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2017 NFL Draft Streaming Commentary (Day Two-Round 2)

Air Date:
April 28, 2017

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Forgive any typos, grammar, etc. We are pasting the post transcripts as fast as we get them…


 *Round 3 will be on another page when it is time…




#64) CAR selects…Taylor Moton, W Michigan

Taylor Moton — I wasn’t strongly for or against Moton. Scouting grades were meh for me using computer model.


#63) BUF selects…Dion Dawkins, Temple

Dion Dawkins — My top OG prospect, one of my top 20-30 prospects for this draft. Great pick by Buffalo. Zay Jones + Dion Dawkins is a great round.


Random talk on JuJu

  • 09:29 PM–Wolfe…He’s Steve Smith (NYG) 2.0
  • 09:29 PM–RC…Hey…Steve Smith was good
  • 09:29 PM–Rabbitt…Steve Smith NYG was really good
  • 09:29 PM–Xavier…Bills could use a right tackle
  • 09:29 PM–Rabbitt…That dude could run a route
  • 09:29 PM–Wolfe…for about 12 games one year
  • 09:29 PM–RC…Wow, pent up Steve Smith NYG love!!!!!
  • 09:29 PM–RC…Then he tore his ribs or something
  • 09:30 PM–Jon…hahaha


 JuJU chat…

  • 09:26 PM–Xavier…I don’t see any major flaws in Josh Jones
  • 09:26 PM–Wolfe…Juju has zero seperation-not a fan
  • 09:26 PM–Xavier…PIT doesn’t want to be reliant on Brown (and Martavis)
  • 09:26 PM–RC…JuJu Smith-Schuster — A good hands, slower, stiffer WR…a less than Mike Williams receiver. So many other better receivers out there. A wasted pick by the Steelers…bad value.
  • 09:26 PM–RC…Who passes on Chris Godwin for JuJu? ridiculous
  • 09:26 PM–Jon…They don’t seem to want to give AB the help he would like
  • 09:27 PM–Xavier…I don’t know what the NFL sees in JuJu
  • 09:27 PM–Xavier…JuJu is terrible
  • 09:27 PM–Jon…Big Ben may reconsider his non retirement now
  • 09:27 PM–Jon…Is there a more hyped player this year?
  • 09:28 PM–RC…Mike Williams
  • 09:28 PM–Xavier…Williams is decent at least
  • 09:28 PM–RC…Who takes JuJu ahead of Godwin or Kupp…in similar vein WRs. It’s criminal.
  • 09:28 PM–Xavier…JuJu I don’t see any redeeming qualities
  • 09:28 PM–Wolfe…Juju is my new candidate to be overdrafted in dynasty drafts


#62) PIT selects…JuJU Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster — A good hands, slower, stiffer WR…a less than Mike Williams receiver. So many other better receivers out there. A wasted pick by the Steelers…bad value.


#61) GB selects Josh Jones, NC State

Josh Jones — ‘A’ athlete, but I thought he had weaker tape…poor instincts. Definitely worth a pick on his athleticism and him at his best.


#60) DAL selects…Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado

Chidobe Awuzie — Is a solid corner+, but I think he could be an all-pro safety. he loves to hit. Could be a safety/linebacker. Just a really good player.


  • 09:14 PM–Xavier…Makes sense for KC
  • 09:15 PM–RC…If Dallas takes Wormley or Willis — Katz celebrate
  • 09:15 PM–Xavier…DAL needs CB
  • 09:15 PM–Wolfe…Kpassagnon reminds me of Mangus Hunt with a smaller school pedigree
  • 09:15 PM–RC…Thats what I fear on Kpassagnon


#59) KC selects…Tanoh Kpassagnon, Villanova

Tanoh Kpassagnon — Looks like a monster, maybe the best body in the draft…was lost at the Senior Bowl. He’s developmental. I didnt love what I saw on tape. I see his reach and athleticism.


#58) SEA selects…Ethan Pocic, LSU

Ethan Pocic — Best OC in the draft, and is a solid Guard or Tackle. Loved him at the Senior Bowl week. Solid pick…helps Russell Wilson and friends.


  • 09:08 PM–Xavier…Cunningham ok but not good in coverage
  • 09:08 PM–Xavier…Universally ‘ok’
  • 09:08 PM–RC…Cunningham = Effort is an A, tackles like a D-, covers like a D+


#57) HOU selects… Zach Cunningham, Vandy

Zach Cunningham is a OK not great linebacker. gets to the action but uses his long arms to try to wrangle ballcarriers…and misses a lot. More bust probability than NFL starter, I think.


  • 09:06 PM–Wolfe…Does Obi fit at CB? Joseph and Nelson are established pretty firmly
  • 09:07 PM–Xavier…Replace Sean Smith eventually


#56) OAK selects…Obi Melifonwu

Obi Melifonwu could be one of the 5 best players in this draft. His reach and athleticism is unrivaled. He’s a freak. Could be a corner, for sure is a safety — very good tackler. Love this pick. Insane he is there at 56.


  • 08:58 PM–Xavier…Tomlinson makes sense to replace Hankins
  • 08:58 PM–Wolfe…Dalvin Tomlinson?
  • 08:59 PM–Wolfe…oh crap that’s right I forgot Hankins did eventually leave
  • 08:59 PM–Xavier…Problem with Dalvin is he’s another old guy
  • 09:00 PM–Xavier…When you’re 25 you should be a lot stronger than 19 year olds
  • 09:00 PM–Xavier…And wiser with age
  • 09:00 PM–RC…He’s definitely not faster with age
  • 09:01 PM–Wolfe…Tomlinson is 23


#55) NYG selects…Dalvin Tomlinson, Alabama

Dalvin Tominson begs the question…where are DTs Jarren Reed and  A. Robinson that were so great because they played at Alabama. Are we done with Alabama players yet? There are top 10-15 talents just sitting out there…Willis, Obi, Wormley


#54) MIA selects…

Raekwon McMillan — He’s solid across the board. Not great but wont be a bust.


 #53) DET selects…Teez Tabor, Florida

Teez Tabor — a slow corner who played in the SEC. Did Detroit just watch Florida games and that it for scouting?


On Kizer…

  • 08:47 PM–Rabbitt…Also, browns take Kizer
  • 08:47 PM–Xavier…Kizer just isn’t good enough
  • 08:47 PM–RC…Kizer is great…except pocket presence and decision making — Mike Mayock just said
  • 08:48 PM–Jon…Ok now is time for me to say what i was going to say about the Browns
  • 08:49 PM–Jon…I now believe their “moneyball” strategy is entirely based on athletic performance and stockpiling draft picks, there’s no tape watching going on there
  • 08:50 PM–Xavier…CLE admitted they don’t think they can do better than anyone at evaluation, they just want to maximum dart throws


#51) CLE selects…Deshone Kizer

Deshone Kizer — one-read passer. gets away with it with his arm in college sometimes. Sloppy passer. Overrated runner. The Browns are dying a fast death. This means Kessler-Kizer for years. DOA


#50) DEN selects…Demarcus Walker, Florida St

Demarcus Walker — Great on tape, bad on measurables. Wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a star or a bust. Hard to figure.


  • 08:38 PM–Rabbitt…Dixon, Obi, Willis here please
  • 08:38 PM–Xavier…Justin Evans can cover
  • 08:38 PM–Jon…Direct quote from Mike Mayock “I’m starting to doubt my ability to evaluate”..
  • 08:39 PM–Xavier…I doubted Mayock when he thought Gabbert would be good


#49) TB selects…Justin Evans, Texas A&M

I like Justin Evans, but my thing is…there’s 5+ safeties just like him out there available. Evans is solid.


#48) WAS selects…Ryan Anderson, Alabama

Ryan Anderson has a crazy first step. Maybe a top 20 talent, but is lazy and all kinds of issues — he is Randy Gregory.


#47) CIN selects…Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

Joe Mixon — Ezekiel Elliott like talent. Ten cent head…not just because of the big incident, just listen to him talk to other humans. I get teams taking him, but Samaje Perine is a better runner. Mixon a better receiver. I just think you have a head case/problem here…he can go hang out with Adam Jones.

I guess Jeremy Hill is not the greatest? Nor, Gio Bernard? I love being proven right.

Mixon to CIN is solid for fantasy, but Gio and Hill are there.


#46) BAL selects…Tyus Bowser, Houston

Tyrus Bowser is an A+ athlete and a C+ performer. He has all the tools, but never took them out of the tool box. He can cover, play run, and rush the pass…he just doesn’t make many plays to get you excited. Worth a pick/try.


  • 08:26 PM–Rabbitt…Andrew luck is crying.
  • 08:26 PM–Rabbitt…Seriously.
  • 08:26 PM–Wolfe…and Shaheen even declared early
  • 08:26 PM–Xavier…IND should go D every pick
  • 08:27 PM–Wolfe…or OL
  • 08:27 PM–Rabbitt…Disagree Xavier. They should draft offensive linemen with every pick
  • 08:27 PM–Xavier…They just need one guard and they’re fine


#46) IND selects…Quincy Wilson, Florida

Quincy Wilson has all the measurables but something about his play. He didn’t grade well for my system. He didnt stand out on tape.


#45) CHI selects…Adam Shaheen, Chicago

Adam Shaheen — Is the NFL trying to piss me off. Why take a tall, athletic, developmental TE…when you just watched WR to TE convert Daniel Brown play well late last year + you need defense. How many TEs do the Bears need?


#44) LAR selects…Gerald Everett, SO Alabama

Gerald Everett is possibly the worst pick of this draft, I don’t care if the next team drafts me. A small handed, small TE who can catch but can’t block. He’s a slow, big WR or a small TE who cant block. Terrible, Terrible pick for a team that cannot block…a TE that cannot block. McVay is trying to get another Jordan Reed…I don’t think it is Everett. The fact that McVay targeted Everett — it’s interesting for fantasy because they are going to try to make him Jordan Reed. There is hope they can.

Reed played QB, RB, WR, TE something with a big frame. Everett doesnt have any of that, to me.


Rams pick speculation…

  • 08:10 PM–Xavier…Rams need OL
  • 08:11 PM–RC…Dion Dawkins is my top OL pick left
  • 08:11 PM–RC…top 25-30 guy
  • 08:12 PM–Rabbitt…That would help the Gurley bounceback
  • 08:12 PM–RC…Obi and Willis just sitting out there…
  • 08:13 PM–Rabbitt…This has to be on the offensive side though right?
  • 08:13 PM–RC…Dawkins should, but wont go this high…right, Xavier?
  • 08:13 PM–Xavier…He does deserve to go this high, just not sure they go guard
  • 08:14 PM–Xavier…Need center/tackle more
  • 08:14 PM–RC…I see him projected 50+…44 is not too crazy I guess
  • 08:14 PM–RC…Pocic, UCLA
  • 08:14 PM–Xavier…Pocic clear-cut top center


Sidney Jones talk…

  • 08:08 PM–Rabbitt…So confused by this pick
  • 08:08 PM–Wolfe…That will help the next staff that comes in 2018
  • 08:08 PM–Rabbitt…Achilles injuries are such a coin flip
  • 08:08 PM–Xavier…Teams think he’s good
  • 08:09 PM–Rabbitt…He could very easily never be the same guy
  • 08:09 PM–Xavier…Jones was ok. My biggest concern was that garbage 3-cone
  • 08:10 PM–Wolfe…How did Washington give up so many points with 3 top 43 guys in the secondary alone


#43) PHI selects…Sidney Jones, Washington

  • 08:09 PM–RC…Sidney Jones — I didn’t see it on tape. I mean, he was good/OK…Kevin King looked better. You dont get him until halfway into season…which means 2017 is a waste. I dont understand.


On PHI pick…

  • 08:01 PM–RC…They are pushing Kamara to PHI…did Wendell Smallwood die?
  • 08:02 PM–RC…If they take Kamara they deserve all the losses they have coming their way
  • 08:02 PM–Xavier…Joe Mixon supposedly on PHI board
  • 08:07 PM–RC…This pick is taking longer than Wentz’s wind up on his throws…


#42) NO selects…Marcus Williams, Utah

Marcus Williams is a very solid pick. Athletic. Size. Can hit and cover. Saints have nice DBs from this draft.


 On Dalvin Cook…

  • 07:55 PM–RC…Jerick McKinnon does not exist
  • 07:55 PM–Xavier…Joe Mixon is so much better
  • 07:56 PM–Rabbitt…Murray is beyond dead now as well
  • 07:56 PM–Rabbitt…They will push him since they drafted him that high
  • 07:57 PM–Xavier…Cook is overrated as a receiving back as well
  • 07:57 PM–RC…Mike Zimmer is done. That is a poison pill pick. No need for it. The Vikings are a joke.
  • 07:58 PM–Jon…Who should they have taken there RC?
  • 07:58 PM–Katz joined the room
  • 07:58 PM–KatzA little late, but I’m here
  • 07:58 PM–Xavier…Probably figure Cook’s alleged elusiveness makes up for no o-line
  • 07:58 PM–RC…MIN desperate for O-Line, a second CB to replace Waynes. They need a new coach and GM…and a QB
  • 07:58 PM–Rabbitt…Complete and total stupidity at the NFL table here. Bradford was awesome with no Oline. Running game was horrible
  • 07:58 PM–Katz-So much for McKinnon
  • 07:59 PM–Rabbitt…How can you have a running game with no oline?
  • 07:59 PM–Katz-Have to imagine his value is completely gone now


#41) MIN selects Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook — No team deserves to make an awful pick more than the Vikings, and they just did. Signed Lat Murray, possess Jerick McKinnon who is amazing…now add a flimsy RB. This is the worst pick in the 2nd round, one of the worst picks in the draft…because it’s not close to a need.


#40) CAR selects…Curtis Samuel, Ohio State

Curtis Samuel — Carolina is single-handedly destroying dynasty rookie draft value with every pick. You could argue for McCaffrey or Samuel…why both? I’m not against accumulating speedsters, but I don’t get Carolina’s plan. Samuel is really neat. I’m confused by McCaff + Samuel at the same time. Good players both. Will be interesting.


 On Marcus Maye…

  • 07:47 PM–Wolfe…Did the Jets really take a second safety?
  • 07:47 PM–Xavier…They needed two
  • 07:47 PM–Xavier…Marcus Gilchrist will get cut now
  • 07:48 PM–Xavier…Maye is good safety also
  • 07:48 PM–Wolfe…yeah just going to be a long season for them may as well go BPA for Jets
  • 07:48 PM–Xavier…Maye belongs in 1st round for me
  • 07:49 PM–Xavier…Don’t agree.
  • 07:49 PM–RC…Maye was not as a good a prospect as Pryor when he came out
  • 07:49 PM–RC…not just in terms of draft
  • 07:50 PM–RC…Maye is OK, just not special…last #39 picks thew Jets had: Devin Smith. Another luminary. …I just can’t believe the Jets took two safeties to start this draft.


 #39) NYJ selects… Marcus Maye, Florida

Marcus Maye — Worse than Calvin Pryor, so how does this make them better? Two safeties. The worst team in the NFL, and the rebuilding begins with two safeties. The Jets are the single worst run franchise in the NFL. Their GM and scouting teams are virtually incompetent.


#38) LAC selects…Forrest Lamp, W. Ky

  • 07:46 PM–RC…Forrest Lamp is solid. I will go nuts every time someone points out his Alabama tape…he struggled early, looked great when ALA started blowing people out. I watched him against not-Alabama and he struggled with speed rushers in lower competition. Short arms. He’s solid not a star, I think.


On Zay Jones…

  • 07:40 PM–Jon…So Zay has a better chance of functioning wherever he goes RC
  • 07:40 PM–Jon…Is BUF as bad as it gets though?
  • 07:41 PM–Xavier…Once Watkins gets hurt he’s the only WR
  • 07:41 PM–Wolfe…Is Zay Jones value any higher than Woods though?
  • 07:41 PM–Wolfe…or I should say Robert Woods in Buffalo
  • 07:42 PM–RC…Not what I wanted for Zay…my love shifts to Taywan Taylor
  • 07:42 PM–Jon…But this makes me feel better about passing on him in my dynasty drafts, then grabbing him cheaper later in the year in a trade


#37) BUF selects…Zay Jones, East Carolina

  • 07:41 PM–RC…Zay Jones — I love him, our top rated ‘speed/small’ WR. Great hands. High-end athleticism. Sadly, he goes to a team that struggles with the forward pass. He’ll be behind Sammy Watkins for targets initially…but this prob. signals Watkins won’t be kept long term. I hate this for FF 2017, and for as long as BUF doesnt have a pass game. Great player…bad fantasy fit.


 #36) ARI selects…Budda Baker, Washington

Budda Baker is a solid player, but does Arizona need another small DB? He has nice athleticism, solid player…but wow…no QB? No WR? I don’t get it.


  • 07:33 PM–Xavier…Note Webb has big arm which ARI values
  • 07:34 PM–RC…So does Kizer. From the people that brought you Logan Thomas…they have to go Kizer. Webb is too normal for Arians.
  • 07:34 PM–Wolfe…which means ARI probably goes Kizer


  • 07:33 PM–RC…Frank Clark worked out, so maybe this will…I just think Seattle is grabbing too many problem players. Stable players dont want to be there. Pete Carroll is doing the reclamation project thing like Arians. Sherman wants out. Graham wants out. Lynch refused to play there. It’s a house of cards.


 35) SEA selects…Malik McDowell, Michigan State

Malik McDowell: Another sign the Seahawks are in free fall. Now they are collecting misfit toys like Arizona. McDowell was a lazy, sloppy player with a few flashes of greatness. Seattle needs to take SPARQ and flush it down the toilet. I get taking a shot on McDowell, but Seattle is close to a Super Bowl and McDowell is a project. I don’t like this pick. They should have just taken an OL and moved on.


#34) JAC selects…Cam Robinson, Alabama

Cam Robinson: I thought was the best pass blocking left tackle in the entire draft, what I saw on tape. He destroyed/handled Myles Garrett. So-so run blocking, good enough. But his backpedal against pass rushers is great…and uses his arms to wall off rushers well. The Jags get two top positional players so far this draft. They solve QB…they become AFC South kings.


On the Packers pick… 

  • 07:20 PM–Xavier…Problem with King for IDP is he wasn’t much of a playmaker, imo.
  • 07:20 PM–Xavier…Just pretty good coverage and superhuman athletic
  • 07:20 PM–RC…Agreed but King likely gets tested right away and sees PDs for IDP points. My thinking…he’s a target and gets FF pts
  • 07:21 PM–Jon…I think it’s a good pick, somebody has to shackle Laquon Treadwell twice a year.
  • 07:21 PM–Wolfe…Well there is plenty of early PT available in GB especially with Shields gone


#33) GB selects…Kevin King, Washington

Kevin King: Xavier thought this all along. A fantastic athlete with size (6’3″). He will tackle. I thought he looked good in coverage with flashes of brilliance. I also saw flashes of indifference and his pre-interviews he’s a little too not-football focused. In the end, I like this pick because his body/speed is freakish…one of the freaks of the draft. Good for IDP…because he’s starting quick, you’d think.


On potential GB pick…

  • 07:09 PM–Jon…Should they make this pick or move it?
  • 07:10 PM–Wolfe…GB is bottom 10 roster outside AROD-they need help pretty much everywhere and should move down
  • 07:10 PM–Xavier…If they move to 38-39 they can still get a CB probably
  • 07:10 PM–RC…No calls or buzz showing in GB war room per video they are showing
  • 07:11 PM–Jon…Biggest needs aside from CB?
  • 07:11 PM–Xavier…RB
  • 07:11 PM–RC…RB and D_Line?
  • 07:11 PM–Rabbitt…Edge rusher
  • 07:11 PM–Rabbitt…Clay can’t stay healthy
  • 07:11 PM–Rabbitt…Oline maybe
  • 07:11 PM–Jon…Best player fits at 33 then…
  • 07:11 PM–Rabbitt…I think Rogers covers up a ton of flaws
  • 07:12 PM–Xavier…King or Mixon
  • 07:12 PM–RC…Dont forget Jason Spriggs takes over for one of the guys who left
  • 07:12 PM–RC…at OL
  • 07:13 PM–Xavier…Think he’s still swing tackle
  • 07:13 PM–RC…Spriggs was a top 10-15 guy overall for me last year
  • 07:13 PM–Jon…If you have Montgomery do you need a pass catching back or just a 2 down bruiser?
  • 07:13 PM–RC…They never threw to Montgomery after that splash debut
  • 07:13 PM–Xavier…Just take Mixon and you have a 3-down superstar
  • 07:13 PM–RC…McCarthy love big backs…Foreman or Mixon


Pre-Draft on Goodell

  • 07:04 PM–RC…Goodell getting booed out of the building to start…nice
  • 07:05 PM–RC…Bringing Ron Jaworski didnt help avoid the boos
  • 07:05 PM–Xavier…Well deserved
  • 07:05 PM–Wolfe…Also back to an intersting tidbit on Rueben Foster-his draft party was sponsored by a marijuana and tobacco vaporizer company
  • 07:05 PM–RC…Sly Stallone would have to come put in Red White Blue shorts to not get Goodell booed
  • 07:05 PM–Jon…That’s the first time Goodell has ever acknowledged the booing
  • 07:06 PM–RC…I saw the SF presser with Foster and Stanford’s Sol Thomas…it was like a commercial for ‘education’
  • 07:06 PM–RC…the before and after
  • 07:06 PM–Rabbitt…Sorry Jaws. It’s not that cool. Can you\ please tell us who the picks are?
  • 07:07 PM–Xavier…I hate anyone who gives a speech longer than 5 seconds
  • 07:07 PM–Xavier…Egomaniac
  • 07:07 PM–RC…Is Jaws working on the ‘Jaws brand’, come on. Just get to the picks
  • 07:08 PM–Jon…Coolness is a personal thing. Right now he thinks he’s the coolest guy on the planet.


Talking Aaron Donald before the draft…

  • 06:57 PM–RC…What’s Wade going to do with Aaron Donald, JW?
  • 06:57 PM–RC…3-4, right?
  • 06:57 PM–Rabbitt…yep 3-4
  • 06:57 PM–Xavier…Under
  • 06:58 PM–Xavier…Donald still 3-tech
  • 06:58 PM–Wolfe…I think Donald is probably best playing 5 technique, he’s a waste trying to take on double teams
  • 06:58 PM–Xavier…I have Easley as the 5-tech
  • 06:59 PM–Xavier…Brockers at NT
  • 07:00 PM–Rabbitt…Vance Mcdonald on the block it sounds like
  • 07:00 PM–RC…That was my thought on Donald — a ‘5’ to try to get a matchup, but that’s not natural for him at 285
  • 07:01 PM–Xavier…He’s a 3
  • 07:01 PM–RC…What about a Donald trade before they pay him a billion dollars pre-free agency?
  • 07:01 PM–Rabbitt…If they trade donald it’s time to be unexcited about that D
  • 07:01 PM–RC…To the Patriots…because that’s what happens


Speculating On the Packers pick tonight at 2.1:

06:48 PM–Rabbitt…Lamp or Robertson would be another interesting one for me from the packers.06:48 PM–Xavier…I believe fundamentally the two things you need to win a championship are a quarterback and a defensive coordinator.06:49 PM–Xavier…PHI showed it last year.06:49 PM–RC…I put top O-Line in that fundamental list06:49 PM–Xavier…Same defensive talent completely changed by the D-coordinator06:50 PM–RC…Jim Schwartz didn’t need Eric Rowe…so you know he’s got his finger on the pulse06:50 PM–Rabbitt…I think coaching is among the most overrated things in the NFL. And I say that being a coach06:50 PM–Wolfe… joined the room06:50 PM–Xavier…PHI didn’t even have CBs06:50 PM–Rabbitt…Give me freakish athletes over well coached dudes anytime06:50 PM–RC…That whole PHI group is going to get fired after this season. Wentz has singlehandedly destroyed them…set them back for years.06:51 PM–Xavier…Yes I don’t get why Wentz gets praised06:51 PM–RC…I would agree Rabbitt…and then I saw the 2015-2016 LA Rams06:51 PM–Rabbitt…but did you see the 14-15 broncos?06:52 PM–RC…Yeah, Wade Phillips proves XC’s point…06:52 PM–Jon joined the room06:52 PM–Rabbitt…Wade phillips didn’t make that defense. Von Miller did. Just saying06:53 PM–Rabbitt…If Wade Phillips was so great, why was the D so average last year?06:53 PM–RC…Aqib Talib and Chris Harris just rolled over in their graves06:53 PM–JonGood evening chaps, this is Jon.06:53 PM–Xavier…? DEN allowed 18.6 PPG last year which is great06:54 PM–RC…Jon where are you coming to us live from in the world?06:54 PM–Rabbitt…130.3 yards per game on the ground06:54 PM–Rabbitt…what changed? Wade was still there.06:54 PM–Rabbitt…They lost their freaks in the middle06:55 PM–JonI’m currently broadcasting from the steel city, Sheffield England.06:55 PM–RC…Wade lost Kubes and was forlorn?06:56 PM–RC…Wade cut back to 5,000 calories a day because he was so sad. Low blood sugar06:56 PM–Wolfe…Speaking of Wade I am anxious to see what he does in STL they have a lot of talent06:56 PM–Xavier…Won’t matter if Goff doesn’t improve06:57 PM–RC…If the Rams go nuts…Rabbitt…my point wins!! Wade v. Fisher06:57 PM–Rabbitt…I really liked wade. I think he is really good, but it’s the talent that matters. Just my thoughts. If he went to saints, are the saints suddenly going to be a huge awesome defense?06:57 PM–RC…If they dont I’ll forget all this06:57 PM–RC…What’s Wade going to do with Aaron Donald, JW?06:57 PM–RC…3-4, right?06:57 PM–Rabbitt…yep 3-4


  • 06:44 PM–RC…If we agree GB is on the verge of being the best team in football — who does this pick have to be to help push them close to the top to showdown with the Pats?
  • 06:44 PM–Xavier…Zay Jones.
  • 06:45 PM–Xavier…Or Joe Mixon
  • 06:45 PM–Rabbitt…Obi
  • 06:45 PM–Xavier…Because pass catchers are more valuable than any individual defender
  • 06:45 PM–Rabbitt…And then Foreman in round 3 to pair with TY
  • 06:46 PM–RC…But GB goes Jordy-Cobb-DAdams opening day…is WR a real need, like CB is?
  • 06:46 PM–Xavier…Not the biggest need, no. Just would be an improvement on Adams
  • 06:47 PM–Xavier…But a CB is a pawn and a WR is a rook
  • 06:47 PM–RC…I think they would have rather had a CB given to them Week 13 last year than a WR
  • 06:47 PM–Rabbitt…Adam Schefter is talking a move down for packers with bucs chargers or jets


06:37 PM–RC…Any other interesting odds out there on anything?06:38 PM–RC…What’s the Davis Webb line?06:38 PM–Rabbitt…+30006:38 PM–Rabbitt…Kizer is the favorite06:38 PM–Xavier…Worth taking06:38 PM–Rabbitt…Obi is +400 at DB’s behind king and Baker06:38 PM–Rabbitt…Zay Jones is the favorite as WR’s06:39 PM–Xavier…JuJu could surprise06:39 PM–Rabbitt…This is the one bet I can’t figure out I don’t think. This is who gets drafted last (hopefully copy and paste works)  501 Joe Mixon +210502 Jordan Willis +265503 Malik McDowell +250504 DeShone Kizer +425505 Dalvin Cook +1000506 Kevin King +1500507 Forrest Lamp +2200508 Cam Robinson +220006:39 PM–Rabbitt…I want to bet it but it’s scary06:40 PM–Xavier…Malik probably


  • 06:24 PM–RC…Who’s GB going with KKing?
  • 06:25 PM–Xavier…I think they’ll trade out again
  • 06:25 PM–Xavier…But King or Mixon would be their guy
  • 06:25 PM–Xavier…Someone coming up for WEBB.
  • 06:27 PM–RC…GB wouldnt go Mixon that high, no?
  • 06:27 PM–Xavier…I don’t think he’ll last beyond CIN
  • 06:30 PM–RC…GB = King, SEA = Obi, JAC = Webb?
  • 06:31 PM–Xavier…LAC or NYJ for Webb perhaps
  • 06:32 PM–Xavier…SEA might go Lamp or Robinson
  • 06:32 PM–RC…What about GB for Obi?
  • 06:32 PM–RC…I assume no one likes him as a CB if he didnt go first round
  • 06:32 PM–RC…Obi that is
  • 06:33 PM–Xavier…They just don’t think his game is good enough to go round 1
  • 06:33 PM–Xavier…King or Awoo~ seem a little better fit for GB
  • 06:34 PM–RC…Packers take D’Onta Foreman and shock the world?
  • 06:34 PM–Xavier…It would shock me.
  • 06:34 PM–Rabbitt…+2800 that Foreman is the first RB off the board today
  • 06:35 PM–Xavier…What’s the Joe Mixon number
  • 06:35 PM–Rabbitt…+175
  • 06:35 PM–Rabbitt…Cook is the favorite
  • 06:35 PM–RC…I forgot Dalvin Cook was still in the draft, honestly
  • 06:35 PM–Xavier…I’d say it’s pretty close between them
  • 06:36 PM–Xavier…Maybe even favoring Mixon




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