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2019 NFL Mock Draft 1st Round (v4.0)

April 9, 2019

2019 NFL Mock Draft 1st Round (v4.0)

In 2015, College Football Metrics joined forces with preeminent draft forecaster Xavier Cromartie to produce mock drafts and top 100 prospect boards for entry into The Huddle Report’s exclusive, experts-only NFL Draft scoring. Xavier starts to post mock drafts and top 100 boards in January and continues up to the draft in April.

Xavier's four-year average score in the The Huddle Report's mock draft scoring is 40.5.


Pick #, Team, POS, Player, School, up/down since last, last mock

1. Arizona Cardinals: QB Kyler Murray (Oklahoma) 1

Top 100 picks (3): 1, 33, 65

Top needs: QB, DT, WR

The pick: Hopefully Rosen will get shipped out of town soon. Murray is the right pick.

Other options: DT Quinnen Williams, DE Nick Bosa

2. San Francisco 49ers: DE Nick Bosa (Ohio State) (+) 3

Top 100 picks (3): 2, 36, 67

Top needs: DE, WR, S

The pick: Even if SF prefers Quinnen Williams, the fear of missing out on Bosa will be too great.

Other options: DT Quinnen Williams

3. New York Jets: OLB Josh Allen (Kentucky) (+) 5

Top 100 picks (3): 3, 68, 93

Top needs: OLB, OT, CB

The pick: Josh Allen is a perfect fit. NYJ would be in good shape on defense with him.

Other options: Trade down

4. Oakland Raiders: DT Quinnen Williams (Alabama) (-) 2

Top 100 picks (4): 4, 24, 27, 35

Top needs: DE, CB, RB, DT

The pick: OAK could use upgrades everywhere on defense. Williams is the best defender in the draft.

Other options: LB Devin White

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: LB Devin White (Louisiana State) (+) 6

Top 100 picks (3): 5, 39, 70

Top needs: LB, DT, CB

The pick: White is an outstanding replacement for Kwon Alexander.

Other options: DT Quinnen Williams, DT Ed Oliver

6. New York Giants: DE Rashan Gary (Michigan) (+) 8

Top 100 picks (4): 6, 17, 37, 95

Top needs: QB, DE, CB, OT

The pick: Gary can play the 5, 7, or 9. Gettleman emphasizes size.

Other options: QB Daniel Jones, DE Montez Sweat

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Jawaan Taylor (Florida) 7

Top 100 picks (4): 7, 38, 69, 98

Top needs: OT, TE, RB, S

The pick: JAX has no RT, and so it makes sense to get one here.

Other options: OT Jonah Williams

8. Detroit Lions: DE Montez Sweat (Mississippi State) (+) 14

Top 100 picks (3): 8, 43, 88

Top needs: DE, CB, TE

The pick: DET could land Sweat here or possibly after moving back a few spots.

Other options: Trade down

9. Buffalo Bills: DT Ed Oliver (Houston) 9

Top 100 picks (3): 9, 40, 74

Top needs: DT, OT, G

The pick: If no one jumps ahead of BUF, Oliver would give needed pass rush from the interior.

Other options: OT Jonah Williams, OT Jawaan Taylor

10. Denver Broncos: QB Drew Lock (Missouri) 10

Top 100 picks (3): 10, 41, 71

Top needs: QB, C, TE

The pick: DEN might have to move up to secure Lock at this point.

Other options: QB Daniel Jones

11. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Devin Bush (Michigan) 11

Top 100 picks (3): 11, 42, 72

Top needs: LB, DE, CB

The pick: CIN has to be hoping to land one of the Devins.

Other options: Just get a Devin

12. Green Bay Packers: OT Andre Dillard (Washington State) (+) 23

Top 100 picks (4): 12, 30, 44, 75

Top needs: LB, WR, TE, OT

The pick: Dillard should meet the athletic requirements needed in GB. He replaces Bulaga long-term.

Other options: TE TJ Hockenson

13. Miami Dolphins: DE Clelin Ferrell (Clemson) 13

Top 100 picks (3): 13, 48, 78

Top needs: DE, OT, DT

The pick: MIA has only Charles Harris at DE.

Other options: DT Christian Wilkins, DT Dexter Lawrence, OT Jonah Williams

14. Atlanta Falcons: OT Jonah Williams (Alabama) (+) 18

Top 100 picks (3): 14, 45, 79

Top needs: DE, OT, CB

The pick: Williams would play RT with the possibility of moving to G.

Other options: Trade up for DT Ed Oliver, DE Brian Burns

15. Washington Redskins: QB Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) (-) 4

Top 100 picks (4): 15, 46, 76, 96

Top needs: QB, LB, WR, OLB

The pick: It should have been clear after the Combine that Haskins doesn't meet QB athletic thresholds.

Other options: Another position if WAS trades for Josh Rosen

16. Carolina Panthers: DE Brian Burns (Florida State) 16

Top 100 picks (4): 16, 47, 77, 100

Top needs: DE, S, RB, WR

The pick: CAR is another team lacking DE depth. It's too early for a safety.

Other options: DE Clelin Ferrell

17. New York Giants (via CLE): QB Daniel Jones (Duke) (-) 15

Top 100 picks (4): 6, 17, 37, 95

Top needs: QB, DE, CB, OT

The pick: Jones could be the pick at #6. He's a good athlete.

Other options: DE if still needed and available

18. Minnesota Vikings: DT Christian Wilkins (Clemson) (-) 12

Top 100 picks (3): 18, 50, 81

Top needs: DT, G, RB

The pick: MIN doesn't have to take a guard here. Wilkins would clearly be better than any other option.

Other options: OT Cody Ford

19. Tennessee Titans: DT Dexter Lawrence (Clemson) (+) 25

Top 100 picks (3): 19, 51, 82

Top needs: DT, OLB, TE

The pick: Lawrence is not a mere big run-stuffing nose, he offers pass rush too.

Other options: TE TJ Hockenson

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: WR DK Metcalf (Mississippi) 20

Top 100 picks (4): 20, 52, 66, 83

Top needs: LB, WR, CB, OLB

The pick: Because of the dropoff after the Devins, PIT shifts to picking up a deep threat WR.

Other options: Dreaming about those Devins

21. Seattle Seahawks: S Juan Thornhill (Virginia) (+) NR

Top 100 picks (2): 21, 84

Top needs: S, DE

The pick: SEA will trade down guaranteed (perhaps with CLE). But Thornhill meets the athletic thresholds.

Other options: Trade down

22. Baltimore Ravens: WR Parris Campbell (Ohio State) (+) 32

Top 100 picks (2): 22, 85

Top needs: WR, OLB

The pick: BAL drafts athletes. Jackson needs to chuck the ball to someone besides Snead.

Other options: Trade down, WR Marquise Brown

23. Houston Texans: OT Cody Ford (Oklahoma) (-) 21

Top 100 picks (4): 23, 54, 55, 86

Top needs: OT, CB, OLB, DE

The pick: HOU has a terrible OL at every position. Upgrading is a priority.

Other options: CB Greedy Williams

24. Oakland Raiders (via CHI): CB Greedy Williams (Louisiana State) (-) 17

Top 100 picks (4): 4, 24, 27, 35

Top needs: DE, CB, RB, DT

The pick: OAK doesn't have any good CBs.

Other options: RB Josh Jacobs

25. Philadelphia Eagles: DT Jeffery Simmons (Mississippi State) (+) NR

Top 100 picks (3): 25, 53, 57

Top needs: DT, DE, LB

The pick: There are only about 20 legit 1st-rounders, and so Simmons should still go round 1.

Other options: BPA

26. Indianapolis Colts: WR AJ Brown (Mississippi) 26

Top 100 picks (4): 26, 34, 58, 89

Top needs: WR, DT, CB, S

The pick: A big slot would be the final piece to create a juggernaut offense.

Other options: All the CBs could still be available

27. Oakland Raiders (via DAL): RB Josh Jacobs (Alabama) (-) 24

Top 100 picks (4): 4, 24, 27, 35

Top needs: DE, CB, RB, DT

The pick: If OAK really wanted Marshawn Lynch back, he'd be back already.

Other options: DE is essential at some point

28. Los Angeles Chargers: DT Jerry Tillery (Notre Dame) 28

Top 100 picks (3): 28, 60, 91

Top needs: DT, OT, WR

The pick: LAC really needs an interior pass rusher like Tillery.

Other options: Outside WR

29. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Deandre Baker (Georgia) (-) 27

Top 100 picks (4): 29, 61, 63, 92

Top needs: CB, DE, S, WR

The pick: KC should have most or all of the CBs to choose from despite picking so late.

Other options: Safety to go with Tyrann Mathieu

30. Green Bay Packers (via NO): TE TJ Hockenson (Iowa) (-) 19

Top 100 picks (4): 12, 30, 44, 75

Top needs: LB, WR, TE, OT

The pick: This pick probably requires a move up to 21 or 22. GB can move on from Jimmy Graham.

Other options: An Aaron Rodgers-approved WR

31. Los Angeles Rams: C Erik McCoy (Texas A&M) (+) NR

Top 100 picks (3): 31, 94, 99

Top needs: LB, C, CB

The pick: McCoy is an elite athlete. LAR doesn't have many other urgent needs.

Other options: C Garrett Bradbury

32. New England Patriots: WR Marquise Brown (Oklahoma) (-) 22

Top 100 picks (5): 32, 56, 64, 73, 97

Top needs: WR, WR, TE, DE, QB

The pick: Brown would upgrade on Dorsett as the speedy WR. (NE can still take Andy Isabella later.)

Other options: Hopefully not Riley Ridley

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