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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Preseason Wk 2: Packers v. Redskins

September 8, 2017 12:34 AM
August 21, 2017 7:26 AM

When I think of teams that have made a negative impression on me this preseason – the Redskins are making a charge to be at the top of the list. I’m not anti-Redskins, but I thought there might be animus among the team given the Kirk Cousins fiasco. It doesn’t look like there’s any anger…it looks more like a malaise…like a ‘shoulder shrug’. No emotion. No fire. No effectiveness from the Redskins so far this preseason. I think everything is pointing toward a disappointing season for Washington in 2017…and total chaos/disaster hitting in 2018 as Kirk Cousins and Terrelle Pryor walk out the door.

What that means for fantasy 2017, I’m not quite sure. Cousins and Pryor both playing for stats/their 2018 contract deals…and if there is a connection between the two…maybe they both go to San Francisco together? So far, in limited time in the preseason, there has been zero chemistry displayed between them.

The Redskins playing their first unit for the first half led to Pryor having 1 catch for 11 yards, and the Redskins down 14-10 at the half and going on to lose 21-17.

Player notes…

— You probably came to read about Samaje Perine (8-45-0, 1-29-0/1)…to hope to find relief from the pain endured last week. You’re going to get it…

Samaje Perine ended the debate between he Robert Kelley (9-9-0, 1-5-0/2), officially…well, unofficially. I’m sure Kelley will start opening week, but this like Glennon v. Trubisky or Bortles v. Henne/Allen – it’s over, it’s obvious…just when will the trigger get pulled?

I’m not saying this as the Perine-homer that I am. I’ve stared Perine will overtake Kelley since May. I thought it would be by now…but it hasn’t happened yet. I realize the bias I bring. Honestly, I watched this tape prepared to be unimpressed. As I saw the stat line developing Saturday night, without watching a second of the game, I was happy…but assuming it was much ado of nothing preseason work. No big deal, just a step in the right direction.

As I watched every touch from both Kelley and Perine – it was obvious – it’s done. Perine is clearly the better back and will be the three-down starter by Week 3-4…and should be by Week 1.

This game revealed the Perine I saw on tape at Oklahoma – a guy I thought was one of the best RBs in the draft class, and in his own way was as-good/better than Joe Mixon (studying them both at Oklahoma). Perine seemed skittish in Week 1…and that made me worry. Was it debut nerves or has the NFL revealed a problem? Looks like nerves because the Perine in this game is clearly the best RB on the Redskins – a bounce in his step, an aggressiveness attacking the line of scrimmage, a load to tackle, but more importantly – displaying very good hands in the passing game. I knew Perine could run the ball, but his hands were not much on display at Oklahoma but I thought he looked really good when he did get the chance. His catch in this game – a wheel route…sprinting out of the backfield like he might flare out short but sprinted right down the field catching a pass down field and then running nicely after the catch. It’s the little things.

By contrast, Robert Kelley fights the ball trying to catch the simplest of passes. Kelley has never had a bounce in his step…he’s no threat to the defense. He was a ‘nothing’ in college. Kelley would be the 7th best running back on the Seattle depth chart right now, and that’s not even debatable. Yet, he’s the Redskins starter..currently.

Not for long.

We’ll have to go through the same nonsense we did last year with Jordan Howard – denial by the coaches (starts for Weeks 1-2-3). Eventually, the cream rises…into a split role as the coaches give the terrible incumbent one more chance to prove himself (Weeks 3-4-5), and then the obvious, later round draft pick rookie talent takes over and becomes the feature back everyone loves (Weeks 4-5 on).

Perine isn’t the most talented rookie RB in the 2017 draft class, but he is the most favorable position – only battling Rob Kelleyand Matt Jones for the main carry role. Good RB lands in a great situation…and a fantasy star is born.


— The Packers RB situation is a different kind of cluster. They drafted three RBs in 2017…and I’m not sure any of them made any sense. The Packers passed on Perine to draft these three guys?…

Jamaal Williams (7-12-0) is a pretty solid runner of the ball – just head down and between the tackles. He works but is nothing special for fantasy. He’s not better than Ty Montgomery…not even close.

Aaron Jones (3-4-0, 4-11-1/4) is supposed to be the exciting passing game RB…he’s not even close to what Montgomery can do in the passing game. Wildly unimpressed with Jones’s preseason to date.

Devante Mays (5-13-0, 1-10-0/1) is probably better than Williams-Jones because he can do a little of everything and is a bigger, more physical back…but he’s not better than Montgomery, not even close.

‘Stock up’ for Ty Montgomery is the takeaway…and he didn’t even play in this game. Who is his handcuff? Don’t even bother worrying about it because it could a combination of any of these guys any given week.


— If I were running the Buffalo Bills, as some have suspected, Brett Hundley (9-10 for 107 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) would have already been acquired for a mid-draft pick. Sean McDermott, if you’re reading this…if this is how I am running the Bills by proxy – go trade a 3rd/4th-round pick to GB for Hundley.

Hundley looks more and more comfortable each season. He isn’t blowing me away, but he’s better than some NFL starters now…has upside from there, plus has ‘plus’ skills as a mobile QB.

Green Bay secretly likes Joe Callahan, I think. I know for a fact Hundley was available in trade during the 2017 draft.


— Josh Doctson (1-12-0/2) had his first preseason catch – good to see him on the field. Not enough work to make any sweeping judgments. He looks ‘fine’…not ‘wow’ or ‘yikes’.


— Redskins rookie WR Robert Davis (4-36-0/5) saw some extra targeting late in the game. I’m not seeing any ‘wow factor’ with him yet. I know the measurables are great, but I know what I saw on tape — there’s hope but I don’t know that he has an NFL instinct for the position.


— DeAngelo Yancey (0-0-0/2) didn’t provide any sparks like he did last week. Kinda quiet, dropped a pass.

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