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Fantasy-Dynasty Game Recap 2016-17 Super Bowl: Patriots v. Falcons

January 16, 2018 12:52 AM
February 6, 2016 10:06 PM

You thought this game was going to turn out some other way?

You doubted the Patriots were going to win when the Falcons were up 28–3? Silly mortals.

I tried to warn you for a couple weeks now that the Patriots were a team of destiny touched by the hand of God for a moment such as this. I have to admit that I was wrong about how the circumstances would play out – I predicted Julio Jones would be inactive due to a piano falling on his head this past week and Matt Ryan mysteriously unable to play because he would be a missing person from a tragic quicksand accident. We’ve seen it this entire year and through the entire playoffs – God showing his power and might, and His comedic side to deliver New England through this entire football season.

Think about it – Tom Brady suspended, unfairly…a screw job if you will? That’s OK. The Patriots outsmarted everyone years ago by taking Jimmy Garoppolo as 31 other teams panted over Johnny ManzielBlake Bortles, and Derek Carr (and make no mistake – Garoppolo is and was better than all of them). Not only does Garoppolo win every game he starts this season, but he gets hurt and inexperienced rookie Jacoby Brissett comes in and wins a game. You know how sad the rest of the NFL is? The Patriots could’ve won this Super Bowl with their backup quarterback for this entire season. They might’ve won with their third-string QB…make that ‘they would have’ because God probably has that up his sleeve as an encore to come.

The 2016–17 blessings that took place were not just quarterback-based for the Patriots…no, they were also blessed via random rotation and ill-timed (for their opponents) injuries which led to an incredibly easy schedule all season.

The Pats faced the Steelers with Big Ben out in their regular season battle. At the end of the year, Ryan Tannehill was gone for the Week 17 matchup (and their center and top corner). The Oakland Raiders were pushing for the #1 seed – that’s OK, Derek Carrhurt/done for the rest of the year at just the right time. Once in the playoffs, Houston’s only chance was a curveball with Tom Savage at quarterback – but he got a concussion a few weeks prior and lost his starting job before he could get rolling. The Steelers look like a real threat in the final four game until they lost their best player, Le’Veon Bell, early in the first quarter. God removed all of the hurdles as he sat on His throne wearing those recuperative Under Armour pajamas from the TB12 collection that Brady has been talking about so much. I don’t even think they’re available in stores yet, but I bet God got an advance pair of them.

Because of how this entire season has gone with our Lord dealing out biblical plagues to all the other NFL teams, I figured he’d save the best for last – something insane to wipe out the Falcons’ best players, thus parting the sea for a Patriots’ title. That’s the thing about God – He’s got a nice sense of humor and He creates drama like a great AMC television series. Just when you assume He’s going to zig…He zags.

What could top what God had done so far with New England? What would be the absolute icing-on-the-cake way to finish off the Patriots’ blessed season? I was too shortsighted – assuming some calamity to befall Matt Ryan and Julio Jones pre-game. That would be too easy, too obvious. What about my predicted Patriots’ blowout of the Falcons? Again, too simplistic. People would not have been surprised by that outcome – they would’ve just shrugged their shoulders and given all the credit to Belichick-Brady. How could God write the perfect ending to the story, leaving everyone with only one conclusion – that God did this. I don’t mean Brady-god or Belichick-god. I mean God God. He does the one thing that no one has ever seen in Super Bowl history. He does the one thing you’d never expect to have happened to the Patriots. You humiliate them for the first half of the game – you get all of us to believe it’s fait accompli that the Falcons are going to win as you question your sanity on why you are watching Lady Gaga look like an idiot dangling off ropes descending onto the football field from the roof. At halftime, we were all pretty sure the Falcons were going to win as Lady Gaga sang songs I’ve never heard of while doing so in a bad stovetop popcorn swimsuit from 100 years in the future.

I’m sure a couple of you optimists thought that if New England could stop Atlanta on the first drive of the third quarter and then turn around and score – we might have a game. Oh, optimists. God was laughing and turning to His right to deal out a high-five to His Son at the plot twist he was about to deliver. The Patriots did stop the Falcons on that first drive of the second half, and then had a nice punt return that set them up near midfield. This was the moment…you know you thought that. This would be how New England could get back into this game. Great field position and a quick score and we finally have a ball game. Nope. More belly laughs from heaven. That would’ve been too easy.

Instead, what happens is the Patriots blow that golden opportunity and make you start doubting your far-fetched, post-Gaga Patriots comeback theory. When Atlanta scored again to go up 28–3…it was over. All we had left was the sad concept of hoping somehow the commercials would get better. You would think after 5+ disappointing years of commercials during the Super Bowl that we would’ve learned. Maybe that new ’24’ TV reboot with that non-Jack Bauer will be pretty good after all…perhaps, you might check it out. It’s all we had left to wonder with New England down 28–3 and bound to get further destroyed in the end.

God had you exactly where He wanted you in his unpublished bonus chapter of the Bible. He was about to pull off the single greatest football miracle, considering the stage it was on, that mankind has ever seen. Instead of a trumpet blast or a bolt of lightning followed by a massive earthquake – the alert to the world of the looming miracle to come was the sound of Melissa McCarthy getting slammed off the side of an ocean tanker. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He never does anything the way you expected.

The Patriots finally score a touchdown to make it 28–9. Some of us started doing math in our heads and assumed New England would go for two. They would try to cut the lead to 17 instead of a more complicated comeback deficit number of 18, right? What is this? Belichick is kicking an extra point? Why? I guess he knows what he’s doing? I wouldn’t do that – I’d go for two. As I was thinking that, I’m sure God did a spit take with His Diet Coke. He had to turn to Jesus and say. “You know what would be an even more mind-blowing comeback? If Belichick’s not going to go for two, then let’s have the kicker shank the extra point off the goal post! It will take a lot of the wind out of the sails of everyone thinking New England is going to comeback and win this game. It’s going to be an even greater sign to the humans that we exist and are big NFL fans.

A little later, the Patriots would drive down the field and get into goal-to-go range of a touchdown and all of us started thinking – if the Patriots score a touchdown here… Of course, God is just shaking his head with delight of what’s to come. A sack and a penalty later, and the Patriots are forced into a tough decision and kick a field goal to cut the lead to 16. In my mind, that was their last real chance to get back in the game – and they blew it. They still needed two TDs and two two-point conversions with a limited amount of time left. Plus, they had shut the Falcons out from scoring all the while? Improbable, impossible.

Nothing is impossible with God. I’m pretty confident I’m not the originator of that sentence. I feel like I’ve heard it before.

The Lord didn’t make the comeback happen from a series of errors/turnover. Oh, no. We were treated to such a bonus event like the miraculous Julio Jones catch on a pass played perfectly by Patriots corner Eric Rowe, who somehow was in the pinpoint perfect spot to allow Jones to make the catch — despite Rowe being right in front of Julio. This set up the Falcons up for what would’ve been a deathblow field goal, at a minimum. With the Falcons in fairly easy field goal range, the Patriots start sacking Matt Ryan, and then a crucial penalty sent Atlanta so far back that they could not attempt a field goal.

If that wasn’t improbable enough, how about the Julian Edelman catch for the ages on the final drive? Not only is it the most amazing catch in Super Bowl history – and I don’t care what you think is better, the fact that Edelman crashed to the ground with enough wherewithal to keep his hands on the ball as it rested on a defender’s leg was amazing enough – but the historic/all-time part of that was Edelman losing control of it for a moment about 2 inches off the ground but then reclaiming it and keeping it off the ground to complete the catch. If the catch was not amazing enough on its own, lest you forget the Falcons decided to challenge the play. Realize that challenge cost Dan Quinn his last timeout — because if Atlanta had that timeout, the Falcons would’ve had one minute and a timeout to get into field goal range for a game-ending/game-winning score. Instead, the Falcons didn’t have any timeouts in their last gasp and the pressure of the running clock forced them into sloppy moments and into eventually sending the game to overtime.

And then we all got what we wanted to see. The God of justice delivering just that – justice. Roger Goodell up on stage to deliver the Super Bowl trophy, and he’s booed so loudly his prepared words cannot be heard. I don’t care if he knew it was coming and if we knew it was coming. I can only imagine what it must be like to spend a couple of weeks knowing a moment like this would be possible, that you were going to have to hand over this trophy to the team you totally screwed unjustly, and that there would be some boos – but until you actually stand on the platform and have a stadium full of people boo you so loudly you can’t hear yourself think… That’s jarring. That’s justice in some way, shape, or form. It was delicious theater – the game/drama that kept giving even after play on the field was over.

I feel bad for the new reboot of the television show ’24’ that was to follow. Normally, ’24’ is filled with incredible plot twists that you didn’t see coming. I was interested to see how they would refresh the story. I decided I would not watch it because there’s no way the writers of ’24’ could deliver anything close to the drama that had just occurred for 4+ hours prior.

This game is the reason why the NFL season is the greatest drama on television. The popularity of the NFL game will extend to further advances in fantasy football. You couldn’t write a better ending. We’re all winners in this equation – the fans, the Patriots, the advertisers, the NFL, fantasy football players…we all won with this game. Football won. The only losers in all this are the media, because that’s their lot in life – always getting things wrong. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. More on that in a moment.



My football analysis of this game:

I thought this was one of the worst planned/decision-making efforts I’ve ever seen from a Bill Belichick-led operation. Granted, that rings about as hollow and vain as one could ever imagine. The Patriots won, so how could I criticize anything they did?

Perhaps, with different/better decisions, the Pats wouldn’t have been in the position to need a miracle finish? Maybe this is just a fun autopsy to complain about. But in some key spots, I did not get what the Patriots were thinking.

It began with the first drive with running plays with LeGarrette Blount (11-31-0) – ultimately getting stuffed on third-and-short. Forced to punt away the first opportunity. I get wanting to establish the run. I get wanting to play physical. You had an excitable, aggressive Falcons defense from the jump – I would’ve tried to exploit that with the greatest football player ever throwing the ball. Every drive matters. I felt like the Patriots handed the momentum to the Falcons early on.

That 3rd and 3 double-pass with Julian Edelman (5-87-0/13 targets) – ridiculous. Call that play on a first or second down. Not third-and-short. Again, you have the greatest quarterback of all time – why run gadget plays in critical spots when you need to keep the drive going? Brady did convert on fourth down, but that was a ton of pressure not needed at that point. I’d rather have two Brady attempts from third and short than an Edelman attempt and then a Brady attempt.

Why did the Patriots not go for two after their first touchdown to try to close the score to 17 – two TDs + the extra point and a field goal? That would have seemed to have better odds/hopes of a miracle comeback than being down 18 and bringing one ‘must have’ two-point conversion into the equation. Of course, the Pats went down 19 – and it all ultimately didn’t matter anyway.

As the Patriots were building momentum after they scored with two minutes left in the third quarter, I saw them bunching up for what looked like an onside kick. With the momentum swinging towards the Patriots, I would’ve tried to kick off to Atlanta and put the pressure on them. If you get a quick three-and-out then you have all the momentum going into the fourth quarter…it didn’t matter. New England butchered the onside kick, but then Atlanta butchered the ensuing drive and gave the ball back to New England.

On the Atlanta side of things to critique…

The first thing that jumped out to me was – here’s Taylor Gabriel (3-76-0/5 targets), your leading touchdown producer at WR all season. A guy who ran some Tyreek Hill-like end-arounds and turned in big yardage including one rush for a touchdown (12.8 yards per carry this season on 4 carries). He was the Falcons’ X-factor in 2016. The guy that is incredibly difficult to contain with his hands on the ball off bubble screens and handoffs. According to my notes, he did not get a bubble screen in this game, and I know he did not get a handoff. This is the play-calling genius of Kyle Shanahan? Again, it’s like the NFL is allergic to things that are successful. With two weeks to prepare and a regular season filled with exciting Taylor Gabriel moments – the Falcons did not run one play of special note for Gabriel. Typical.

Watching the Falcons go down in flames also reminded me that if I was a head coach facing the current Patriots, I would never take the predictable or easy route on anything. I would never kick a field goal if I had the ball within the red zone – I’d go for a TD every time, unless it made absolutely no game sense to do so or it was like 4th and 10+. You can’t beat the Patriots with conventional wisdom…and by conventional wisdom, in the NFL, I mean playing predictable, scared football like most every NFL team employs.

Football coaches, outside of Belichick, know X’s & O’s – but they know little about risk management and business sense. They constantly play scared. They constantly play not to lose. They constantly play not to get media criticism. No coach ever gets off scot-free with the media. They’re all tarred and feathered for every decision they make. Why not just stick a big middle finger up to the media (like the President) and go for wins, and then if you lose and get fired for it all not working out…know that you were going to get fired playing scared anyway at some point? Stop playing it safe. Stop playing not to lose. Start playing to win. Play scared and safe against Blake Bortles or Jameis Winston – don’t do it against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  It’s nonsensical.

When you step back and examine this game – it was the Falcons getting off to a hot start, and then the Patriots’ defense pretty much containing them the remaining three quarters. After the hot start, the Falcons stopped fighting with as much gusto as they had been. You could see the body language starting the second half – the Patriots were jumping up and down and expressive right from the second-half whistle. The Falcons were already thinking about postgame celebrations, and I started to see some light jogging on and off the field after plays/series. The Falcons were more fired up to start this game – and then they went to sleep. We were all so convinced the Falcons were going to win after halftime that we could miss the complete shift in emotions and body language to start the second half. Huge credit to Bill Belichick, because the Patriots could’ve easily gone to sleep in the second half – but they came out inspired, and kept it up for the remainder of the game.


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OK, onto the fantasy football notes from this game…

— I was surprised to see that James White (6-29-2, 14-110-1/16 targets) scored three touchdowns in this game. I remembered his game-winner in overtime, but I didn’t realize he had 14 catches for 110 yards and caught a touchdown pass plus ran for two. I wasn’t focused on the box score during the game.

Seeing his stat line after and thinking back over the game – one of the most coveted things in a PPR fantasy league would be possessing the key pass-game running back from the Patriots. It was true of Dion Lewis (6-27-0, 1-2-0/3 targets) in 2015, until he got hurt. It was true of James White post-Lewis injury. They both were healthy in the second half of the 2016 regular season – and then neither mattered much for fantasy. They carved into each other’s results. This game from White is a reminder that if you can possess the true solo option pass-game running back from the Patriots in PPR – you have an RB1 and then some.

Who’s it going to be in 2017? Will there be just one?

As I watched the season unfold, I don’t think the Patriots care who their pass-game RB is. Dion Lewis had that monster game in the playoffs, and then James White had this game for the ages in the Super Bowl. If there are several viable options…then there’s fantasy confusion, which leads to fantasy frustration. James White has to have the most value of all the options right now. I say that because Dion Lewis gets hurt so often. White is likely to be in a split with Lewis next year. However, the one of them most likely to blow out part of his body and miss the rest of the season is Lewis…which would leave White unencumbered.

D.J. Foster was my sleeper to jump up and matter in this role in 2017+, but after watching James White this entire season topped by the Super Bowl performance – how in the world could Foster push everyone else aside and take over all of the work unless a rash of injuries hit? The D.J. Foster theory is eroding by the day. White is no star talent…but he works. He has familiarity. He’s going to get touches.


— Another thing that gets lost in the hoopla of this amazing game – the Patriots just won a Super Bowl without Rob Gronkowski. What’s it going to be like if Gronk can log in a healthy season in 2017?

The odds are that Gronkowski cannot give you a full fantasy season. He’s not been able to for most of his career. I absolutely want to possess Gronk because healthy Gronk + Brady equals, arguably, Gronk as the single best/most valuable asset in all fantasy.

Can Gronk stay healthy? And why wouldn’t the Patriots cut back Gronk’s snaps to keep him healthy for longer? I love Gronk, but it’s hard to build your dynasty-fantasy team around him if his price tag is too hot for the injury risk. I’m a buyer if the price is reduced. You can have fake-Gronk…Travis Kelce. Where I have Gronk, in dynasty, I am using this upcoming 2017 dynasty rookie draft to solidify a young tight end to protect my investment – the 2017 dynasty rookie draft will be offering tight end options this year, more than any year in recent history. Stay tuned to College Football Metrics.com to find which tight end to move on…aside from O.J. Howard.


— Julio Jones (4-87-0/4 targets) made some fantastic, highlight reel catches in this game, but he was not an overall dominant force on the field, per se. Part of that was the Falcons didn’t have the ball all that much. Jones was barely open this entire game. How valuable is it to have a stud wide receiver if the opposing team can take him away – even if that means they use a safety to help? You can minimize Julio Jones. You can’t minimize Tom Brady. Yet, teams with flimsy QBs will still consider drafting Clemson’s Mike Williams in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft.


— As they were bringing the Super Bowl trophy through a tunnel of New England Patriots players, with most of them touching and/or kissing the trophy along the way – I saw Eric Rowe (4 tackles, 0.5 TFL, 1.0 PD) and Kyle Van Noy (1 tackle, 0.5 TFL) with huge smiles on their faces enjoying all the festivities. All I could think was – and their original draft teams did not want them. Their original teams essentially handed them to the Patriots for free this season.

It was Eric Rowe who was giving Julio Jones fits a lot of the time in this game. Eric Rowe was designed by God to cover the likes of big, physical WRs like Julio Jones. Rowe should’ve been a first-round pick in 2015. The Eagles drafted him in the second round…and then the new staff in 2016 just gave him away. Enjoy your Super Bowl. Good luck trying to get to the Super Bowl, Philadelphia and Detroit.


— Failed Arizona wide receiver Michael Floyd (inactive) also got to kiss the trophy. He will get a Super Bowl ring out of the Cardinals just releasing him a few weeks ago.

I don’t fault the Cardinals for wanting to cut one of the worst wide receivers in the NFL after a horrific DUI incident. But the Cards could’ve just rendered him inactive the final couple of weeks and then made him eligible for draft pick compensation as Floyd left in his pending free agency. Instead, the Patriots will reap that reward, if I understand the rules on the free-agent compensation properly.

Michael Floyd is an awful wide receiver and is riddled with off-field demons. Any NFL team would be ridiculous for signing him in the offseason. Enjoy your new free-agent wide receiver for 2017 Buffalo/San Francisco/New York Jets/Cleveland.


— Grady Jarrett (5 tackles, 3.5 sacks) was a monster in this game. Not only did he have 3.5 sacks – he just missed out on a couple more. It’s always confusing to me when a player goes an entire season or two with limited production, and then all of a sudden, in the most critical of games, he is unstoppable. Should we see him for his untapped potential or as a perpetual lazy disappointment?

I like Jarrett’s game for IDP potential as a DT (not as a DL), and have for a couple seasons, but there’s never any real consistency. Maybe this is the launch of things?


— Speaking of sacks from the Falcons – they had five of them versus New England. That’s no small feat. One of the reasons we all thought Atlanta had this game in their pocket by halftime was because they were blitzing Brady like the old Giants’ front line that stymied Brady in the Super Bowl.

Given all the data from 2016 season, I think we have to reassess the idea that not only is Dan Quinn a very good defense of coach, but maybe is one of the best in all of football. Perhaps it was Quinn that was responsible for that amazing Seattle defense from a couple years ago? You know, the defense that’s been falling apart bit by bit since he left. Quinn came into Atlanta and took over a defense that could not get to the quarterback at all. They were a national joke for lack of pass-game pressure. They were mostly a joke in 2016 to start as well. That’s when I turned a blind eye to Quinn. The Falcons started the season with seemingly no ability to get to the quarterback, but after a few weeks the Falcons defense started racking up sacks and QB pressures. They finished as one of the better pass-rush teams in the second half of 2016.

When you consider Quinn took over a fledgling pass rush, and two years later turns it into a monster against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl – why wouldn’t the Falcons be considered a hot DST option for 2017? Quinn accomplished all of this in 2016 with rookies all over the field on defense. He also lost his top corner a few weeks before the end of the season – and the defense got even better. This defense squashed Seattle in the playoffs, and then made smoking hot Aaron Rodgers look human, and for a chunk of this game they had Tom Brady collapsing.

The biggest fantasy stock up from this game is the Atlanta Falcons DST.


— That’s not to discount the Patriots DST for 2017. You realize that they held a high-powered Atlanta offense to just 21 offensive points, right? One of the touchdowns on a pick-six. Another Falcons’ score set up on a turnover giving them nice position for a score.

When you consider that the Patriots’ offense helps minimize exposure for their defense – that’s a big advantage built in. However, when you consider Bill Belichick is a genius and other NFL teams are handing him guys like Eric Rowe and Kyle Van Noy and Jabaal Sheard for near-free… How are the Patriots not likely to have another great DST performance in 2017?


— The Patriots sacked Matt Ryan 5.0 times and half of them came from Trey Flowers (6 tackles, 2.5 sacks)…Flowers was credited with five QB hits as well.

Trey Flowers was one of our IDP dynasty stash recommendations this season and last season – he might be getting ready for primetime in 2017. I like Flowers’s game/ability to get to the quarterback, but I also know the Patriots do a great job of rotating talent and not relying on one guy to save them. It could be an up-and-down ride with Flowers in IDP for 2017.

Speaking of that – how are Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins doing? Boy, how can the Patriots ever win a Super Bowl without those two guys…


— After the Steelers game, some of you were hopeful that Chris Hogan (4-57-0/7 targets) had arrived. I pooh-poohed that, because leading up to his big game against the Steelers there was too much activity with Hogan as a secondary character working with Tom Brady in 2016. One game was not going to convince me of that…even though I have liked Chris Hogan for years. I just don’t see him as the breakout fantasy star for New England. He was solid but not standout in this game.

The guy who was solid, the guy who was more of a standout, was rookie Malcolm Mitchell (6-70-0/6 targets).

I get worried for fantasy that Mitchell might never be a WR1 in the Patriots’ system. They do too good of a job spreading the ball around. When Gronk gets back, it takes more food out of the mouths of others. However, Mitchell was one of our highest-rated WR prospects from our computer scouting models over at College Football Metrics.com in 2016 – and we’ve only gotten more favorable with him watching him on tape in the pros, and watching the dynamic between him and Brady. There is something developing between Brady and Mitchell that is not there with Brady-Hogan.

To finish out the Patriots WR talk – we saw a continuation of the slide in Julian Edelman (5-87-0/13 targets) in this game. Something I’ve been talking about since midseason – there’s something deteriorating between him and Brady. What used to be automatic money on every throw now seems like either Brady is off target or Edelman can’t make the catches he used to. It may not be that Brady is off as much as it could be that Edelman’s slide makes him look bad. I’m guessing the Patriots are going to address that issue with the draft and/or in free agency.

It’s either going to be a cheap, savvy signing of Rex Burkhead and/or a drafting of Louisiana Tech’s Wes Welker-a-like Trent Taylor. If the Patriots get both Burkhead and Taylor – it’s another example of the NFL just handing the Patriots titles.

I’ll say it again – I don’t know if Belichick is a true genius or just the smartest guy in the room full of idiots when it comes to managing in the NFL.


— You know what’s crazy? For years, Super Bowl commercials have turned into their own universe. Its own thing now…has been for a while. It’s a big audience, and an expensive opportunity to put advertising’s best foot forward and capture the nation’s attention. For years, I would put myself in the category of “I like to watch the Super Bowl partly because of the commercials.” I want to see the best and brightest that advertising has to offer. Finally struck me this year – why am I thinking that?

How many years have I been watching the Super Bowl commercials, and been thoroughly unimpressed with their lack of humor or approach? Ad agencies have to be gearing up for this all year. The cost to make and air an ad is monumental. You have one opportunity to catch everyone’s attention. You get, maybe, what…one interesting Super Bowl advertisement each year? It’s like the NFL. We think with all the billions of dollars and all the attention that the NFL is a collection of 32 superhuman owners with more business savvy in their pinkies than our entire family has collectively. We think that titans of industry are clashing and their entities are run with the best technology and top process management. In reality, they are probably some of the worst run businesses in all of America. Filled with nepotism and ‘old boy’ networking, we rarely get to see the best and the brightest. We don’t get much outside-the-box thinking. Don’t just paste that label on the NFL – because, apparently, there’s not much greatness going on in the advertising game either. Why must 95% of the population be horrible at their jobs? We get one good commercial a year and we got the Patriots. Everything else is a waste of time.

Speaking of bad decisions…what kind of minds decided that Lady Gaga would be super-special halftime entertainment? Who exactly is this appealing to? Do you think you’re converting her hardcore, nonfootball fans into becoming rabid football fans? Do you think forcing Curt Menefee to tell ‘all of us little monsters out there‘ to get ready for Lady Gaga…do you think that’s good for his self-esteem? I’m not sure I’ve met one of these ‘little monsters’, thankfully. I may be way out of touch. I get that I’m closer to breaking my hip that I am to being considered hip – but who is Lady Gaga’s crowd? Even though I’m not into most halftime shows, I get the spectacle of a lot of the people/groups who have performed them lately – Lady Gaga felt like I was getting a substituted menu item rather than a full-fledged entrée/superstar performance. She can really sing…but her style doesn’t feel like a halftime show event/spectacle.

One of the fun things about the halftime superstars is when they surprise you with a special guest. I can still remember Missy Elliott stealing the show for a couple moments a few years ago. Where was the surprise star this year? Did we need exclusive Lady Gaga in our life? Do you think in 10+ years will all be fondly remembering the Super Bowl for Lady Gaga dangling from cords floating down to the stadium? But like Katy Perry…you know you’re not a truly great artist when you have to rely on props. I’m pretty sure Mick Jagger or Prince or Bruce Springsteen or Beyonce would not agree to be dangled above the stadium attached the cables. Being a so-so singer but a great dancer is acceptable – ‘great dancer’ can be its own form of entertainment. “Dangles from cables” is not my favorite way to describe a top-notch musical performer…and it is also the worst Native American name ever.


— Let’s close out this final game of the 2016–17 season by noting how great Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are at their craft. I mean, everybody’s going to say it a million times this week. It’s not a fresh take. But I find it refreshing that greatness performed greatly on the greatest stage — and we all got to witness it.

The media tried to disrupt the story from ever happening by taking the focus off of football and trying to make everything political – because that’s all the media lives for. But in the true fashion of greatness, the media was not enough of a distraction…and the media was once again burned. With the Super Bowl, I got to savor two things – I got to watch greatness being great, and I got to watch the media fail once again in its attempt to control things that are out of their control.

The mainstream football media is the Wile E. Coyote of this giant cartoon network we call America. Never change, media. And keep influencing 31 other teams so I can continue to have a career in fantasy football and NFL scouting because you don’t do your jobs well at all. Go take a couple weeks off and rest up to butcher and destroy upcoming NFL Draft analysis by pushing the wrong players from ‘the right’ schools. Take a few weeks to start figuring out how to make Deshaun Watson the #1 overall pick despite the fact that he shouldn’t even be in the first round discussion.

That’s it for games in 2016–17, but FFM never sleeps! Here comes what is suddenly becoming the busiest time of the year – the NFL offseason and draft season. Stay tuned for a full year’s analysis of it all!


*If you didn’t think the NFL was worse than a hack political organization – then enjoy this. Here’s the video the NFL released of Goodell. Notice how the boos grow loud at the first few seconds and then mysteriously are dulled and we can magically hear Goodell clearly. It’s a WWE trick. They edit and drop the mic sound of the boos for certain characters (or enhance the cheers for them) all to try to manipulate viewers.

I recall watching the trophy presentation live and unable to hear Goodell among the boo-fest. This NFL video makes it seem like there was only a nice murmur/buzz/calming ocean sounds as Goodell spoke. The second video below was straight from every average home in America – and what I remember. Nice try State Sponsored football media


NFL version: https://youtu.be/P9xhhVyXawA

The version I felt like I saw live: https://youtu.be/9K1QqT98LhM

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