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2014 NFL Draft: Live Streaming Commentary (all three days)

Air Date:
May 10, 2014

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**NOTE: If you are just now reading this, keep in mind...the blurbs were being added as the draft unfolded, so you would have to read from the bottom up to get a better feel for what was taking place. Thanks!



THAT's IT!! More CFM player and ranking board reports will filer in over the next couple weeks.

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft rankings will hit very early next week.

Draft Grades and summary for each team will be out ASAP as well.


 -- 5.17 grade at SS = Ballentine

#256) HOU: Lonnie Ballentine, Memphis


 -- Could I hate anything more than calling a guy picked "Mr. Irrelevant"? Someone please re-name this. Stop embarrassing the players like this.


 -- Interesting, odd measurables

#255) ATL: OLB Tyler Starr, South Dakota


 -- 5.89 grade at CB = Mitchell

#254) DAL: CB Terrance Mitchell, Oregon


 -- 5.52 grade at ILB

#253) ATL: ILB Yawin Smallwood, UConn


 -- 2.28 grade at CB = Westbrooks

#252) CIN: CB Lavelle Westbrooks, Ga Southern


 -- We didn't even rate Bishop. No chance.

#251) DAL: DT Ken Bishop, No Illinois


 -- Our 3rd-ranked Center

#250) STL: OC Demetrius Rhaney, Tenn. State


 -- DE grade -0.22 = Sam

#249) STL: LB Michael Sam, Missouri


 -- 4.68 grade at SS - Dixon

#248) DAL: SS Ahmad Dixon, Baylor


 -- Latavius Murray fans...the Raiders did not draft a RB this year!

 -- 5.11 grade at SS = Dowling

#247) OAK: SS Jonathan Dowling, W Kentucky


Top Players available we like-love:

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston, Indiana

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC



 -- 0.73 grade as an OG = Leno

#246) CHI: OG Charles Leno, Boise State


 -- Decent receiver for a FB...but another injury guy, missed 2013 with a knee. I don't get this at all.

#245) SF: FB Trey Millard, Oklahoma


 -- I kinda like Gallon, I'm interested to see how he goes. A little small at 5'7"

#244) NE: WR Jeremy Gallon, Michigan


 -- Is SF taking all guys who are hurt...are they redshirting this entire class? Ramsey is a six-year played due to injuries. He is a decent talent, but many injury guys?

#243) SF: DE Kaleb Ramsey, BC


 -- I don't get it. We didn't research all the way because we saw little here.

#242) DEN OLB Corey Nelson, Oklahoma


 --  4.71 grade = Bryant

#241) STL: C.B. Bryant, Ohio State


 -- too small

#240) SD: WR Tevin Reese, Baylor


 -- so un-interesting that we passed on researching further

#239) CIN: WR James Wright, LSU


 -- I like Will Smith as a sleeper. Some great numbers athletically.

#238) DAL: OLB Will Smith, Texas Tech


 -- could be better, but fails a drug test every other week

#237) BUF: Seantrel Henderson, Miami, Fla


 -- Could be great based on measurables

#236) GB: WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw


  -- Interesting DT if he can bulk way as DE, maybe projects to DT

#235) OAK: DE Shelby Harris, Illinois St


 -- 3.94 grade at DE = Fede

#234) MIA: DE Terrence Fede, Marist


 -- 7.60 grade at OLB, could be a star...possibly

#233) NYJ: OLB Trevor Reilly, Utah


 -- 0.06 grade at OT = Ulrick

#232) IND: OT John Ulrick, Ga State


-- Cleveland drafts Johnny Manziel, and thus will have to build an offense around him. How you do not take (or trade back in for) Connor Shaw to be the backup is as ridiculous as anything in this draft. The only saving grace would be him coming as a UDFA...but you need to be sure to get him, who willing goes to CLE as UDFA with other options?


Top Players available we like-love:

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston, Indiana

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw



 -- How is Jackson Jeffcoat undrafted still?

 -- 2.46 grade at DE = slow for DE, too small for DT

#231) DAL: DE Ben Gardner, Stanford


 -- A report is forthcoming. Tough one to do, no reliable workout data. TE/WE. We have at 6.84 right now, possibly better

#230) PIT: TE Rob Blanchflower, U Mass


 -- This is probably the best Kicker in the draft. 20-20 in FGs last year (his scouting report is posting any time now...thought it was up already)

#229) DET: PK Nate Freese, BC


 -- 4.71 grade at Kicker...not even close to best Kicker

#228) WAS: PK Zach Hocker, Arkansas


 -- Why Smith and not clue. 5'8", 244...all block, nothing else.

#227) SEA: FB Kiero Smith, Arkansas


 -- 6'7", 313, but very unathletic. Needs huge work in weight room.

#226) STL: OT Mitchell Van Dyk, Portland State


 -- .274 grade at CB = Price

#225) MIN: CB Jabrari Price, UNC


 -- 330+ pounder, just a space guy

#224) BUF: DT Beau Allen, Wisconsin


 -- 4.48 OLB grade = Watts

#223) MIN: OLB Brandon Watts, Ga Tech


 -- Words cannot express what I think about this JAX draft...

#222) JAC: RB Storm Johnson, C. Florida


 -- 7.49 OLB grade = R. Johnson

#221) BUF: OLB Randell Johnson, Fla Atlantic


 -- 3.45 grade at DT = Stephen

#220) MIN: DT Shamar Stephen, U Conn


 -- 5.12 grade at CB = Carrie

#219) OAK: CB Travis Carrie, Ohio


 -- CLE needed a WR...they traded the pick to BAL and they took one of the best WRs out there

 -- Deserved to be drafted. Hopefully not lost in this low-volume passing game

#218) BAL : WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest


 -- 4.70 grade at TE = Bolser

#217) WAS: TE Ted Bolser, Indiana


 -- 3.46 grade at CB = Hal

#216) HOU: CB Andre Hal, Vandy


Top Players available we like-love:

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston, Indiana

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw




 -- lower grade as a DT, but highest grade as a NT prospect

#215) PIT: DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee


 -- ...and Dustin Vaughan and Connor Shaw are undrafted. It's criminal. Shaw not taken by now, vs. some of the others just taken, is a crying shame.

#214) STL: QB Garrett Gilbert, SMU


 -- The Jets aren't dysfunctional at QB, so that's good...

#213) NYJ: QB Tajh Boyd, Clemson


 -- 5.54 OLB grade = Flowers

#212) CIN: OLB Marquis Flowers, Arizona


 -- In the Bridgestone commercial, that I've seen 900-times so far in three days, the one with the tire grip soccer ball that tears up the turf upon kick...if it is so sticky...why doesn't it stick to the girl's foot? There's like 20 people in lab coats hanging around, letting us know how much they study tire technology, and this ball, none of them tested this soccer ball to know it has too much grip? They just found out when Michelle Beadle got there?

 -- You know, I would have taken J.C. Copeland. Prosch is decent, but he's no Copeland. I think this was a mistake at FB. Prosch had 5 catches and 12 carries as a career high in college.

#211) HOU: FB Jay Prosch, Auburn


 -- 0.22 grade at DE = Enekpali

#210) NYJ: DE IK Enemkpali, La Tech


 -- One of the better WR we graded. The Jets have drafted 3 WRs + they have Decker, Hill, Gates, Nelson, Ford

#209) NYJ: WR Quincy Enunwa, Nebraska


 -- 5.28 grade at SS = Pinkins

#208) SEA: SS Eric Pinkins, San Diego State


 -- OC grade -0.32 = Paradis

#207) DEN: OC Matt Paradis, Boise State


 -- Bill Polian just went on about Tyler Gaffney not having the measurables, he has to be thinking of someone else...Gaffney is all measurables, that's why he should have been one of the first RBs off the board.


-- 3.11 grade at CB = Thomas

#206) NE: CB Jemea Thomas, Ga Tech


 -- OC grade -1.89 = Bowanko

#205) JAC: OC Luke Bowanko, Virginia


 -- The best "Power RB" in this class to us. He goes to a team stacked with RBs. Bye-bye instant Fantasy Football value in 2014.

#204) CAR: RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford


 -- We thought Jackson was the best pure ILB in a very weak class of them

#203) IND: ILB Andrew Jackson, W Kentucky


 -- 0.67 grade at OT = Rooks

#202) NO: OT Tavon Rooks, Kansas State


 -- 0.22 grade at RB = Grice...why?

#201) SD: RB Marion Grice, Arizona State


 -- Smartest pick in a long time OT who rivals the top-3 OT prospects in this draft, athletically

#200) KC: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill


 -- 6.37 grade at OT, a bit of a sleeper

#199) SEA: OG Garrett Scott, Marshall


 -- 3.59 at DE...might could bulk up to an interesting DT

#198) NE: DE Zach Moore, Concordia


 -- 4.09 CB grade = Goodson...often missing games

#197) GB: CB Demetri Goodson, Baylor


 -- Why no team is working Gaffney, Duvernay-Tardif, Campanaro, Andrew Jackson, etc., I have no idea. What's there to lose...everything to gain! Players are being taken that will never do anything remotely special in the NFL in this round...gamble on greatness!!


Top Players available we like-love:

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston, Indiana

WR Quincy Enunwa, Nebraska

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw



 -- 1.30 grade at WR = Powell

#196) ARI: WR Walt Powell, Murray State


 -- 2.05 grade at CB = Dixon

#195) NYJ: CB Brandon Dixon, NW Mo State


 -- Solid, backup-type, but not going supplant Joe Flacco

#194) BAL: QB Keith Wenning, Ball State


 -- 1.90 grade at OG = Fulton

#193) KC: OG Zach Fulton, Tennessee


 -- 4.73 grade at OLB = Zumwalt

#192) PIT: LB Jordan Zumwalt, UCLA


 --  all I can tell you is that he looks and runs like a Safety (6'4, 220, 46+ 40-time, 23 bench reps)

#191) CHI: Punter Pat O'Donnell, Miami


 -- 3.34 grade at WR

#190) MIA: WR Matt Hazel, Coastal Carolina


 -- 5.03 grade at WR = Jones

#189) DET: WR T.J. Jones, Notre Dame


 -- So WAS drafted Lache Seastrunk, and people go nuts about his we just forget that they have Roy Helu a 4.4+ runner at 220+ pounds...20 pounds more than Seastrunk...and can catch (Seastrunk can't). I'll say it: Stupid pick, likely made by RG3...which lets you know where the Redskins are headed in the near future.

 -- One of the lowest rated CBs we had, -0.19

#188) STL: CB E.J. Gaines, Missouri


 -- 5.48 grade at CB = Jackson

#187) NYG: CB Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame


 -- Washington is not getting a whole lot better...

#186) WAS: RB Lache Seastrunk, Washington


 -- solid slot WR...not as good as Campanaro...

#185) TB: WR Robert Herron, Wyoming


 -- 3.35 CB grade = James

#184) MIN: CB Kendall James, Maine


 -- Because Jay Cutler is so reliable, and never gets hurt...we could see Fales faster than anyone realizes.

#183) CHI: QB David Fales, San Jose State


 -- 4.74 grade as CB, 4.50 as Safety = Exum

#182) MIN CB/S Antone Exum, Va Tech


 -- The worst of the Power-RB we have studied. A negative grade. I cannot believe this guy was actually drafted withTyler Gaffney and Stephen Houston available.

#181) HOU RB Alfred Blue, LSU


 -- Will be a part of 2.0 board, but just a mediocre CB. 4.55+ runner with OK agility.

#180) SF: CB Kenneth Acker, SMU


 -- OG grade -0.63 at OG = Halapio

#179) NE: OG Jon Halapio, Florida


 -- does any team in the NFL have a worst roster of QBs than Tennessee?

#178) TEN: QB Zach Mettenberger, LSU


 -- pick just traded form WAS to TEN

 -- Well, they had to 'whiff' at some point...2.96 grade at DT = Pagan

 -- I can't wait until every Alabama player is drafted so it will be over with...

#177) HOU: DE Jeoffrey Pagan, Alabama


Top Players available we like-love:

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

QB David Fales, San Jose State

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston, Indiani

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw




-- HOU attempting to have the greatest 'quality' draft I've ever witnessed with what they do in their two picks in the first 5 of the 6th-round


 -- anyone get the feeling GB is not happy with where their slot/smaller WRs are at? They are prepping for Randall Cobb to leave as an expensive free agent someday...probably to Detroit!

#176) GB: WR Jarred Abbrederis, Green Bay


 -- One of our top-5 OG prospects

#175) BAL OG John Urschel, Penn State


 -- 4.52 grade at OLB

#174)  NYG: OLB Devon Kennard, USC


 -- Good, smart, versatile O-Lineman

#173) PIT: OL Wesley Johnson, Vandy


 -- I don't get Staten at all...Didn't grade him on 1.0 version because there was nothing to get excited about

#172) SEA: DT Jimmy Staten, Mid Tenn State


 -- good measurables, but a 4.56 grade as an OLB for us

#171) MIA: OLB Jordan Tripp, Montana


 -- With all the great players available in the draft still...SF takes a 5'10 CB who is coming off double knee surgery

#170) SF: CB Keith Reaser, Fla Atlantic


 -- 0.69 grade

#169) NO OLB Ronald Powell, Florida


-- 5.59 grade at ILB = Spruill

#168) MIN  ILB Marquis Spruill, Syracuse


#167) NO: SS Vinnie Sunseri, Alabama


 -- 1.82 grade as an OLB = Newsome

#166) IND DE Jonathan Newsome, Ball State


 -- 4.77 grade at DT = Carrethers

#165) SD: DT Ryan Carrethers, Arkansas St


 -- Andy Dalton can sleep well tonight.

#164) CIN: QB A.J. McCarron, Alabama


 -- Congrats on the next Kirk Cousins

#163) KC: QB Aaron Murray, Georgia


 -- 4.58 grade on Reynolds.

#162) PHI: SS Ed Reynolds, Stanford


 -- 3.31 grade on Linsley, he will be on 2.0 Center rankings

#161) GB: OC Corey Linsley, Ohio State


 -- A grade of -2.15 for Stinson as a DE...I cannot believe that Stinson got drafted.

#160) ARI DE: Ed Stinson, Alabama


Top Players available we like-love:

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

QB David Fales, San Jose State

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

OG John Urschel, Penn State

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

OT-OG-C Wesley Johnson, Vandy

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw

WR Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin




 -- 2.01 grade at DE = Smith

#159) JAC DE Chris Smith, Arkansas


 -- 3.80 grade at DT = Reid

#158) DET: DT Caraun Reid, Princeton


 -- 4.75 grade at CB = Richardson

#157) PIT: CB Shaquille Richardson, Arizona


 -- I guess A.J. McCarron's draft gauge was a little off...still available

 -- 4.45 grade ILB = Barrow

#156) DEN: OLB Lamin Barrow, LSU


 --  A stiff, but solid TE in Lynch. Not a difference maker.

#155) MIA: TE Arthur Lynch, Georgia


 -- George is one of the better ILB prospects in a very week class this year (7.37 grade)

#154) NYJ: ILB Jeremiah George, Iowa State


 -- 8.08 grade at OG = Richardson

#153) BUF: OG Cyril Richardson, Baylor


 -- 4.07 grade at SS = Berhe

#152) NYG: SS  Nat Berhe, San Diego St


 -- 5.35 grade at ILB = Williamson

#151) TEN: ILB Avery Williamson, Kentucky


 -- 2.32 grade at DE = Lynch

#150) SF: DE Aaron Lynch, So Florida


 -- 4.56 grade at OT = Pamphile

#149) TB: OT Kevin Pamphile, Purdue


 -- pick just traded to TB from BUF

 -- 3.78 grade at CB = Benwikere

#148) CAR: CB Bene Benwikere, San Jose State


 -- Pick just traded to CAR from MIN

 -- 0.80 grade at CB = Allen

#147) ATL: CB Ricardo Allen, Purdue


 -- Good gamble pick...better than Terrence Williams

#146) DAL: WR Devin Street, Pitt


 -- 2.24 at OG = Yankey

#145) MIN: OG David Yankey, Stanford


 -- 5.52 at OLB = Smith

#144) JAC: ILB Tevin Smith, Florida State


 -- 3.15 OG grade = Edwards

#143) TB OG Kareem Edwards, Tenn State


 -- Grant is solid, but Michael Campanaro is 10x better

#142) WAS: WR Ryan Grant, Tulane


 -- 1.87 grade at DE = Hart

#141) PHI: DE Talylor Hart, Oregon


Top Players available we like-love:

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB JC Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

DT Kelcy Quarles, So Carolina

QB David Fales, San Jose State

DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

RB Stephen Houston

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

SS Tre Porter, Texas A&M

OG Cyril Richardson, Baylor

OG John Urschel, Penn State

CB Greg Ducre, Washington

LB Morgan Breslin, USC

OT-OG-C Wesley Johnson, Vandy

WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw

WR Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin





#140) NE: OT Cameron Fleming, Stanford


 -- 1.82 grade at OLB = Shembo

#139) ATL: OLB Prince Shembo, Notre Dame


 -- The post-Ray Rice era is being planned for. Love Taliaferro

#138) BAL: Lorenzo Taliaferro, Coastal Carolina


#137) NYJ: OT Dakota Dozier, Furman


 - -The fortunes of the Texans and Cardinals potentially just went in opposite directions, and you can trace it back to May 10th 2014. The Texans took Savage, and Arizona passed on him for Logan Thomas

 -- Webster could be a DE or TE...still dicey, but worth a gamble. Great athlete.

#136) DET: DE Larry Webster, Bloomsburg


 -- The Texans have changed the entire direction of the franchise in the past three days. One of the best drafts in the past couple of years for any team...and five picks to go. Happy for my parents, season tix. holders for years.

#135) HOU: QB Tom Savage, Pitt



 -- 0.83 grade at DE = Urban. Hard to grade because of ankle surgery

#134) BAL: DT Brent Urban, Virginia


 -- 1.37 garde at CB = Lawson

#133) DET: CB Nevin Lawson, Utah State


 -- Best available player in the draft right now, a 1st-round talent, goes at #132 to the Super Bowl champions. Unbelievable. Boy, drafting late is such a punishment.

#132) SEA: OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, BC


#131) DEN: SS Brock Vereen, Minnesota


 -- As I log in the players, and shake my head, I realize (I think): Teams make their draft board by March, and it really doesn't move unless they get a tip-off from a coach/insider to a team who they trust. There are amazing, interesting gambles available in the 4th-round...ones that could be huge, not just the warm-bodies being taken. Like Paul Worrilow last year. Teams take safe players, and are trusting scouts who are missing so many players (as witnessed by who they all thought was great in January) it's criminal.

 -- Wow. I don't get it. James White is amazingly bland. Tyler Gaffney just sitting there.

#130) NE: RB James White, Wisconsin


 -- Side Note: I'm going to throw up if I see another draft tweet that is 'heady' from players taken. J Garopollo just tweeted "draft dreams into reality." Who cares? We know getting drafted is great. I don't need to see all the emotions all tweeted...unless it's interesting.

 -- great gamble prospect at DB in Johnson

#129) SF: S/CB  Dontae Johnson, NC State


Top Players available we like-love:

OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, BC

QB Tom Savage, Pitt

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB JC Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

QB David Fales, San Jose State

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass



 -- 6.76 grade at Safety = Boston

#128) CAR: Tre Boston, UNC


 -- 6.94 grade at CB = Desir

#127) CLE: CB Pierre Desir, Lindenwood


 -- 3.45 grade OLB = Fortt

#126) NO: LB Khari Fortt, Cal


 -- I loved what I saw in person with Aiken, but the computer is saying he's mediocre across the board.

#125) MIA: CB Walt Aiken, Liberty


 -- I would love for someone to explain why replacing Dexter McCluster is so important? The Chiefs offense was horrible with McCluster...until Alex Smith showed up. Wherever will KC find a replacement for McCluster's five receiving TDs in 58 career games.

#124) KC: RB De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon


 -- Solid athlete, not a great WR

#123) SEA: WR Kevin Norwood, Alabama


 --  If Tom Savage does not go in this round, to a team that has real QB need (even if they already drafted one), then he will be buried forever. 5th+ round QBs are treated like they do not exist in the NFL over the past 5+ years. They can barely get time in the preseason to take snaps in garbage time.

Teams trade for Blaine Gabbert and Colt McCoy still. Where you are drafted is a security blanket.

 -- 6.60 grade = Huff at CB

#122) TEN: CB Marqueston Huff, Wyoming



 -- THANK YOU Bill Polian...who just said, "You cannot teach accuracy," when discussing Logan Thomas. Thomas has no business as an NFL QB

 -- Bradford in the 4th-round is a solid pick. He was not the 2nd-rounder some projected

#121) GB: OLB Carl Bradford, Arizona State


 --  Besides being horrible at playing the QB position, Logan Thomas has all the measurables you want in a QB

#120) ARI: QB Logan Thomas, Va Tech


 -- 5.44 = Hitchens (will be shown on next OLB update 2.0). He's a scrappy college LB, not an impact NFL LB

#119) DAL: OLB Anthony Hitchens, Iowa


 -- Antonio Brown's FF targets are not under any threat from this draft.

#118) PIT: WR Martavis Bryant, Clemson


 -- I cannot believe a team actually drafted Ka'Deem Carey in the 4th-round. The Bears backup QB is Jordan need there.

#117) CHI: RB Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona


 -- The Jets now have Shaq Evans and Jalen Sanders last two is this better than Kerley-Gates?

 -- The Raiders are having a nice little draft. This is best pick in this far.

#116) OAK: CB Keith McGill, Utah


 -- Mediocre WR prospect. Throwaway pick for the is he different than Kerley or Gates?

#115) NYJ: WR Shaquelle Evans, UCLA


 -- Bryce Brown just got traded to Buffalo

 -- We don't have much on Colvin because of his ACL tear...we didn't see enough to bother in our first-wave. I can tell you this: 177-pounds/thin, and moderate speed. He's decent enough a player, I guess. I'll never understand the NFL...I'll never understand these throwaway picks with all the unique other non-injured options available.

#114) JAC: CB Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma


 -- Where does David Wilson fit into to this depth chart?

#113) NYG: RB Andre Williams, Boston College


 -- Honestly, there has been no pick in this round that makes any sense to me...either from talent, or need, in relation to what is available. D. Jones is understandable for TEN; that's about it.

 -- 6.72 grade = Jones at DT

#112) TEN: DT DuQuan Jones, Penn State


 -- 5.30 grade at Center = Bodine

#111) CIN: OC Russell Bodine, UNC


 -- SEA just traded pick to Cincy

 -- 5.13 grade at Safety = Alexander

#110) STL SS Maurice Alexander, Utah State


 -- 1.68 grade at CB = Cockrell

#109) BUF: CB Ross Cockrell, Duke


 -- 0.70 grade at DE = Marsh

#108) SEA: LB Cassius Marsh, UCLA


 -- Ellis is one of the lowest DT prospects we graded, but is a body for a NT-type.

#107) OAK: DT Justin Ellis, La Tech


 -- ESPN just went on a 'how great are SEC QBs because they face SEC defenses!" rant...ummm: Tyler Wilson, Jordan Rodgers, Tim Tebow, Tyler Bray, Jerrod Johnson, Ryan Mallett

 -- What is SF doing? I like Ellington a lot. Is this a position of need? Patton, Crabtree, Boldin, Stevie J., I believe that the end of Crabtree as a 49er is soon, possibly a trade in the next month or two.

#106) SF WR Bruce Ellington, South Carolina


 -- Stork is decent (5+ grade), but give me Gabe Ikard

#105) NE OC Bryan Stork, Florida State


 -- These first four picks in the 4th-round are incredible horrific. What a waste of a good draft pick. Well, the Jets got their 165-pound WR need filled with Wherever could one find a tiny, speedy WR?

#104) NYJ WR Jalen Saunders, Oklahoma



 -- Do the Falcons have a special affinity for drafting the worst RBs possible? Jacquizz, and now Freeman? Please don't give Antone Smith the ball whatever you do (I haven't forgotten)

#103) ATL RB Devonta Freeman, Florida State


 -- If there is a run on DBs, as a fan of any team picking soon, I'd like to see: Dontae Johnson, NC State or Tre Porter, Texas A&M or Keith McGill, Utah get selected soon. 

 -- Breeland grade at CB = 2.71

#102) WAS: CB Bashaud Breeland, Washington


 -- Looking forward to seven hours of Michael Sam talk...He's not a draftable prospect, I don't care what his sexuality is.

 -- Watkins grade at CB = 1.87

#101) PHI: CB Jaylen Watkins, Florida

 -- A.J. McCarron is complaining about "just winning" is holding him back. Why isn't it holding back a million other Alabama players?


4th-Round begins-----------------------------------------------------


Top Players available we like-love:

OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, BC

QB Tom Savage, Pitt

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill

QB Dustin Vaughan, W. Texas A&M

CB Keith McGill, Utah

QB Connor Shaw, So Carolina

RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

FB JC Copeland, LSU

WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

ILB Andrew Jackson, W Ky

SS Greg Heban, Indiana

QB David Fales, San Jose State

WR Bruce Ellington, So Carolina

TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass

RB Andre Williams, BC



Our computer's 'draft grades' after the first three-rounds. Based on a 100% 'school grading' on what we would expect a 'good' NFL Draft to be like after three-rounds. Teams with more picks, obviously have more opportunities to land more, and better players. This statistical grading favors the 'quantity of the amount of quality' being selected. Our talent grades on the player and the importance of the position they play is weighted.



156.0%St. Louis




102.5%Tampa Bay





69.9%New Orleans






44.9%New England

44.3%San Diego

38.3%NY Jets

37.8%NY Giants



28.0%Kansas City


26.1%San Francisco

21.6%Green Bay










COMING UP NEXT: Statistically grading the draft after three-rounds



 -- Thomas = 2.93 grade, could have more upside

#100) SF: OG Brandon Thomas, Clemson


 -- Gillmore = 3.73 grade at TE

#99) BAL: TE Crockett Gillmore, Colorado State


 -- Rogers = 3.38 grade at TE

#98) GB: TE Richard Rogers, Cal


 -- Our 4th 'speed' RB prospect for 2014

#97) PIT: RB/WR Dri Archer, Kent State


 -- The 2nd best 'speed' RB on our list. Could move to defense

#96) MIN: RB Jerick McKinnon, Ga Southern


 -- Schofield: 1.08 grade at OT

#95) DEN: OT Michael Schofield, Michigan


 -- Denver could clinch best draft (so far) with a nice pick here

#94) CLE: RB Terrance West, Towson


 -- pick traded to CLE

 -- Linder: 0.61 OG grade

#93) JAC: OG Brandon Linder, Miami, Fla


 -- Turner is better on tape, but computer says 1.60 grade

#92) CAR: OG Trai Turner, LSU


 -- Brown: 5.29 grade. A little too small. hard to project with his level of competition, but his numbers were kinda flimsy.

#91) ARI WR John Brown, Pittsburg State


 -- This is the right area to gamble on Moncrief.

#90) IND: WR Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss


 --  Watt: 0.69 grade at OG. Super-slow 5.50 40-time with moderate agility.

#89) SD: OG Chris Watt, Notre Dame


 -- Clarke was the worst DE we rated of the 50 we've run so far.

#88) CIN: DE Will Clarke, West Virginia



Kevin Pierre-Louis

Tom Savage

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Dustin Vaughan

Keith McGill

Connor Shaw

Tyler Gaffney

JC Copeland

Michael Campanaro

Andrew Jackson


 -- Gaines: 8.24 grade, 4th best CB for 2014 at this point

#87) KC: CB Phillip Gaines, Rice


 -- Huff: 5.08 grade 'small WR'

#86) PHI: WR Josh Huff, Oregon


 -- Thorton: 4.25 grade as a DT for us

#85) GB: DT Khyri Thorton, So Miss


 -- Martin was one of my best available. Martin + Bucannon is a nice draft. I just do not get Niklas in 2nd-round.

#84) ARI: DE Kareem Martin, UNC


 -- ARI is now in position to do something great with 2 of next 8 picks.

 -- I thought they might have picked Nix at #33. Great pick if he stays healthy.

#83) HOU: DT Louis Nix III, Notre Dame


 -- PHI traded the pick with HOU

 -- Great pick. One of my best available. Tremendous pick here.

#82) CHI: DT Will Sutton, Arizona State


 -- Congrats OAK, that is a great pick. Nice job. This isn't a bad draft for them so far.

#81) OAK: OG Gabe Jackson, Miss State


 --  I think I just heard Philly traded a pick...

 -- McDougle 3.84 grade at CB. Pretty good athlete, but NFL Network is pushing it a little too much that he is amazing. He's a good athlete and suspect cover.

#80) NYJ: CB Dexter McDougle, Maryland


 -- Wow, Philly has it wide open for some special players here. Watch out that they don't take Laurent Duvernay-Tardif with one of the next two picks (#83 or #86)

 -- Brooks: 3.23 grade at Safety

#79) BAL: SS Terrence Brooks, Florida State


 -- Long: 4.32 grade as an OG

#78) WAS: OG Spencer Long, Nebraska


 -- Borland is a solid pickup, but is a big drop-off from Bowman-Willis

#77) SF: ILB Chris Borland, Wisconsin


 -- My Philly friends...two picks coming up, great players out there. This could be another step toward the Super Bowl here.


#76) DET OC Travis Swanson, Arkansas


 -- Was a RB needed in the 3rd-round? What are the Rams doing!? So many great players left, and they take a 205-pound RB. There will be 5+ RBs as good later...not now. Tre is fine, but why here?

#75) STL: RB Tre Mason, Auburn



Kevin Pierre-Louis

Will Sutton

Tom Savage

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Phillip Gaines

Gabe Jackson

Dustin Vaughan

Kareem Martin

Keith McGill

Connor Shaw

Tyler Gaffney

JC Copeland

Louis Nix III

Michael Campanaro

Andrew Jackson




 -- Bromley is solid, a 7.45 grade DT, 3.91 as a NT for us. Too small for a NT.

#74) NYG: DT Jay Bromley, Syracuse


 -- Brown is a 3.66 as an ILB for us. he's NFL-worthy, but not an impact player.

#73) BUF: LB Preston Brown, Louisville


 -- Why would you take Crichton when Kareem Martin is out there? Crichton is too small/slow for a DE, and too slow for an OLB. He's NFL useful, but not an impact player. 

#72) MIN: DE Scott Crichton, Oregon State


 -- We have poor grades on Kirksey (2.82 as an OLB)

#71) CLE: LB Christian Kirksey, Iowa


 -- You have to think Donte Moncrief for the Browns here

 -- I really don't get Marcus Martin rated ahead of Gabe Ikard.

#70) SF: OC Marcus Martin, USC


 -- Charles Sims is a totally wasted pick here. Can he play? Sure. You don't use an early 3rd-round pick here. This is a terrible value. He is not in the top-3 for 'RB hands'...he's just the best one the analysts have seen, because they threw to him a lot.

I guess Mike James, Bobby Rainey, and Jeff Demps weren't enough...really needed an average RB here.


#69) TB: RB Charles Sims, West Virginia


 -- Southward is a great pick. ATL is having a really nice draft while Carolina stumbles

#68) ATL: Dezmen Southward, Wisconsin


#67) MIA: OT Billy Turner, North Dakota State



Kevin Pierre-Louis

Will Sutton

Tom Savage

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Gabe Jackson

Dustin Vaughan

Keith McGill

Dez Southward

Connor Shaw

Tyler Gaffney

JC Copeland

Louis Nix III

Michael Campanaro

Andrew Jackson


 -- Whoever takes OG Gabe Jackson is going to get an absolute steal soon.

 -- A super-slow OT to protect the scrambling RG3? Worst tape of an O-Lineman I've seen

#66) WAS OT Morgan Moses, Virginia


 --  A nice weapon for Ryan Fitzpatrick, I guess?

#65) HOU: TE C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa




 -- I have no idea what the Seahawks are doing in this draft.

#64) SEA OT Justin Britt, Missouri


 -- This is a horrible pick. I like Landry. Tannehill is not a precise QB, and Landry needs a precise QB throwing to him. Tannehill could not push Rishard Matthews, and he won't push Landry. The Dolphins are drafting WR they don't need. They need so many other things. The Dolphins are suffering from bad ownership, and are becoming like the Titans, Jags, Browns, Raiders. What a waste of a pick...and nothing against Landry.

#63) MIA: WR Jarvis Landry, LSU


 -- You have to have multiple good QBs in the NFL...they are assets and insurance. Only the Patriots are really embracing that...go figure. When they trade Mallett and haul in will be my theory in action.

 -- I guess Ryan Mallett is not the answer? Someone has to rush up after Tom Savage now.

#62) NE: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois


 -- Hey! A solid pick. People are going to love this draft for the Jags, I hate it. Robinson is great, but there is no QB to throw to him. JAC now has Shorts, Robinson, Lee, and maybe Blackmon. They are stockpiling the one position that has the most 'supply'. The Bortles bust will hurt them all..

#61) JAC: WR Allen Robinson, Penn State


 -- SF traded this pick to JAC

 -- I'm not a fan of this Carolina draft. You talk about teams that could be in for a fall from grace in 2014...this is one of them.

#60) CAR: DE Kony Ealy, Missouri


#59) IND: OG Jack Mewhort, Ohio State


 -- I'm shocked Savage and Garoppolo are going third-round. I'm not dismayed by it. I'm just surprised with it being such a position of need. The Texans may get their man after all.

 -- With Tampa Bay getting bigger all over in the passing game, the NFC South teams have to get bigger CBs.

#58) NO: CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska



 -- How's the Frank Gore Fantasy outlook now? Kendall Hunter falls further into oblivion. I thought Marcus Lattimore was the future? LaMicheal James is all but gone...

This was a need for the 49ers? How many picks do they plan on using for RBs?

#57) SF: RB Carlos Hyde, Ohio State


 -- SF traded #56 to DEN, then traded back up with MIA for #57

 -- What a major, major steal. Denver nabs Bradley Roby and Cody Latimer. Boy, drafting late really hurts those winning teams...

#56) DEN: WR Cody Latimer, Indiana



-- This is going to be a bad pick by the Bengals...their 2nd in a row. Carlos Hyde is falling. I think people started seeing what we saw.

#55) CIN: RB Jeremy Hill, LSU


 -- Bishop Sankey...your new consensus 1.01 Dynasty Rookie Draft. Will he be our #1? We'll see after the draft with our first official Dynasty Mock Draft out early next week.

#54) TEN: RB Bishop Sankey, Washington


#53) GB: WR Davante Adams, Fresno State


 -- This who 2nd-round is getting butchered by most teams. Shocking, shocking, shocking. It also means there are teams that can expose this and snag a ton of talent ahead.

 -- Why Arizona? You can get 1,000,000 lumbering 4.85+ 40-time TEs. They make NO difference. This is totally ridiculous. What a wasted opportunity. Can Niklas be used, sure? With the 52nd pick do you use it for a lumbering TE? With QB meaning're taking blocking TEs who is the next Jim Dray? 

#52) ARI: TE Troy Niklas, Notre Dame


 -- I hate this draft for Chicago. Decent Kyle Fuller, but a reach to me...bad value. Ferguson could have been a 4th-5th rounder.

 -- I'm shocked Ferguson goes ahead of Nix III...Nix must have something that came up off-field.


#51) CHI: DT Ego Ferguson, LSU


 -- I love the Attaochu tape. This could be brilliant.

#50) SD: OLB/DE Jeremiah Attaochu, Georgia Tech


  -- There goes Jace Amaro's Fantasy Football value.


#49) NYJ: TE Jace Amaro, Texas Tech


 -- Arizona is sitting on the verge of the best draft in 2014 if they snag Tom Savage, or even Garoppolo at #52.

 -- Remember when Jernigan was everyone's top DT over Aaron Donald (except me!) early on in JAN/FEB? I don't get this Ravens draft. Pittsburgh is starting to look like the class of the AFC North with the Browns falling apart from within, and Cincy minus Mike Zimmer, and the Ravens killing their offense with Gary Kubiak, and his Texans brought over, and now awful defensive picks.


#48) BAL: DT Timmy Jernigan, Florida State


SOME OF THE BEST AVAILABLE (likely to go today): Tom Savage, Jimmy Garoppolo, Cody Latimer, Phillip Gaines, Jeremiah Attaochu, Will Sutton, Louis Nix III, Allen Robinson, Keith McGill. Of course, I think Kevin Pierre-Louis is one of the best of all available, but won't go until tomorrow.


#47) WAS LB/DE Trent Murphy, Stanford


 -- Not a huge fan of Tuitt. He's OK. Louis Nix III made him.


#46) PIT: DT Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame


 -- Why? Why Paul Richardson with Harvin and Baldwin? Sell your Baldwin stock because SEA is insane for small WRs.Cody Latimer made so much more sense here. Maybe don't sell...Richardson will probably be broken in half by mid-season. Ill-logical


#45) SEA: WR Paul Richardson, Colorado


 -- Buffalo is trying to challenge Jacksonville for head-scratching-ly bad draft moves. Watkins is fine, but too early and how much better than Stevie Johnson?


#44) BUF: OT Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama


 -- I'm telling you Gabe Ikard is the best Center in this draft.


#43) NYG: Center Weston Richburg, Colorado State


 -- How much do I love the Eagles? Let me count the ways...

The Panthers took Kelvin Benjamin, and the Browns took Marqise Lee...all before Matthews. Guess how this will go down when history judges?


#42) PHI: WR Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt


 -- What? Lemarcus Joyner? A 5'8", 184 CB with poor agility. What a blown opportunity. He can be a gritty player all he wants, he's going to be a step behind on size and agility in the NFL.

#41) STL: CB Lemarcus Joyner, Florida State


 -- The Rams are on the precipice of greatness with two picks in the next 4 selections. Wow. If I am a Rams fan, I am on the edge of my seat. My bad. One of those wasn't updated from the trade..Just one pick here

 -- Van Noy is a solid pick

#40) DET: LB/DE Kyle Van Noy, BYU


 -- Seattle traded this pick to DET...this has to be for a CB. It has to be.

 -- Jacksonville Jaguars are masters at butchering NFL Drafts, and this is a masterpiece of awful. The guys they are passing up on to take Bortles-Lee is head-shaking. This is a horrible draft. No way that I am touching the win total 'over' with Jacksonville now. Wow! Is this bad.

#39) JAC: WR Marqise Lee, USC


 -- Dynasty Football Alert: I'd be a buyer on a cheap Mike Glennon investment on deeper Dynasty rosters, if Tampa doesn't take a QB of note in this draft. I'd take a cheap flyer that Glennon takes over Josh McCown by mid-season.

#38) TB: TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington


 -- I am guessing OG Gabe Jackson for the Bucs...

 -- I'm not a huge Hageman fan, but he is definitely worth the look. Just the height alone is disruptive.


#37) ATL: DT/DE Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota


 -- How about Jeremiah Attaochu for Atlanta here? Maybe Austin Seferian-Jenkins?

 -- All the teams needing QB passed on Carr for a reason. Oakland is not getting a 'steal' here. Matt McGloin is better. A wasted 2nd-round pick.

 -- Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie will not be around to see Carr hit the field. He sits behind Schaub this year, and then he gets a look, and fizzles. I love the person, do not like the player.


#36) OAK: QB Derek Carr, Fresno State


 -- You know I love Bitonio. Great pick.


#35) CLE: OT Joel Bitonio, Nevada


 -- That Bud Light commercial where the guy gets the totally ridiculous 'up for anything' reward to play pong-pong with Arnold in drag. It never dawned on me until now: That all started with him being offered a free beer in exchange for the 'mystery'. If someone offered me $2.50 of product in exchange for 'anything that was to come', I could not be any more suspicious...and dialing 911. This guy..."no problemo, I'll do anything for $2.50." So this is the preferred beer of idiots is the message I take away.

 -- Dallas will regret this Lawrence pick down the road...especially to move up to take him. Wow. Multiple suspensions in college. Slowest DE at the NFL Combine. This will not end well.


#34) DAL: DE Demarcus Lawrence, Boise State


 -- If Dallas taps Jordan Matthews here, I am going to start believing in the 'Boys. My bet will be Louis Nix III, and they waited to see if HOU went there, now they can.

 -- Redskins trade pick to Dallas, Washington gets #47 and #78


#33) HOU: OG Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA


 -- I'm betting Louis Nix III here...

 -- There is no way the Texans are taking Derek Carr, and have the 'David Carr' stink on them...or him. It's not fair to the kid. The Texans will likely trade down for Tom Savage or Jimmy Garoppolo...but they cannot fall too far. I still have a funny feeling Arizona + Tom Savage is a match made in heaven.

 -- I love day-two of the draft because we get more Mel Kiper and no Jon Gruden. I do not worship Kiper, but he has some reasonable insights, and doesn't get 'teenage girl emotional' about everything. I want to hear an opinion, not a plug for Gruden's QB TV show. By the way, nice job not inviting Tom Savage to your QB TV show. Why? Because no one told all these guys that Savage was a top prospect until it was too now they are going to diss him, because of unfamiliarity.



The 10 Best (+10) NFL Draft prospects rarely mentioned for the 2014 NFL Draft ('third day' projection guys)

*Ranked by 'draft economics (by talent + importance of position + scarcity in the draft and NFL, etc.):


#1) OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, Boston College

For the life of me, I do not understand how Pierre-Louis is not a 1st or 2nd-round talent. He is a poor man's Ryan Shazier. He's constantly shown as a 5th+ rounder...or even UDFA. He is one of the true steals of the draft.


#2) QB Dustin Vaughan, West Texas A&M

Because QB is so important, you push the draft envelope with them. Vaughan has the prototypical size-arm combo NFL teams covet, but because he went to a small school...he's totally discounted. I get some discount, but watch the tape, look at him at the NFL Combine or the NFLPA All-star game. There is something here to chase.


#3) FS Dez Southward, Wisconsin

The possibility of moving Southward from Safety to CB is tantalizing: 6'0"+, 211-pounds, 4.38 40-time, 42" vertical and sensational agility. The tape I watched, he looked like he had natural cover instincts. *CFM report forthcoming


#4) QB Connor Shaw, South Carolina

Mobility, accuracy, leadership. He is the Johnny Manziel you are looking for. Has the height issue (6'0"). 


#5) RB Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

Arguably, the most gifted athlete among all the 220+ RBs. If there is going to be a RB who could be 'special', then this is it. There are question marks, but 'on paper' this could be far better than anyone expects.


#6) FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

I just see a player the likes of which I've never seen before with Copeland. If I ran an offense dependent on the FB, then I wouldn't leave 'day two' without him. He makes your running game better instantly, and your goal-line efficiency would be near-perfect.


#7) WR Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest

I would draft Campanaro ahead of Marqise Lee without blinking an eye. He should be a 'day two' guy, but he won't be. He will be productive right away working with a higher-tempo passing game. He is the 'next Wes Welker" du jour...only 100x the athlete.


#8) DT Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina

The size-speed combo of an interesting DT prospect, but has had some off-field issues. *CFM Report forthcoming.


#9) QB David Fales, San Jose State

Could be a crafty starting QB in the NFL. Great accuracy. A little under-sized with no mobility.


#10) DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech

A nice 4-3 DT prospect with great speed-agility for his size. Projects as an undrafted free agent for most. *CFM report planned


#11) SS Greg Heban, Indiana

#12) ILB Andrew Jackson, Western Kentucky

#13) RB Lorenzo Taliaferro, Coastal Carolina

#14) RB Stephen Houston, Indiana

#15) RB Jerrick McKinnon, Georgia Southern

#16) RB Zurlon Tipton, Central Michigan

#17) Center Gabe Ikard, Oklahoma

#18) TE Rob Blanchflower, UMass (CFM Report forthcoming)

#19) OLB Morgan Breslin, USC (CFM report planned)

#120 WR Quincy Enunwa, Nebraska



OK, we'll pick back up Friday at around 6pm ET pre-draft. 




#32) MIN: QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

 -- Roby is a steal by Denver. A top 10-15 talent...goes to a great team.

 -- MIN trades for the #32 pick (SEA gets #40 and #108), assuming this is their QB take here. Likely Derek Carr.


#31) DEN: CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State

 -- Arizona scooped SF on Deone Bucannon. The Rams and Cards took a step (or steps) closer on the 49ers today.


#30) SF: FS Jimmie Ward, Eastern Illinois

 -- I was prepping this report for tomorrow for Day-two, but the Pats jumped me. Easley has top-10 in draft talent, but multiple ACL injuries. The talent is not the issue...injury risk is.

Chris Berman said the Pats are a great organization because they ask a player if he likes to play football or not, and that's how they always find great players. What teams are taking the guys who don't like to play football? Apparently, between 27-31 of them...


#29) NE: DE Dominque Easley, Florida

 -- I predicted Benjamin to Carolina in my mock draft. This is a huge whiff. They did not take Jordan Matthews orCody Latimer, and it will cost them everything. The Saints and Falcons have to be tickled pink. The Panthers are taking their own selves out of contention. I need to look at the Carolina schedule for the over/under win total in 2014.

 -- If the Pats do something brilliant, this could be Louis Nix, Bradley RobyKareem MartinJoel Bitonio, orJordan Matthews. Or they do whatever best available Rutgers guy...


#28) CAR: WR Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State

 -- I TOLD YOU!! Deone Bucannon was one of the best prospects in this draft. This is an excellent maneuver by Arizona. The teams that took Clinton-Dix (GB) and Pryor (NYJ) will regret the day they did not take Bucannon.


#27) ARI: SS Deone Bucannon, Washington State

 -- Marcus Smith is fine for Philly, but I am somewhat surprised by it.

 -- They'll probably take Derek Carr, but I'll be unbearable if it is Tom Savage...


#26) PHI: LB Marcus Smith, Louisville

 -- A great pick by San Diego.


#25) SD: Jason Verrett, TCU

 -- Cincy will not love the Dennard pick a few years from now. There is a reason why Dennard fell from #10 range to #24.


#24) CIN: CB Darqueze Dennard, Michigan State

 -- Is there anything more troubling, nonsensical, and unnerving than the story Sal Palantonio just told? He said that Jimmy Haslem was out in town, and a homeless person looked up at him and told him to draft he did. Typical Browns...not a football decision, an owner trying to be convince everyone he's a 'man of the people'.

A story earlier today told about Jimmy Haslam spending $100K on an outside firm to study the QBs, to advise the Browns. But now I am to believe, in the end, a homeless man advised the Browns to select Manziel. What a con.


#23) KC: DE Dee Ford, Auburn

 -- One of the next things CLE will do this off-season is trade Brian Hoyer to New England

 -- The football department did not want Manziel, except for the owner. The owner got what he wanted. Cocky, tiny, 'Hollywood', Texas QB will not 'play' with the fans in the rust belt Cleveland when trouble starts to happen. Bad, bad situation for him.

 -- Manziel to CLE means that Derek Carr is out of the 1st-round, I'd bet. It also means Tom Savage as the 3rd QB taken is possible now.


#22) CLE: QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

 -- Wasted pick by GB...Alabama hype waste. The Vikings are watching DET, GB, TB not getting better.

 -- PHI at #22...if they take Marqise Lee...I'll be furious for Foles.

 -- PHI trades pick to CLE (swap picks, + send a 3rd-rounder to PHI). Again, I say...the Eagles are right there as the single best run personnel department in the NFL right now.


#21) GB: FS Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Alabama

 -- Well, someone (Cooks) just passed Sammy Watkins as the possible 1.01 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Draft pick. The Saints offense is going to be sick. The Eagles have to be a little pissed.

 --  I am surprised there is not more Manziel hysteria. I'm mostly watching ESPN, and Gruden was relentless for about 5-7 picks, and then gave up. I thought he might reach over and bitch slap Mel Kiper over Manziel early on.

 -- How about a GB shock of Austin Seferian-Jenkins here...or Deone Bucannon? It's probably Clinton-Dix.

 -- Unless CLE takes him, or another team trades up...Manziel is going out of the 1st-round.



#20) NO: WR Brandin Cooks, New Orleans

 -- With such a loaded draft of O-Lineman, and with such a huge need in Miami...and they don't trade up into it. A massive mistake. JuWuan James is not a difference-maker.

 -- The Saints just traded up in exchange with Arizona (swap, and got a 3rd-rounder) the Cards fade for Deone Bucannon...or Tom Savage.

 -- I assume the Saints are chasing Darqueze Dennard, but it would be super-savvy to snag Bradley Roby.



#19) MIA: OT JuWuan James, Tennessee

 -- Miami has to go O-Line, and unless they stretch for Joel Bitonio...they are going to make a massive mistake withMorgan Moses or Cyrus Kouandjio.

 -- To me, Calvin Pryor is a safe pick, won't bust, but is not mid-1st-round material


#18) NYJ: SS Calvin Pryor, Louisville

 -- I think the 'shock' pick here could be Bradley Roby. Knowing the Jets, it will be a WR...if they take Marqise Leeover Brandin Cooks, I will turn over in my grave.

 -- Schefter is saying next chance for Manziel is Kansas City...because of the Alex Smith contract? I would bet my life against that happening. I already wrote my feelings on the KC and 1st-round QB talk B.S.


#17) BAL: LB C.J. Mosley, Alabama

 -- Brilliant pick by Dallas given the options remaining.

 -- No Manziel to BAL, NYJ, MIA, ARI, GB, PHI...if CLE doesn't want him (and I don't think they do)...does Manziel fall out of the first round?

 -- Baltimore takes Darqueze or Clinton-Dix here...maybe Mosley?


#16) DAL: Zack Martin, Notre Dame

 -- Dallas had a chance at glory with Donald and Shazier...they needed to move up just a few picks, but they didn't. Holy crap, if this is Manziel.

 -- I'm beginning to think Pittsburgh is subscribing to the CFM work after the last two drafts. Appreciate the business guys! Congrats in the best pick in the draft at #15. 

 -- The Cowboys' franchise will be destroyed with a pick of Manziel. Nothing against Johnny per se, it just ruins Romo, et al.


#15) PIT: OLB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

 -- Miami should be trading up for Zack Martin. If I'm Dallas, I trade back and take Shazier at #19.

 -- I'm not as high on Fuller as everyone else. I hear them taking about how great Fuller is on tape...I never saw it.


#14) CHI: CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech

 -- Well, Seattle and San Francisco...the Rams are right on your ass now. Announcing a move of Robinson to LG (to start), and now adding Donald...I'm a pro-Rams guy in 2014+.


#13) STL: DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

 -- Kiss the NY Giants good-bye. Whatever magic they had in personnel decisions just went out the door...the last couple drafts have been ugggh. The rest of the NFC East has to be loving this. Nothing wrong with OBJ...but why did they Giants need him? 

 -- Dallas could be setting up for Ryan Shazier or Aaron Donald falling to them at #16. Everything you want to know about who's really running the personnel department for Dallas will be shown with who the #16 pick is.


#12) NYG: WR Odell Beckham Jr., LSU

 -- I think the Lewan pick could/will be a mistake long-term for TEN...because off the off-field/locker room issue/risk. Why did Tennessee need this guy? I really do not understand what TEN is doing this off season.

 -- If the Giants get Aaron Donald here, and it's a steal. Zack Martin cannot be ruled out.

 -- Ray Lewis says Odell Beckham is a need here. Why? Who runs guys the size of Cruz and Beckham as their 1-2?


#11) TEN: OT Taylor Lewan, Michigan

 -- I don't think this is Manziel, it's not Whisenhunt's type of QB...I don't think.

 -- The wrong pick here for TEN is D. put me down for Dennard.


#10) DET: TE Eric Ebron, UNC

 -- DET has to be taking a CB, and are forced into Darqueze Dennard, unless they reach for Kyle Fullerhere...unless someone trades for Donald.

 -- I am shocked MIN did not take Aaron Donald. My Vikings-love just dipped a touch, but I get the Barr-love here...I just think he has some 'bust' potential that Donald does not.

 -- The Lions are having the worst played off-season of 2013. The overspend on Golden Tate was shocking. They re-signed Pettigrew. They have Fauria...and now they have another shaky TE. The Lions are getting ready to full-scale crumble.

Ray Lewis: "Eric Ebron has soft hands"...if by that you mean he cannot catch, then yes, he has soft hands.

 -- Props to Mayock, he called Barr to MIN...I'm the idiot.


#9) MIN: OLB Anthony Barr, UCLA

 -- This has to be Aaron Donald at #9, unless MIN drops a pick to DET. If so, a major Manziel slide could be in order.

 -- Mike Mayock thinks Anthony Barr to MINOf course, he had Donald at #24 last night in his Mock. If Donald goes #20+, I'll eat this computer I am typing on.


#8) CLE: CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

 -- The Browns swapped with MIN, giving up a 5th-round, to move up one spot. Minnesota knows Donald does not fit CLE, so they're safe.


#7) TB: WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M

 -- Minnesota has to be sweating Aaron Donald here. The pecking order of the NFC North will start to change if the Vikings get their hands on Donald + Mike Zimmer.

 -- If no Manziel here...he slides by #8 MIN, #9 CLE, #10 DET...and if no STL at #13....oh, boy...


#6) ATL: OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

 -- Miami would be crazy not to trade up to try to get Jake Matthews right now, but Atlanta will probably snag him here.

 -- The count on how many times Ray Lewis describes a prospect as 'kid', as in "I love this kid," is somewhere between 132 and 835 times today.

 -- Long shot pick here for ATL: Aaron Donald

 -- I may get a Browns jersey to go along with my Nick Foles tattoo. The more I think of that trade...amazing by Cleveland. PLEASE Browns, for the sake of the city, cash in on these picks. Buffalo...worst trade I could imagine.


#5) OAK: LB Khalil Mack, Buffalo

 -- There is a reason why Buffalo and Jacksonville always blow, and pick high in drafts...and this is why. Sammy Watkins is not a top-5 value. MUCH LESS trade away your #1 next year. This is beyond ridiculous. Speaking of that, Oakland picks next...which means Mike Evans for sure. They should take Jake Matthews.

The Cleveland Browns are set up for complete brilliance now. A great, great, great trade.


#4) BUF: WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson

 -- Buffalo has traded up with Cleveland (CLE gets #9, 2015 1st-round, 4th-round)

 -- Jacksonville is simply hapless. Bortles is no way ready, nor is he that good of a QB. Wow! What a waste. Good news for Ricky StanziBlaine Gabbert and now Blake Bortles. Delightful...


#3) JAC: QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida

 -- More and more, I can see the logic of Johnny Manziel to JAC. It is candy for dinner. It's the quick approach to make you NFL franchise relevant if you are the owner. If no Manziel here...the tumble could be officially on.

 -- I think JAC takes Khalil Mack, but do not rule out Manziel.

 -- Zac Stacy's Fantasy Football value just shot up with Robinson to STL...they are discussing Robinson playing LG to start, not LT.


#2) STL: OT Greg Robinson, Auburn

 -- I think this is Jake Matthews or Greg Robinson to STL. I couldn't argue with either. I just think Matthews is so polished, and can play right now. Robinson could be amazing...or struggles a bunch in the passing game.

 -- Jadeveon Clowney not falling bodes well for DE Kareem Martin, UNC being taken earlier than expected.

 -- I would not 100% rule out Clowney traded from Houston by mid-draft...


#1) HOU: DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

  -- If Houston, with having some coaching ties to South Carolina, passes on Clowney...I wonder whether a small tumble will occur?

-- Well, there is the first one: "Khalil Mack is one of the most dominant pass rushers that we've seen in the National Football League" (that is word for word) -- Ray Lewis

 -- I know why Chris Berman is there (he always is). I know why Jon Gruden is there. We all know why Mel Kiper is there. But what is Ray Lewis doing on the four-person panel on ESPN's frontline draft coverage? That should be some fodder for my typing today. We are now on an elevated alert for Ray Lewis to mention what he did on the field when (not) talking about a prospect.

 -- I still think Houston trades the #1 pick, but if I had to guess, they will be forced to take ClowneyMack is in play because of the better fit. I don't think it will be a QB, because as sure as I sit here, ex-Patriots are into Patriots 'things'...coaches, players, etc. They have an interest in Ryan Mallett...which means they do not have great interest in the top QBs in this draft.



-- Someone has probably already thought of it, but another 'draft contest' idea would be to guess which prospect that was invited to attended the draft will be there last. Cyrus Kouandjio is my pick. Marcus Martin is in that hunt too.

 -- (7:10pm ET) 20-40 minutes until the Texans trade the #1 pick...

 -- On the red carpet, the NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah just compared Eric Ebron to Jimmy Graham, and thenVernon Davis. There should be an NFL Meter Maid who issues a fine every time that nonsense is spoken by a football analyst.

 -- Watching the NFL Network red carpet, and I'm not sure who is sadder: The NFL interviewers asking the players "What suit are you wearing?" or the moron wearing a giant, full Colts-blue suit ensemble...complete with a matching, idiotic blue Colts-cowboy hat. He also has a see-through man-bag with a mini Colts helmet showing through. For those not watching, think: "What would a white Steve Harvey wear if they were a psychotic Colts fan, who looks like an escaped member of ZZ Top?" It will be a long time until this guy can hoot and holler over whatever Offensive Guard the Colts take at #59 (their first pick).



The 20 best players according to the computer, considering value of the position:

1) Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

2) Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

3) Tom Savage, Pittsburgh (QBs mean 'everything'!)

4) Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville (ditto)

5) Jimmy Garopollo, Eastern Illinois (ditto)

6) Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

7) Greg Robinson, Auburn

8) Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

9) Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington

10) Bradley Roby, Ohio State

11) Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

12) Khalil Mack, Buffalo

13) Anthony Barr, UCLA

14) Will Sutton, Arizona State

15) Deone Bucannon, Washington State

16) Jason Verrett, TCU

17) Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt

18) Kevin Pierre-Louis, Boston College

19) Brandin Cooks, Oregon State

20) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill


10:45am ET

Here are our 10 best draft prospects (and 10 honorable mentions) in this draft from a statistical evaluation we are messing with: considering actual 2014 draft 'scarcity' (the depth at the position in this draft), and the NFL overall 'scarcity' (the relative importance and depth at the position in the NFL today). We also consider the future 'scarcity' (are there more and more 'great" players at this position flooding into the NFL each draft year recently). Obviously, talent/our computer grades are important too.


#10) Deone Bucannon, Washington State

In a draft class weak at Safety, Bucannon is the only 'elite' one on the board. He is the best tackler...a feared punishing hitter. He is known for big hits, but he is also 211-pounds and runs a 4.48 40-time with good agility. He is the best Safety in this class bar none, and the next Safety prospect isn't that close.


#9) CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

We have Bradley Roby rated higher as an all-around CB. However, when you consider return skills into this, then Gilbert starts to move into a higher valuation.


#8) OLB/DE Anthony Barr, UCLA

The athleticism here is worth reaching for. 'On paper' Barr is better than Khalil Mack. However, Barr's on-field work (in our evals) leaves a bit to be desired. Khalil Mack is probably a solid 'B+' in this draft. Barr could be an 'A' or a 'C'...the 'A' possibility lands him on this list.


#7) QB Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

The possibility that he is the 'next Aaron Rodgers' is too valuable to overlook. On QBs, you have to over-draft them, because of their economic importance...and then pray.


#6) TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington

In a world, where Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham are major offensive difference-makers, Seferian-Jenkins is the only hope of a TE like a 2014 TE class that is barren.


#5) QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

This may be a 'shocker' to some of you, because we do not rate Manziel among the top-3 QBs in this class. However, when you consider his popularity/lightning-rod appeal...he changes a franchise from a marketing standpoint like none other in this draft. I could not make this pick, because I am not a fan of the NFL-talent or off-field hysteria, but I get the impact he will have on the media attention. Jersey sales will go nuts, etc. He has a ton of 'non-on the field' value.


#4) OT Greg Robinson, Auburn

This is a radical 'boom or bust' OT. I could see Robinson flaming out because he struggles to pick up reads in pass-protection. However, if you fix that pass-block 'bug', then you have the greatest run-blocker in many a draft...and a possible Hall of Fame level OT. That possibility puts Robinson on this list, despite the fact that we see Jake Matthewsas being the best/most safe option at OT right away.


#3) QB Tom Savage, Pittsburgh

I keep having this love affair with Savage, so you may think I am calling him the next 'can't miss' QB. I am not. I just think he is the Blake Bortles everyone is looking for. He's the prototypical size-arm guy the NFL covets. Plus, he is talented. If you're going to roll QB dice in the 2014 should start with Savage...if marketing is not a big issue for your franchise.


#2) DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

Looking at our #2 and #3 was Pitt not better last year? I would have put Donald at #1, because he is an off-the-charts DT prospect, but that's about all he is...a 4-3 scheme DT, and a touch undersized at that. He's awesome, but I think our #1 is slightly more awesome.


#1) OLB/ILB/SS/FS/WR/RB  Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

Shazier is the 'Calvin Johnson' of '3-4' OLBs. Plus, he has the versatility to bulk up as an ILB, or thin down to an incredible Free or Strong Safety. He's the highest rated OLB, ILB, SS we have. He probably could have been a top RB or WR as well. He is the most athletically gifted, versatile prospect in this draft.


Honorable Mention:

#11) DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina *Besides 40-time, the numbers on Clowney are not out of this world. You get a pass-rusher only here...and maybe just a 'good' one at best.

#12) OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

#13) CB Bradley Roby, Ohio State

#14) NT Louis Nix III, Notre Dame

#15) DT Will Sutton, Arizona State

#16) OT Joel Bitonio, Nevada

#17) OT Zack Martin, Notre Dame

#18) OLB/DE  Khalil Mack, Buffalo *Good, not 'special' at a position pumping out more and more 'good' prospects every year

#19) QB Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

#20) WR Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt

You will notice a lack of WRs here. There are too many good ones available, and we see more coming in the future, and none from this class is "the next Calvin Johnson'.



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