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2018 Senior Bowl Daily Notes (Practice Day 2/WED) *5:44pmET

Air Date:
January 24, 2018

5:39pmET: South practice ends...a pretty dull session. The weak QB group is killing the offense...and hard to evaluate the defense.

That's it for today. One more day of practice coverage tomorrow and then we'll breakdown the game this weekend. The practices are the most critical thing to observe and to also see how the media is reacting to what they saw.

5:20pmET: I still don't see it with Oklahoma State WR James Washington. Not a graceful runner/athlete and when I watch him catch the ball it's not natural either.

Wow, WR J'Mon Moore had been quiet most of practice, partly because the QBs are garbage on his team. However, he just put a move on a DB in the drills...broke his ankles. No one here has route cutting moves/agility like Moore and I've not seen or heard anyone acknowledge Moore is even at the Senior Bowl.

4:44pmET: NC A&T OT Brandon Parker is starting to pop in the O-Line v D-Line drills.

4:40pmET: All eyes go on UTSA DE Marcus Davenport when they do the 1-on-1 line drills. He hasn't done anything magical so people are getting restless. For 24 hours before the first practice, Davenport was the top guy here by 'chatter'. In practice, he hasn't wow'd anyone, so people are getting sour on how high his push was.

Utah DE Kylie Pitts has looked more impressive rushing the backfield than Davenport.

4:15pmET: The South practice (just starting) is such a downer compared to the North because the South's QBs are garbage...and it will probably keep WR J'Mon Moore hidden as a prospect and hard for me to see more on Moore because he doesn't have talent throwing to him.

3:33pmET: NC State DT Justin Jones is starting to dominate line drills physically. He got the better of everyone on every drill, and then OG Will Hernandez shut him down.

QB Luke Falk is very comfortable in 11-on-11. Falk has such beautiful mechanics and footwork.

WR DaeShean Hamilton just keeps getting open. He's catching everyone's attention today.

11-on-11 changed when Baker Mayfield took over. What an arm. What release and vision.

All the hype and push is on Josh Allen. Everything he does, which is just 'throws fastballs', is reported as 'the greatest' and 'wow'. The analysts have talked themselves into it and now they are going to hoodwink the public on Allen. Sure, Allen can throw 100 MPH. He has arm skills. He just isn't a great QB. No one seems to care about the QB part they just want to fawn over arm speed. You;d think after all these years the NFL wouldn't fall for this...and yet, here they are.

The Super Bowl is Brady v. Foles...two guys football guys hated/ignored coming out of college.

3:22pmET: Oklahoma DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is starting to show a spark. Another guy that has an amazing, chiseled physique. At 6'1" he's more of an 3-4 OLB than pure DE.

OG Will Hernandez is dominating the Senior Bowl 1-on-1 with the line play. It's not sexy but he looks like the single best prospect at the Senior Bowl so far. The most singularly dominant player so far.

2:55pmET: Had the Jeremiah Briscoe comparison table in the Luke Falk report. Updating that report ASAP but here's what the Falk table of comparison data is (and it will be in a nice table format on the updated report...).

QB-Score QB Yr College H W adj Comp Pct adj Yds per Comp adj Pass per TD adj Pass Per INT

7.812 Falk, Luke 2018 Washington 75.6 211 68.2% 9.6 19.2 45.8

7.738 Weeden, Brandon 2012 Oklahoma St 75.6 218 68.2% 11.6 18.7 36.6

6.212 Brohm, Brian 2008 Louisville 74.9 230 63.4% 12.2 20.7 34.9

11.463 Brady, Tom 2000 Michigan 76.3 211 64.6% 11.8 15.0 37.9

11.148 Manning, Peyton 1998 Tennessee 77.0 230 63.2% 11.4 15.0 38.9

5.006 Halliday, Connor 2015 Washington St 75.5 200 67.2% 9.8 18.8 49.6

4.817 Kidd, Jeff 2017 Long Isl.-Post 75.3 225 65.3% 11.4 13.6 34.5

2:40pmET: 11-on-11 drills...

Every time I see QB Tanner Lee...he's throwing an interception.

Once we stopped doing no pass rush passing drills and started doing live 11-on-11, the Josh Allen problem started showing up. He's throwing the ball 100 MPH and nowhere near the receiver. He's jumpy and cannot read the I said in his scouting report. You have to spoon feed him timing plays...and he's throwing it no matter what. Throws with his eyes closed.

Jaylen Samuels just looks like a power RB for the NFL. He was an H-back, TE, RB in college.

2:11pmET: The North team WRs are really showing well.

DaeSean Hamilton and Cedrick Wilson are showing terrific moves to get open off the jump and Jaleel Scott and Justin Watson are just good at being WRs...hands, size, routes. The North team is super stacked. None of them superstars, but all of them 'good'. I didn't notice Hamilton in basic tape watching but at the Senior Bowl I am seeing his cut ability to get open...but not a great NFL body.

No point spread posted until probably Friday...but get ready to bet the North.

1:55pmET: A lot of 'positive' talk on Baker Mayfield...the tide is turning with the analysts and scouts. I wasn't sure if they'd turn on him or endorse him...they are starting to fall all over how good a QB he is and downplaying his silly off-field stuff as not as big a deal (as they should, in my opinion). His off-field stuff isn't on the level of Johnny Manziel, etc.

1:45pmET: Scouting Report on Luke Falk just posted. Honestly, it may be favorite study and most challenging prospect of the 2018 draft season so far. You're going to be taken aback, I have a feeling.

1:21pmET: Watched an interview with Vance Joseph. I never feel great after listening to him speak. I think he might have smoked up, per Colorado law, before this interview because he was goofy, repeating, and child-like delighted by everything. I just watched Belichick obliterate a reporter before watching Joseph's empty chat so it might be an unjust comparison.

Joseph said absolutely nothing in 2-3 minutes of discussions. He did say he wanted to watch pass rushers rush and cover guys there you go. No hints of what QBs he was liking...and he has all the ones that matter per the team's request of Phil Savage.

1:19pmET: There's a lot of discussion about the Senior Bowl's 'suggestion' to the 2018 coaches that they use practice time for more 1-on-1 drills and things to show off the players. The very first year I went to the Senior Bowl week, I screamed about what a waste of time it is because the teams worked on special team alignments and stretching for like 90% of the practice time. It's why I'm comfortable complaining about how poorly run the NFL is everyday...I walked into a long time event as a amateur and rookie to the event a few years ago and saw the problems in two seconds...coming from my business world background.

The NFL has almost no one with a real business background and they don't listen to outsiders anyway...the NFL and my teenage son both know everything about everything and don't need outsider opinions.

1:10pmET: Mayfield also said/hinted he 'was playing' on Saturday but I don't think we'll know until Friday. I suspect he won't play if he has a solid practice week.

1:05pmET: Baker Mayfield measurables...

6'0 3/8ths

216 pounds

9.5" hands

30.5" arm

Pre-Practice Notes...

12:45pmET: Leafing through a Google search on 'Senior Bowl winners' from yesterday, I don't see any overt trend -- Oklahoma State WR James Washington is the offensive skill position name I'm seeing the most.

I didn't see it in observations yesterday but I'll watch him more closely today because of it. Washington looked normal/OK to me, not a huge 'winner'. My guy at WR is Missouri's J'Mon Moore. He's the one guy I see 'star potential' in with the eyeball test...and I don't see anyone mentioning him seriously at this point. Just the way I like it.

OG Will Hernandez is getting the most universal love as a 'winner'. He will affect fantasy in helping the run game wherever he goes.

Everyone is waiting for the Baker Mayfield measurables to hit...that's the biggest buzz, and when they hit it will be over-covered and over-discussed all day.



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