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2018 Pre-NFL Combine Overview/Mock Draft: Offensive Tackle (FINAL)

Air Date:
February 27, 2018


Ground Rules on this NFL Combine preview scouting:

 -- Looking at the initial performance data from their college years in our system.

 -- Watching 10-15+ minutes of tape

 -- Giving an initial knee-jerk reaction to what I am seeing/feeling.

 -- Will rank them as if I am drafting them for the dynasty rookie draft, and I will also break them into tiers

 -- We don’t have the full host of measurables, so my reactions could change when I see the physical times and attributes. Sometimes your scouting eyes deceive you on how fast a player is moving, etc. We will be doing all the full-fledged scouting of these players after the Combine data is in.

 -- This ‘draft’ and analysis will drop in a player at a time at various times throughout the day. Check the clock on the title to see when the latest post was made.

 -- Height/weight is latest estimates we have from their listed info or all-star games, etc. Not official.

 -- Going prospect by prospect in alphabetical order.



The NFL Combine O-Tackles…


Current consensus top 5 OT prospects in the mainstream…

1) Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

2) Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

3) Kolton Miller, UCLA

4) Connor Williams, Texas

5) Chukwuma Okorafor, W. Michigan



*Five Tiers: A, B, C, D, F…like school grades. Players listed in ‘my favorite’ order.



**Tier A**


Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame (6’8”/312)

Thought this would be a Mike Mayock hype special because ‘Notre Dame’, but no…he’s probably the best OL out there, hands down. Is as guaranteed ‘money’ as there is in this draft. Almost always moving blockers backwards in the run game and is smooth into a backpedal for pass protection. Such a big frame and reach that pass rushers are mostly helpless/can’t get to the prize. He struggled a tiny bit with Bradley Chubb and NC State but not terribly, and Chubb is also fantastic. I see no flaw…unless he bombs the Combine he should be a top 5-10 pick, easily.


**Tier B**

Jamarco Jones, Ohio State (6’5”/310)

A possible ‘A’ O-Lineman prospect. He’s not there day-one -- but the raw tools are there. He might be an ‘A’ day-one for the run game. Great pop off the line and moves people backwards. In pass protection, a mixed bag…good feet to get back quick enough and dance but would release blockers too soon or they’d throw Jones off them and get to the QB. He rarely gets beat by a first move but by pass rushers pushing him around. Needs more upper body work and he might be fine. B+

Brandon Parker, NC A&T (6’7”/314)

Three-time all-conference OL at the D2 level. Solid all the way around the board – power, high-effort run blocker and gets back into pass protection very adeptly. Has a long body, reach to keep defenders away when he isn’t perfectly squared up. Really talented prospect, and in the argument for top 3 OT prospects in the draft from what I’ve seen so far. B+, possible A

Martinas Rankin, Miss State (6’5”/305)

A quality OL all the way around. A great downhill run blocker…generates force and moves people backwards. Can pull on blocks if needed…good feet. Gets back into pass coverage decently but has a nice mirroring ability and fights pass rushers well. He did a nice job with top pass rusher prospect Arden Key on the tape I watched. He’s almost can’t ‘bust’. Not sure he’s a—star but he’s a solid NFL starter. Could be a great guard and an OK tackle. B+

Tyrell Crosby, Oregon (6’5”/325)

Looks and moves like a starting NFL OT. Pretty athletic…was a very good high school basketball player. Very good backpedal and technique in pass blocking. Was decent in run blocking that I saw…not a mauler but solid locking up. Pass blocking is his forte…didn’t allow a sack or QB hit in 2017 according to statisticians. Solid for sure, possibly an ‘A’ level talent. B+

Desmond Harrison, West Georgia (6’6”/288)

Bounced around from a military academy to JUCO to backup/rotational OL for Texas, to kicked off the Longhorns after being suspended twice and wound up at West Georgia for his final two years, where he a 1st-team All-Everything tackle. All that checkered past balanced against – Harrison may have the best OL body and athleticism of any OL prospect at the NFL Combine. He is sleek, nimble, and aggressive. He dominated lesser talents, but you can see in a split-second he has an NFL 1st-round body. Not sure about his real skills against stiffer competition or his off-field baggage but he’s a legit NFL blocking prospect…a dilemma. B+, possibly an A+.

Orlando Brown, Oklahoma (6’8”/360)

He crushed lesser competition rushing off the left EDGE. He’s so big with such reach…if he squares you up there’s no way you can get by him – unless, you’re super-quick and talented. Watching him against Joey Bosa’s brother when they played against Ohio State…Brown couldn’t handle Bosa. He’s not fast enough. That’s the kinda pass rushers he’ll deal with at the next level. He has to move to guard perhaps. Like him going downhill more than backpedaling. B-

**Tier C**


Timon Parris, Stony Brook (6’5”/320)

Solid NFL prospect. Pretty powerful body and manhandles some pass rushers at the lower levels. Has the right body and look for the NFL. Seemed capable when facing D1 opponents. Solid prospect with upside. C+

David Bright, Stanford (6’5”/299)

Played OG on the two game tapes I watched but looks more like he might work as an RT or maybe LT. Fires out of the gates quick with fast feet…feet that they used to ‘pull’ him as a lead blocker on several running plays. I really liked his run blocking game effort and technique/ability. Pass blocking wasn’t bad…not as swift dropping into a backpedal. C+


Greg Senat, Wagner (6’1”/305)

Looks like he has an ‘A’ skillset/athleticism/body with ‘D’ understanding of playing offensive line. He was a basketball player for Wagner for two years and then asked to try out for the football team. He was going for TE, but they made him an RT. He looks like an NFL starting OL in a split-second look. However, when you watch the tape of him versus D1 competition he’s beaten by a not-so-great pass rush too often and is constantly taking the wrong angles, etc. However, he’s got a lot of natural ability/athleticism many OL prospects don’t. He can be groomed but it may take a few years. He’s a C+ on the potential of what he might be.

Chukwuma Okorafor, W. Michigan (6’6”/330)

A big body, and if he gets squared up with you you’re not getting past him or pushing him backwards. He’s a bit of a brick wall. However, he plays a little slower, tentative. You see that he looks like a legit NFL OG at a glance but then watch him play for a while and you’re wondering ‘where is the passion, where is the mean streak?’. There are tools to work with but it may take some time. C+

Brett Toth, Army (6’6”/305)

Looks like he could be the top sleeper OL in the draft. Mountain of a man. A strong run blocker in a virtual all-run offense with Army. Hard to say how his pass blocking skills are because Army rarely passed the ball. He seemed to hold up well versus Nick Bosa/Ohio State when matched up with him. Quality character coaches love. Has to wait two years before he can play (per my info) to fulfill his Army commitment. Might not be drafted, but someday he’ll play on Sundays. C+…B- if he could play right away.

Connor Williams, Texas (6’6”/320)

Interesting scouting dilemma. Everyone says he’s great but are also noting on-field problems in 2017…with weaker play. I watched two parts of 2017 games – and I didn’t see a great OL prospect. I saw an overly aggressive, arrogant OL who thinks he’s better than he is…saw him trying to pass block a few times with one arm like he was ‘so cool’. He isn’t that fast/athletic. Got beat off the jump a few times and was clinging/holding pass rushers to stop them. ‘Holds’ a lot. Will try to push defenders to the ground to humiliate them…so he looks like he’s a great pancake guy but he’s trying to do it too much --  instead of just blocking/protecting he’s trying to ‘be cool’/tough. He has some skills, but he also has flaws…bad ones. I thought he was an average blocker/athlete and then rubbed me the wrong way on tape with his actions. Tough guy NFL coaches will think he’s marvelous/passionate. C

Joseph Noteboom, TCU (6’5”/319)

Solid enough blocker. Better, stronger versus the run. Not bad defending the pass rush but not the fastest guy getting back. He’s solid. Could work as a guard or tackle, but guard may be a better fit. C

Kolton Miller, UCLA (6’8”/310)

Massive-sized OT and will really pop people in the run game, but he is very stiff and flat-footed, un athletic in pass blocking – he’s too often losing the pass rush leverage battle and sometimes just burned outright. He’s fine when he’s squared up but has a hard time getting square in the passing game. C-

Will Richardson, NC State (6’6”/304)

Pretty solid RT in college…a solid enough prospect for the NFL – but more of a backup/depth guy. Moves well in the run game and gets back solidly as a pass blocker. Not a left tackle options but more RT/OG and I’d bet guard. C-

Toby Weathersby, LSU (6’6”/308)

I don’t see him as an NFL OT at all. Guard at best. Solid run blocker. Not quick or aggressive enough to be an NFL tackle but big size, good wall, nice downhill at times to be a run blocking guard and safe pass blocker up the middle. Not special but useful, maybe can be coached into some upside. C-

Nick Gates, Nebraska (6’5”/295)

Gates is a solid OL prospect. He may be more backup/depth good, but he looks reasonable in run blocking and getting back into pass coverage. Wasn’t blown away but didn’t see many negatives in in brief tape watch. Might be a move to center. C-


**Tier D**

Geron Christian, Louisville (6’6”/318)

Former high school basketball player and aspiring TE prospect but was pushed to the O-Line and his body screams ‘O-Line’ – but I expected to see a nimble ex-hoops guy and I saw an incredibly slow OL prospect. Fires off the line slow and kinda imbalanced backpedaling. He’s a big dude, so if he squares you up you’re done but I did not see a great NFL OL prospect here because of limited athleticism. Maybe becomes a heavy hitting guard? D+

Brian O’Neill, Pitt (6’6”/305)

He was a TE prospect originally and after converting to OT…and the Panthers used him to run the ball a few times and even threw two passes (incomplete). I expected to turn on the tape and a see a very athletic big guy, but what I saw was a very stiff O-Lineman. Runs too stiff…is too flat-footed trying to hold his ground and gets outleveraged by good pass rushers. Watched him whiff some blocks because he was a little too slow on the draw. Highly unimpressed from where I thought he’d come in. D

Cole Madison, Washington State (6’5”/313)

Was an RT for Washington State in 2017. Solid for college blocking the run and OK against the pass. Most of the surges/contact points with pass rushers sent Madison backwards -- he didn’t ‘take it to’ blockers. Looks more like a guard than an NFL tackle. Wasn’t really impressed but not a total negative. D


Alex Cappa, Humboldt St (6’7”/305)

Big dude but seems more dumpy and slow out of the gates than a big-time mauler. I mean, I get it, he’s bigger than the guys he blocked at his lower level of college play, but I thought he struggled at the Senior Bowl and didn’t look that great in D2 games I skimmed. He’s moving to guard in the NFL to have a chance, I’d assume but just not in love with the first glance to give him a decent grade. As an OT: D-

Rick Leonard, Florida State (6’7”/305)

Began his college career as a promising DL prospect and then switched to OL. Big and tall and decent for college but nothing jumped out to me with him as an impact pro prospect. Has work to do on his upper body strength/physique. Might be able to shape himself into an NFL OL depth option over time. D-

**Tier F**

Rod Taylor, Ole Miss (6’3”/321)

Thin lower body. Stiff in his general movements. Off-field questions. This former five-star HS prospect looks nothing like a five-star. F

Jaryd Jones-Smith, Pitt (6’7”/320)

Major knee injury in 2015 has derailed a lot of his progression to becoming a legit NFL prospect. Not in the best of shape. Looks more like a guard than tackle…if he even makes it to the next level. F



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