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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Preseason Wk 2: Bills v. Eagles

September 8, 2017 12:56 AM
August 19, 2017 11:57 AM

There was a TV moment early in this game that induced a completely different reaction from me than what the commentator meant to provoke.

Mike Mayock was on the Philly announce team for this game, and the camera popped over to a shot of Eagles GM Howie Roseman watching the game’s proceedings. Mayock paused for an infomercial for his employer, saying something to the effect of: ‘You really have to give Howie a lot of credit as a GM (said as if he was a defender)…for trading up to get Carson Wentz.” Mayock meant that as a ‘drop the mic’ moment.

It should be the statement that gets both Roseman and Mayock removed from football in another 2-3 years, but it won’t.

How many times will football/draft analysts push the Blake Bortles bust QBs of this world, and never have to answer for it? It’s a crime. The crime is on the public and the NFL GMs, because all most of the NFL GMs and scouts do is follow what highly visible analysts say when it comes to draft evaluations. Carson Wentz (6-9 for 56 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is the new Blake Bortles…their draft stock pushed way too high without the resume’ to deserve it. Both were not that great in college. Both with elongated, problematic throwing motions…their release time from decision to throw is far too slow for the NFL. Bortles is just a bad mindset/poor decision maker/throw up for grabs guy at QB, much less the problems with his mechanics. Wentz has more physical tools but is a dink and dunk FCS QB, who threw for 0 or 1 (I’m not looking it up but it’s one of those two) 300+ yard games for his college career on a dominant FCS offense/team. He’s not comfortable in the NFL intermediate and deep passing game. Jimmy Garoppolo’s FCS work against similar competition in college compared to Wentz is laughable…and yet Wentz becomes a top guy while Garopollo falls in the draft to who knows what team…probably one that doesn’t know anything about quarterbacks. Wentz will probably hang a little longer before the world turns on him like they finally are with Bortles.

As I watch Wentz in-game live and on re-watches, I never see ‘it’. His decisions take too long. His throwing motion, accuracy and velocity in real games, not in shorts and t-shirt drills, is terrible (for a supposed top QB prospect). Most of the passes Wentz has completed this season have been him scrambling from the pocket because he’s taking too long to decide to throw, him running for his life and flipping a pass to a receiver popped open from broken coverage because the play lasted too long to hold contain. Wentz dumps it off in the chaos and then the receiver gets him extra yards. Rare will you see Wentz drop back in the pocket, settle in for a moment and then pick apart the defense. Dak Prescott handles all that it like a veteran with a flick of the wrist release. Hell, Trevone BoykinKyle SloterBrandon Allen…I could name young backup QBs all day who stay true to a pocket, keep looking over the field, and make rapid fire throws…all better than Wentz on his best day.

So, yeah…I AM ready to give Howie Roseman all the credit for this one, this move to get Wentz. Really, the credit/blame belongs on Mike Mayock – he was a one-man show pushing Wentz. Not with malice…just suckered by what they all get suckered by – what someone looks like, and the vibe in shorts and a t-shirt. That’s why they all proclaimed Logan Thomas so great back when I used to go to Mobile for Senior Bowl week – he was a great-looking passer when there was no threat of getting hit. A top pick for Arizona because of ‘the push’ from analysts…a career 1-for-9 passer, now Buffalo Bills tight end. He was the future QB in Arizona…they didn’t dream it up, he was pushed on them – just like Wentz.

To be fair and balanced, Tyrod Taylor (8-18 for 53 yards, 0 TD/2 INT) shouldn’t be an NFL team’s starting QB either. I mean, he’s not terrible, per se, but you’re basically saying you don’t want to chase Super Bowls if he is your QB. Tyrod appeared to safe to be the Bills’ opening day starting QB but his weak passing skills are starting to rise to the forefront. He was picked twice in this game, lucky to not have been picked 1-2 other times…completing 44% of his passes in this game. Unlike Philly or Jacksonville, the Bills have no one to turn to, currently – and they have themselves to blame. They decided to extend Tyrod…this current regime – one of the only missteps Sean McDermott has made. They decided not to pursue a veteran QB or draft a decent one. They’re stuck unless McDermott wheel and deals again into a new QB. If not, Nathan Peterman will be starting, or at least given a shot by Week 12, I suspect.

A quarterback who could be a mild shock to land in Buffalo in the next two weeks…Brett Hundley, Green Bay.

Other non-QB player notes from this game…

— We got to see more of Zay Jones (3-42-0/6) and he really looked good. Crisp routes, good hands, tough catches – he’s a professional WR. He’s like a smaller Jordan Matthews…a Stefon Diggs-like WR. He may be their #1 WR opening day if JMatt isn’t ready.

— You see Roto-notes on how LeGarrette Blount (5-8-0, 2-15-0/2) looks ‘unimpressive’ – let me tell you…this whole offense looks unimpressive. Terrible blocking in the preseason. Wentz is a mess. Blount doesn’t have the Patriots line/offense to prop him up to another level. Terrible WRs. It’s a mess.

This is why the Eagles were my top over/under win total bet for 2017…the under 8.0 wins for 2017. If they lose opening day at Washington — my bet is in the bag. If they lose to Washington Week 1, they may not win a game until Week 8 vs. the 49ers. They have at KC, at SEA and two at L.A. games (long roadies) on the 2017 schedule. If they go 2-4 in division and lose to KC and SEA, plus lose at least one L.A. road game – that’s 7 losses. I need one more loss in their other six games to ‘push’. Two losses to cash in.

Where was I? Oh, don’t blame LeGarrette Blount…blame Howie Roseman.

— How Alshon Jeffrey (2-23-0/5) is trading as a top 20 WR is surprising to me. Jeffrey is OK, but the Wentz factor is going to be brutal. Maybe garbage time will help…and the fact that the Eagles have pure garbage otherwise at WR. OK, I’m talking myself into Jeffrey as a WR1 all of a sudden.

— I thought Mack Hollins (1-6-0/5) was headed to the Hall of Fame, per the analysts, after he caught a short pass on a broken play and ran it in for a score last week. You would have thought the second coming had happened. Hollins didn’t step up in JMatt’s trade away void left behind this week.

— IDP Mychal Kendricks (2 tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFL, 1 INT) looks rejuvenated. He’s been rumored to be traded for so long – I wouldn’t be surprised if ex-Eagles assistant Sean McDermott obliges and snags him from Philly. The Eagles have traded away Eric Rowe and Jordan Matthews the past two seasons…why not add to the stupidity and add Kendricks to the list. It’s funny/sad watching Howie Roseman carry out a vendetta and gut all Chip Kelly’s guys and/or picks…and slit his own throat at the same time.

— Some mild buzz on Philly UDFA WR Marcus Johnson (2-45-0/3) this preseason — he looks capable, which means he won’t make the team so some disaster like Donnel Pumphrey (3 carries for -3 yards, 2 rec. for 20 yards on 2 targets) can stick. See more on Johnson in our draft guide.

Don’t see more on Pumphrey at College Football Metrics.com – he wasn’t worth digging into deeper.

— Nathan Peterman (10-20 for 167 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is not my favorite rookie QB…far from it, but what’s funny is – after watching Wentz-Tyrod scuffling, Peterman looks like Tom Brady. Peterman is not an answer he’s a stop gap.

— Bills rookie DB Tre’Davious White (4 tackles, 1 TFL) has looked like a solid ballplayer. He’s going to have to – a likely starter Week 1 as a rookie. He was pretty aggressive in coverage and making tackles.

— Eagles UDFA rookie TE/WR Billy Brown (4-37-0/4) looks slimmed down and like a legit convert from big WR to TE. It will take 2-3 years most likely but he’s looked very capable the first two weeks, especially in the passing game. I think he looked better than Buffalo QB-to-TE convert Logan Thomas (3-16-0/4).

— Bills rookie UDFA WR Brandon Reilly (4-39-1/5) caught a TD pass late, a nice stretch for the ball and score. Reilly has looked a little stiff to me in the preseason – a guy not likely to make this or any squad.

— Philly top pick DE Derek Barnett (2 tackles, 1 sack) is either lucky or subtly great. I watch him and never go ‘wow’, but then somehow he’s getting a sack a game. He has a neat little head dip move on his pass rush…maybe that’s the secret sauce for him.

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