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Our 2019 NFL Draft (With a Dynasty/Fantasy Slant) Video Streaming Shows – WED-THU-FRI

April 24, 2019

Our 2019 NFL Draft (With a Dynasty/Fantasy Slant) Video Streaming Shows – WED-THU-FRI

We’re going to use our video platform to watch and comment real-time for days one-two of the NFL Draft. We’ll start with a one-hour live pre-show tonight (details below) for subscribers.

Using the Shindig (website or App) technology that we used this past NFL season, you’ll be able to watch live and (If you’d like to) ask questions/make comments and the show hosts can display them for all to see and react to.

I’m going to use video this year, versus a typing live stream of commentary, because I feel like typing quick notes and live streaming commentary the past few years was good, but everything is happening so fast (especially days 2-3) and I’m using a lot of time typing versus paying attention/enjoying the show – my comments were about too short, or if meaty…it would take a lot of time and I’d miss draft activity constructing them. I feel I can convey more information and have more fun with it just reacting to every moment…and answering things the audience is interested in – or get fresh ideas from the co-hosts and audience observations. So, we’ll give video a whirl for 2019.

If something ‘technical difficulties’ bad happens to our video attempts, our fail safe is going back to live streaming typed commentary.

Shindig was been a pretty smooth platform for us in 2018 (this is our first 2019 effort), so the only real issue we’ve seen (besides me giving out the wrong password/code to enter) could be that the internet is so jammed up with people online during the draft that some with low-speed internet experience some ‘buffering’ at the peak hours – like would happen if you were trying to watch Netflix at that peak time. Hopefully, we’re all smooth across the land.

The following day of each draft day, I’ll be writing a reaction piece…so, if you can’t make the show…you’ll have article-based material to look at. Starting today, the next 7+ days are all NFL Draft based…reactions, team grades, and preparing the top 300+ Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings and updating the Dynasty and Best Ball rankings, etc. It takes 7-10 days to digest the draft plus the always overlooked by the mainstream UDFA signings/impact.

The next 7-10 days, and next three months, is all about interpreting the impact of this NFL Draft for handicapping and fantasy – getting ahead of everyone else in the mainstream media waking up to football after July 4th.

We start tonight with a casual conversation at 9pmET, for about an hour. You can watch and/or ask questions if you’d like, but this is a basic test run of our systems/sign-ons and a little pre-chat before the main event takes over tomorrow.

Budding NFL Draft talent evaluator Ross Jacobs will be with me tonight and for the draft. We’ll be your two hosts reacting to things. We’re also scheduled to be joined by International Man of Mystery – Xavier Cromartie. You may not hear his voice, lest you die…but he will be sending in his commentary and we’ll react to it or be burned by it.

What are we talking about tonight? Hell, if I know. We’re just three people bringing our instruments and going to start jamming in the garage. Ross and I vehemently disagree on Kyler Murray actually being drafted #1, we’ll probably start there because it’s been a running joke between us -- but I mean for us to discuss a lot of everything else (non-Kyler #1) that could happen…things we’re looking for…great draft rumors we have (not repeats of ones already in existence)…players we love/hate for the first-round, etc. We’ll be talking about things from an NFL angle but a fantasy and handicapping one as well.

There could only be 3-5 people at any time in the audience and you could get a lot of questions answered, if you desire – NFL Draft-related, Dynasty-related. You ask or comment on whatever you want. OR…there might be a heavier amount in the audience, and we cannot get to all the questions in the time allotted. I’ll try to note them and address them tomorrow in article form if I can.

I have no idea what to expect. Have never done this before. I’m just bringing my guitar and taking requests and rocking out with my good draft friends with their instruments to any audience willing to listen – we’ll see if we make any beautiful music.

Details on how to access the show (including info if it is your first time using/watching something on Shindig) will post on the website midday and will be clearly marked/easy to see they’re there…plus, we’ll send an App notification as well. Like during the season, you will be able to sign on an hour ahead of time to test your connected and post your question to be first in the queue (and leave/return as you wish until we start).

9pmET tonight sharp.

*Instructions for Thursday start times, access, etc., will be posted Thursday midday. We will start a little ahead of the draft start to talk rumors and make fun of what people are wearing on the red carpet, etc.

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