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2017 NFL Draft Statistically Valued ‘Big Board’ (2.0)

Air Date:
April 27, 2017

*Added a few more players since 1.0 and some slight changes/updates to our linebacker group. 


Couple notes…

— ‘Draft Value’ is our proprietary calculation containing our scouting grades and positional tiers mixed with how the NFL pays each position in real dollars/payroll…so, a quarterback is worth exponentially more than a center, etc. Offensive centers and running backs are the low end of the NFL payroll scale. Quarterbacks lead all, with WR-DE-CB-OT-DT in a cluster for ‘next most important’ (in payroll terms).

Our rank is on a 0-10 scale with players able to value over 10 and under 0…and you can guess what that means. We have 7 players with a 10+ grade this year.

— 650+ players valued/graded.

— Players may show up twice…graded/valued at different positions (if they have that potential).

— You can sort, expand, search, etc. in a variety of ways hitting the tabs or using the search option.

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Table: 495


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