approach to hiding/cowering.

The ‘lie’ here was – by not doing or saying anything opposite the narrative information and ideas were kept from you on purpose because it self-served the big media groups (and the small media groups just followed like pied pipers).

Only a few independent KC fan site reporters tried to question things, but they were written off as ‘super-fans’ protecting their favorite team/favorite player.

 -- The other lie was from the mass of humanity called ‘football fans’ who just followed the media headlines and one-way reporting and assumed Tyreek was guilty and tried to group-think pressure anyone who stood in the way of showing how magnanimous and sensitive they were to all the strangers they know on social media.

No apologies from 99.9% of these people after the fact.

Part of the reporting on this was just lazy…another part of it was just nefarious at its core. No one searching for the truth…just searching for things to fit their feelings.

If you think this type of negligence only happened on this Tyreek situation as a one-off…you’re kidding yourself. This sloppiness is happening everyday from the draft prospect coverage to the training camp reports to in-season. Yet, we continue to hang on their every next word. Not me.


#3) The Mecole Hardman draft pick looks stupid/like a gigantic waste now…

Mecole is not a Tyreek handcuff or the future Tyreek or anything like it – he’s not that good, and in a few weeks the Chiefs will do a huge extension with Hill and Hardman is stuck as a #4-5 WR for years.

I can’t blame the Chiefs…they were caught between a rock and a hard place with the timing of the story. I do blame them for picking a terrible Tyreek insurance plan…Hardman isn’t very good, and nothing close to Tyreek.   


#4) A bump and/or this solidifies Mahomes-Kelce…

The threat of Hill gone 2-4-8-16 games had some effect on how to project Mahomes and Kelce. Tyreek’s presence helps all things related…including the KC DST (for those with return scoring).

It’s possible, if you’re in the right redraft spot, to build a team with Hill-Kelce #1-2, and then maybe Mahomes in the 3rd-round in a redraft…if you want to go that route/stack them for an ‘all or nothing’ effort. I’m not advocating for or against that but pointing out there may be a path to it for those who dare.


#5) The remaining opportunity…

The damage to Tyreek’s character has been done. Although proven innocent of all this 2019 activity, on multiple occasions, there are people only reading the headlines and the slanted news coverage have made up their minds and have really not sought any details on this.

These people also don’t know that the old 2014 incident is now in question and it’s possible this was a giant set up by his girlfriend on multiple occasions to ‘play’ Tyreek.

I’d venture to say, for every one person who has been clued in/realizes that this was an egregious act by the media and that Tyreek might be more innocent than any of us realized…there is another person who still thinks Tyreek is guilty of all of this and the no-suspension was just another day that the NFL protected awful people for self-serving purposes.

I have received two types of texts and emails from people the last 24 hours…

a) Congratulating me, thanking me for presenting the only alternative on the story all along – and they held Tyreek through it or acquired him 50% off because of it.

b) People seeing Tyreek was not suspended and saying, “Guess we’re lucky, for now, until he strikes again/until the next incident.

50% of people still think Tyreek is a monster who will go-off again at any moment. They didn’t subscribe to our Dynasty Offseason access and haven’t read anything I’ve written on it. They are just going by the headlines and their unwitting media manipulation. And they are not ‘dumb’ people…just out-of-the-loop/suckered by the headlines/hive-media-mind still.

All that to say…there is still a cloud, a mood…a ‘he’s still guilty because the claims were so ugly’ hanging over Tyreek, from those who really haven’t dug into the story. I don’t fault them…everyone is busy, and they trusted a media that once again lied and misled them – that’s why I am here, to inform you of the things you need to know/consider. I work for you.

I don’t work for THEM.

And THEM still thinks Tyreek is guilty and are willing to trade him now in Dynasty or Keeper or redrafts that have already taken place. They see this no-suspension moment as a chance to rid themselves of him before the next shoe drops. You need to go to THEM and see if you can blow smoke and walkaway with Tyreek Hill, arguably the #1 asset in Dynasty, Best Ball, or Redraft…in exchange for him as like the #15-20 +player in these formats.

You lost your cheap window, but a discount off the price is still available but you gotta act now. A full investigative piece might hit, investigating all this and exposing it on more of a national level. Probably not ESPN, etc., because they want to protect the original story/narrative for political motives (my opinion) – the ESPN’s will go silent or do a throwaway, un-pushed story. The NFL (Network) might, however, push the alternative/real story to clear ‘one of their own’…but they are also more ‘let’s keep anything bad quiet’. But a real journalist, one with national chops/respect, might expose this further than the local Kansas City writers have started to – and then the discount window closes when the masses realize what they missed.

I’d act quick this week for your last chance to take advantage of THEM and their ignorance of the subject. They want to ‘dump’ this hot potato, but at a much higher price now.

If the current owner is up to speed on the story, then Tyreek is back to full price for them. If they are in the dark still, then a discount window is open. Not for long.


7/21…Next Day…Update:


I’m sorry. I was mistaken. I thought the mood on Tyreek Hill’s non-suspension guilt-or-innocence was running 50-50 among people (it was in my gut the first 24 hours). My bad. It’s about 80-20, people believe Tyreek Hill is still guilty of what he’s been cleared of (three times) and he’s still a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

I update all this because it affects your deal making for Hill, if desired, right now…the window is more open than I thought.

What’s driving the ignorance is (surprise!) the football media, the group who could not be worse at their jobs if they tried…but they think they’re geniuses because we watch them like they’re wizards with information from another world we crave to be let into.

The NFL establishment loves this dumb media because it’s easy to control and predict. It’s sinister, but not exclusive…we see the same in politics or anything else in life we hold dear.

I’m seeing a tidal wave of articles from bigger name football media people with this general headline/body of work vibe: The NFL didn’t suspend Tyreek Hill which is a shame because even though he was not convicted (and you know how football players have the law on their side) of a crime, we know he’s guilty because it’s a serious charge, he has a ‘prior’, and then he said those nasty words on tape. The NFL is ugly and we’re all caring (not about justice, just about knowing you know we’re caring).

The national media’s reaction is predictable.

The shame of it is – there’s a great story to be unearthed here, potentially. At least one local Kansas City writer (like the one I posted a few days ago) have started hot on the trail of the story…that this story could all be about the girlfriend manipulating everything for ___ (money and/or jealousy, etc.). The abuse story might land at the feet of the girlfriend…potentially doing things so that she could get Tyreek blamed for it, to control him…and her family being in on it in someway. I’m not saying it happened that way or not…I’m just saying there’s a story here. There are enough pieces of loose end evidence to suggest something bigger is happening and that Tyreek is a potential victim…guilty of being dumb/taken advantage/hanging with the wrong people (and bears responsibility for that).

The media, and general fans, have not read into this situation in detail and are just reacting to lazy headlines. It’s time to take advantage of that, for fantasy, if you buy into Tyreek’s full innocence.

Tyreek has been cleared three times in high-level, independent investigations of the 2019 issue…make it four because the NFL cleared him too – and they dig in deep, like they did with Ezekiel. The NFL passing on a suspension should be a huge signal that something more to the story exists.

We also have the 2014 ‘punched his pregnant girlfriend’ now in question as real…and I know he pled guilty to it, but he MAYBE he had no choice in the he said/she said…the she always wins/is innocent (see: how everyone thinks of the 2019 issue). We know this person is capable of setting him up. Recall that the audio tape was to set him up…but the parts of it the local KC news kept hidden from everyone…Tyreek is talking to the girlfriend about how she knows that didn’t happen (back in 2014), and that he (implied) took the bullet for her. We also have some people that knew the two back in college starting to come out and defend Tyreek and talk about the ‘trouble’ the girlfriend was.

Bitch, you should be afraid of me too’ – that’s the audio everyone wants to hang Tyreek on. I get it. But can I just ask, as the girlfriend was secretly recording him and was purposefully trying to goad him for the recording, what if in the context of what they were talking about…Tyreek meant she should be afraid because of what Tyreek knew to be the truth on the 2019 abuse issue…that it was the girlfriend that Tyreek was trying to protect (up to that point)? I’m not trying to make excuses…I’m just asking the question. Trying to play amateur defense lawyer.

You can’t even ask those questions in today’s media. If I mattered at all in the world, and someone clipped parts of this piece or any of my Tyreek pieces and posted them, then my employer ESPN or whomever would fire me for it without even asking it. The national ‘feeling’ is more important than questioning. I should not totally blame the media – they are just laying low, trying not to get fired. We all do that in regular jobs we’ve had. If a well-paid reporter tried to seriously tackle this issue…the thought police would try to take their livelihood away. Best to ignore it or chime in that Tyreek is awful. Keeps controversy away from your doorstep or bank account.

I’m a football profiteer, and I don’t work for a national company -- so I don’t care about whether people think good thoughts about me. I just need to be of service to my subscribers and clients…and when I’m not, I’m done. I’m not defending a player because I like him. I know I can find other players to work with for fantasy, etc. – I’m just trying to read this situation properly and prosper from it. What I read right now is – sentiment is running hot against Tyreek right now…take advantage of it, if you think he’s innocent of the all the 2019 stuff and not a ticking time bomb.

Someday the truth will come out by an investigative reporter, but for now…it’s all unstudied, lazy, self-protecting media chatter – don’t get fooled or scared by it. 

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