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CFM, DOBB, or CFM/DOBB Combo Sign-up ‘Head’s Up’ FAQs…

January 6, 2022


CFM, DOBB, or CFM/DOBB Combo Sign-up ‘Head’s Up’ FAQs…


Jan 6th, beginning at NoonET, is the early sign-up period for CFM, DOBB, or the CFM/DOBB Combo. The early period (1/6 to 1/10) is there for everyone to get signed-up for the new season, check that you remembered your username/password, or need to use the ‘forgot my username or forgot my password’, etc., ahead of time for the initial content/report publishing that starts on Jan 10th, Monday.

We rarely have an issue with the sign-ups but there are always a few with each new season, usually surrounding username confusion (ultimately it winds up a mistype, wrong one used, etc.). it’s an honest mistake – but just giving a head’s up, because I’m guilty of it too…before you punch the computer screen if you run into an issue getting signed up/seeing initial content – just know of the rare sign-up issues that happen, 90%+ of the time it is a ‘user error’ pertaining to the username. Use caution setting up and noting your username up so you know you’re good. If anything does go wrong with anything during sign-up – our tech support can fix it ASAP. No problem!


Just a couple tips for sign-up for 2022…

1) You can subscribe to just CFM or just DOBB, or for a good savings you can select the Combo (CFM + DOBB).

2) You can sign-into CFM and/or DOBB with your existing username/password and then go through the selection and checkout process from there to save you some time. If you’re new to CFM or DOBB, obviously you’ll need to establish a new username or password (and can be the same as your FFM ones).

3) You can subscribe by credit card or PayPal…and a successful sign-up will generate an instant email confirmation from our corporate name (Total Football Advisors/TFA). If you did not get an instant email confirmation, something may have gone awry (rare, but it’s usually the wrong credit card number punched in/numbers transposed, etc.). Check your junk/spam email if it didn’t hit your regular email inbox.

4) If using PayPal, especially for the first time with us, there may be a little registration page/section at the end (username/password for CFM or COBB)…careful not to skip past it/leave blank. If you do, it’s OK, we can fix it.

5) After you get signed-up/subscribed, there is a test post/message dated 1/6 on both CFM and DOBB…with ‘test message’ in the title. If/when you click that post, and you see the little welcome message I wrote for you – then you are ready for the 1/10 content when it drops. If you click on the test post and it acts like you’re not subscribed (rare) – then something went wrong with the username or other issue. We can fix that.

6) If you run into any issue during checking out or accessing the test messages or real content after sign-up…we have customer support for you. Go to the FFM homepage and hit the RED customer support button and you can send your question/situation to support, and they will contact you back and/or fix your item and contact you that it is all set (check spam/junk email for responses if you haven’t seen a response fairly quickly.

Any help needed, support is there for you. Any help or questions you have beyond customer support help – email me directly and I’ll be glad to assist as well. But customer support is the first line of any tech support type needs.

Alright…let’s get ready to do this offseason/prep for the new season!


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