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Additional Format for the 2018 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings...

May 2, 2018

Our Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings continue to grow…on our way to 100 players with commentary – 10,000+ words. We have the top 40+ in right now, posted on CFM. Another wave hitting tomorrow.

Our additional format item for our Rookie Rankings is under construction and CFM subscribers can see the framework of it now – under ‘Position Reports’ and the new ‘DRD’ tab.

I am putting the Dynasty Rookie Draft into an Excel/Spreadsheet format -- so you can search it and sort it, add notes to your own version, do whatever.

There will be two parts/tabs to this sheet…(1) Will be a ‘cheat sheet’ version…all the players ranked with various info on them, including measurables. Some examples of where we are going with that are posted on the test page up on CFM now. (2) The text/commentary will be on a separate tab with other related info, so you can search for specific player’s commentary without having to scroll up and down a giant webpage looking for it.

Over the next week, the spreadsheet version will be all filled in with the top 250+ prospects.

It’s about 25% completed right now, but we posted a sample of the concept so you can see where we are going with it. I’m still messing with it and contemplating changes and things to add to it. I wanted to have something simple and clean…a more usable, searchable, manipulative tool for everyone to work with on our rookie rankings. Hope it helps in your Dynasty Rookie prep.


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