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NFL Supplemental Draft 2018 Scouting Report: LB Bright Ugwoegbu, Oregon State

July 7, 2018

NFL Supplemental Draft 2018 Scouting Report: LB Bright Ugwoegbu, Oregon State


There are two (of the five) supplemental prospects not worth taking…or much discussion debate on. Adonis Alexander is one and Bright Ugwoegbu is the other. I’d say Ugwoegbu is the single worst prospect in this 2018 supplemental class.

You really need look no further than his Pro Day workout for scouts for this draft to completely write him off if you weren’t going to base anything on his tape or on-field metrics.

Ugwoegbu came in at 6’1”/205 pounds and ran a 4.97 40-time, hand-timed…which probably means a 5.0+ in reality. He basically ran slower than top defensive line prospects who weigh 100+ pounds more than he does. His 4.70 shuttle and 7.38 three-cone are pretty ugly as well. You cannot think of drafting a player with these speeds…especially considering the suspension problems that brought him to the supplemental draft. But even if he were a modern day saint…his Pro Day was a sin.

Perhaps, Ugwoegbu was/is hurt or something…but these speed and agility times are so far off for a 205-pound NFL prospect that it’s unforgivable, undraftable.

When I watched him on tape, I saw a solid tackler at the college level. He was pretty much playing a defensive end/OLB roving role and blitzing the backfield a lot. He made some plays on tape but nothing that stood out. He didn’t create much havoc, he was just a decent college player slithering and blitzing into the backfield and would come up with the right guess/blitz every so often. Solid tackle ability but in no way an athlete for the NFL to consider.

Ugwoegbu will go undrafted and may get a tryout to come to camp but I suspect he’ll be cut in the first wave of roster reductions in the preseason and never be heard from again in the NFL.

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