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2018 NFL Draft/Audio Commentary Instructions...

Air Date:
April 26, 2018

**Start time around 7:45pmET**

We’re using Periscope for our live audio feed tonight for a couple of reasons…

1: You DON’T have to have an account, you can simply go onto their website and start watching/listening. If you use on your cellphone via app they’ll make you have a user/pw but if you watch off a webpage…you can watch anything undetected.

2: It’s easy for me – I can be broadcasting worldwide in five seconds. It’s the easiest thing.


What to expect tonight…

It’s going to be myself and Jason Katz and hopefully Ender just chatting about the proceedings. We’re not doing like a ‘show’ per se, just – more you get to eavesdrop on what we’re talking about and discussing among us and info Xavier is sending in, etc. I will be talking, typing (you’ll hear the faint sounds of clicks) messages, and getting messages from contacts on things happening. It’s not going to be a produced event…it’s just the group of us working through and digesting the draft and reacting to whatever.

We kinda want to make it like…what if we were watching it in your living room with you. I would be talking nonstop about whatever. Our group will be talking through the draft and we’ll see how entertaining it is.

We have no prepared material. Nothing prepared for dead spots. We’re just reacting to the draft. If someone sneezes…that’s what would happen if we were at your house watching it with you.

This is some practice for us working together for some possible podcast concepts in the future. Listen to us jamming in a garage…practicing and seeing the chemistry factor.

We’re not taking any questions or comments…just because a thousand things will be happening at once. Teams picking. Reactions. Trades. Rumors. Fantasy aspects. Handicapping aspects. 10 minutes between picks is going to seem like 10 seconds.

On Periscope, you can send comments if you have a Periscope account…but we WON’T be seeing them. Sorry. Not all viewers today are registered with an account…and I think most people dropping in won’t have a Periscope (cause you don’t need one) account, so I have no idea how many people will be watching or wanting to comment, but we couldn’t juggle it all just yet. It may show 5 viewers on the feed but untold amounts watching not signed in.

Oh, and it’s is just audio. No video trained on us yet, you’ll see a blank screen but hear the audio. We’re not ready for that. I have to do to many things to keep a camera on me during this.

We did some audio tests yesterday and they were OK. My awesome mic is booming but trying to pick up the other voices won’t be as clear sometimes…it’s just part of the kinks to be worked out. I might switch mics after a bit and see how that sounds – testing showed it’s more tinny with my ‘meh’ mic. My good ‘mic’ is like I’m right next to you in HD, but the others speaking are a little faded. We’ll do the best we can to modulate it. Listening with headphones might help you…or I might blow your ears out while you try to hear the others. It is what it is for today.


OK, easy to find us…

1: Go to Periscope home page.

2: In the ‘Explore what the world is seeing’ type in ffmetrics (all one word, lower case). You’ll see the option. I’ll title the stream ‘CFM NFL Draft 2018’ and you can find it that way as well.

If it gets disconnected for some reason, I’ll start it back up with the same name and ‘2.0’…just search ffmetrics and you can’t help but find it.

Pray that there are no technical glitches and the audio works out OK! Hope you enjoy the chaos of watching the draft with me and my compatriots.



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