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Fantasy-Dynasty Game Recap 2016 Playoffs: Seahawks vs. Falcons

January 16, 2018 2:06 AM
January 16, 2016 3:15 PM

There is justice in the universe – Atlanta won this game.

I should say – there’s justice in the universe…Seattle lost this game.

If you watched this game all the way through, then you saw what I have been barking about for weeks and months now – Seattle is quietly one of the worst-coached teams in all of the NFL. They are specifically one of the worst-coached teams on offense. You’ve noticed with the billion head coaching jobs that have opened up this offseason that former hot-name-on-the-coaching-circuit-because-they-kept-going-to-Super Bowls offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is nowhere to be mentioned. He got a couple of interviews when Seattle was dominating the NFL a few years ago, but has disappeared since – there’s a reason. There’s a reason why no one hired him prior. There’s a reason why Seattle choked on offense most of the season and saved their final gaffe for getting bounced in the playoffs.

This is basically the same Seattle team, the same foundation, that has been great for the past couple of years – and they meandered into the 2016–17 playoffs and got whooped by Atlanta. They should be embarrassed. They should be embarrassed and angry to the point that major coaching renovations occur the next few weeks. Honestly, it’s one major change – repeal and replaceDarrell Bevell. I will not rest until this happens. I got Norv Turner this year. I got Gus Bradley. I got Jeff Fisher…it was a great 2016 for me from a coaching hex standpoint. I want 2017 to be great again. I want Darrell Bevell’s head on a platter delivered to me in the next week or two.

They under used Jimmy Graham, radically. They could not gel the O-Line (and had injuries to deal with). The constantly go shutout in goal-to-go situations…often without Graham on the field later in the season. Russell Wilson has been one of the best QBs in the NFL for years…and he looked mediocre in 2017 — often running for his life before he could finish his drop back. Instead of building around Wilson-Graham they tried to go with a tired running game behind a flawed O-Line. They should have adjusted, but they didn’t. Such talent…such a waste.

Being so Seattle-centric about this game takes away from what Atlanta achieved. I hope I don’t keep saying this as they go on to win the Super Bowl – but I just don’t see it with Atlanta. No doubt they are good. Better than I think are today or thought they would be coming into the season. If Atlanta gets handled by Green Bay I’m going to turn around and proclaim that just like Seattle’s win wasn’t that impressive last week because it was Detroit, Atlanta’s win over Seattle wasn’t quite the trumpet blast it seemed at the time.


— If you watch this game and its entirety, did you think the same thing I did the entire game – why isn’t Tevin Coleman 11-57-0, 3-22-1/4 targets) their main/key starter?

I’m getting tired of talking about it…almost every week since 2015. It’s not even a slam at Devonta Freeman (14-45-1, 4-80-0/5 targets) anymore. I’m OK with Freeman, now He solid enough. But Tevin Coleman is really, really good…much better, more explosive and game-changing than Freeman. To me, it’s a wasted opportunity by Atlanta.

I recall watching Dallas-Green Bay this same weekend and watching Ezekiel Elliott look good…but then getting angry because everything he does is portrayed as the most magical thing that a running back has ever done in history. He has wide open holes and runs through them…congrats. I know Elliott is better than the average running back. I watched him this weekend and saw him play and move very well. However, I’m watching Coleman explode out of the backfield as a ball carrier while adding a big dimension as a quasi-wide receiver down the field…and I’m wondering why no one’s going bonkers over Coleman. The media, and thus football fans, whip themselves into an emotional frenzy about certain players that they made their mind up on whenever and however…and it’s hard to change from the initial impression/bill of goods sold. Coleman looks amazing…and people elicit a tepid wow, he’s pretty good. Elliott looks good…and people proclaim him the greatest running back of our lifetime. I don’t get it, but I love it as a fantasy football owner – these are the types of things to take advantage of.

I want to take advantage of Tevin Coleman for fantasy, and he will be undervalued for 2017, but I know as long as Devonta Freeman exists Coleman only has a split roll ahead…the lesser of the split. Tevin can work as a productive fantasy RB2 even in a split role because of his PPR possibilities, but I’m not going to get extremely excited until Freeman is out of the picture. I just want to note that one of the lurking fantasy football superstars, a guy who’s someone else’s injury away from achieving it, is Tevin Coleman. If he were on the Cowboys this year with all the hype…he’d be seen as a superstar today. Instead, buried in Atlanta with no one really caring.


— Another non-starter is worth discussing from this game – Paul Richardson (4-83-0/5 targets).

I’ve always liked Richardson’s hands and receiving skills. Go back and read our 2014 College Football Metrics.com scouting report on him coming out of Colorado – he was a ‘shock’ 2nd round pick that year. It’s not a talent thing with him so much as it is a physical issue – he is often, very often, hurt. He has a very thin, frail frame. Multiple knee injuries, etc. In the long run, you have to bet against him. I hope things turn out well for him, but history says to be cautious.

Richardson once again made some absolutely stunning catches in this game. He’s forced himself to be a part of that starting Seattle WR trio in the future. However, with that, we must recognize that Tyler Lockett gets pushed down another notch on the food chain among Seattle WRs. Lockett is a superstar waiting to happen, but it’s not going to happen as long as Darrell Bevell is in charge of the offense. Further complicating things is the emergence of Richardson.

On CFM, right now, I’m going through a mock dynasty draft of only 2015 and 2016 draft prospects…a mock dynasty rookie draft if you will. Last year, I was arguing Tyler Lockett among the 5–10 best overall players in a similar analysis. Right now, I keep passing over his name pick by pick in my current mock draft. I don’t love Lockett’s talent any less, but I hate his situation more and more.


— Richardson’s emergence. The Lockett love. The obviousness that Doug Baldwin is Russell Wilson’s favorite target…it makes me hate the situation for rookie J.D. McKissic (1-3-0. 1-5-0/1 target) as well.

McKissic is a talent hiding in plain sight…and it’s very likely going to be buried in Seattle the next few years unless some injuries unfold in front of him.


— DeShawn Shead (1 tackle) was playing great in this game until he got banged up…and was lost for the game. Shead has fully established himself as a legit starting corner – a physical but athletic corner. Richard Sherman (8 tackles) + Shead should help make up a top defense, but once again this defense was humiliated by a top offense. I’m not so sure if the defensive coordinator doesn’t need to be sacked in all the offseason changes either. Again I say – Seattle is the best team top to bottom, when firing on all cylinders, that I saw this season…coached down to a failed, underperforming group.


— Just a note for preparation down the road: if Seattle does terminate Darrell Bevell you’re going to get an entire offseason of me going bonkers about Russell Wilson for fantasy 2017. Brace yourselves. The favorable 2017 schedule and the surrounding talent is exciting to contemplate…if Bevell is gone. And hopefully Jimmy Graham then stays as well, but my enthusiasm is regardless of whether JG stays or goes.

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