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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Preseason Wk 4: Chargers v. 49ers

September 3, 2017 4:20 AM
September 2, 2017 7:21 PM

Another preseason game…another loss for the Chargers. I don’t think I’m going to assign the top label of ‘worst of the preseason’ to them, but maybe co-title holders with Washington. I just could not be any more unimpressed with a team than the Anthony Lynn-led Chargers. This team was sliding down a cliff as it was…and there’s no stopping in sight.

The 49ers have a lot of talented individual players and are out-talenting the backups from other teams in the NFL this preseason – to their credit. I had a feeling they are about to let some/a lot of that young talent hit waivers, but it appears they’ve kept all the right guys – Victor Bolden, Kendrick Bourne, and Raheem Mostert all made the team (learned after I wrote this article).

Fantasy player notes…

— I thought Cardale Jones (18-24 for 158 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) looked really good in this game. Jones started and looked a lot more comfortable as a starter, and just ran the offense meticulously, mostly. He has such great arm strength to make the simple timing passes. He chooses the right receivers. He used ‘touch’ when he needed to. This was the Cardale who has an NFL future in the right offense.

Cardale is like the anti-Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes will be allowed to do whatever he wants…bad throws, ‘off the wrong foot’ throws, turnovers, great throws, escapability – everyone loves Mahomes and his bad plays are swept under the rug. Jones is despised by foiotball analysts for daring be a 3rd-string QB who stepped up and won a National Title, hoisting a team on his shoulders to do it – because he’s disliked…he’s not allowed to do what he wants. He’s being constrained and his mistakes back up the narrative etched in stone that Cardale is no good. He plays a style the NFL, and Urban Meyer hates…despite winning National Championships with it. Mahomes has that same style, but everyone adores it…for now.


— Joe Williams (10-53-0, 2-2-0/4) will make this team even though he doesn’t deserve to. Instead of owning the egg on the face, the 49ers are going to delay the inevitable. It cost Tim Hightower a job…a job he should have had.

If Raheem Mostert loses a spot because of Williams…49ers’ fans should burn down GM John Lynch’s office.

*Lynch’s office is safe. He slid Williams on the I.R., which avoids embarrassment all the way around. Slick, political move.


—  Another ‘moment’ for Victor Bolden (1-9-0/2), 1 PR for 92yd TD) – his second long return TD in two weeks. He has to make this team. He’s a much better offensive weapon than given credit – and he did see a hand-off in this game plus some more targets, he caught his catchable ball thrown. He’s really good.


— Bolden making the team means Kendrick Bourne (0-0-0/1) probably will not *He did. If anyone in the NFL was watching preseason play…they won’t let him get to the 49ers practice squad.

DeAndre Smelter (2-17-0/2) has likely played his last down in an SF uniform. *He has.


— RB Andre Williams (7 carries for -1 yards) will probably make the Chargers 53-man but has done little in the preseason. He has nearly decapitated 3-4 would-be tacklers so I wonder if he’ll be strictly the goal line back (he should). *He was cut.


— Chargers rookie DB Desmond King (1 tackles, 1 sack) is always doing something to catch attention this preseason. He’s a quiet workhorse of a player. He’s going to be a solid starter for years in the NFL once he earns his starting nod.


— So, I get into the mid-part of the game and GM John Lynch comes on to join the broadcast team for a series to talk football. Fortunately, it was a long drive and we got ‘bonus’ Lynch.

Think of every empty suit, no great talent person you’ve ever seen ascend to upper management in your place of work…or think of every empty, soulless politician you’ve seen speak – that gives you a good comparison for the Manchurian GM John Lynch.

Honestly, I can’t take it anymore. I couldn’t stand this guy calling football games on Sunday’s – and now he’s running an NFL team. He spoke for a few minutes during this game and have gave zero emotion and zero depth to anything he said. John Lynchis the kinda guy that skips watching some game tape during a preseason day to spend half the day looking over the color options of the company car he’s about to lease, and then the next half of the day looking at better office furniture options…in-between he had a two-hour lunch talking about not-football. The kinda guy in love with being employed and being important…and secretly praying to the heavens no one finds out he has no idea what he’s doing.

Actually, strike that…he’s that kinda charmed guy that actually thinks he is that smart and knows what he is doing… Afterall, he’s in a position better than yours. I could be playing out some deep rooted psychological issues from working in corporate America too long before this, but John Lynch makes my skin crawl. I bet his staff meetings are a treat…

It’s all good because his employment keeps me employed.

Nothing was better than SF QB C.J. Beathard breaking off a wild 80+ yard TD run on a play while Lynch was in the booth. The game announcers went nuts with enthusiasm. Lynch’s mannikin face could not find the programming in order for the robot to feel or display emotions. They actually showed a cut away of the booth from when the play happened and John Lynch looked like he had never seen ‘football’ before. John Lynch is like an unfunny, non-ironic Ron Swanson…actually, more like Rob Lowe’s character in that show.

I just had to get that off my chest.

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