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2018 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings (Today's Updates)

May 3, 2018

-- The Top 60 Dynasty Rookie Draft prospects with commentary is posted, adding about 10+ more commentaries a day.

-- The Top 75 Dynasty Rookie Draft prospects in cheat sheet format is posted on the 'Positional Reports' section 'DRD' tab.

We're still shifting around players in the rankings and adding the extended data to the cheat sheet, etc.

The Top 100 with commentary should be complete next week.

The Top 200+ cheat sheet and all the extended data should be complete next week as well.

Right now, the cheat sheet is in progress and I'm messing with different data and pulling it from different files, etc., setting it up so that it will be smooth as silk to update all preseason. So, the cheat sheet has some missing data on players (measurables, birthdates, etc.) but it's all getting populated ASAP.


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