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2018 Senior Bowl Daily Notes (Practice Day 3/THU) *5:33pmET

Air Date:
January 25, 2018

5:32pmET: More South practice notes...

-- San Diego St RB Rashaad Penny is not having a good day. He hasn't had any big moments all week, and today's he's dropping a lot of passes that he shouldn't.

-- Practice ending early. The 'winners' from the South practice/Day 3:

I started to see more from Oklahoma State WR James Washington. Everyone has loved him this week, I was neutral. I'm still not as a high on him yet, but I started to see some 'wow' today.

LSU WR D.J. Chark had a great day. He's got a big play spark.

RB Darrel Williams showed me he belongs in the NFL...lost in the shadows at LSU. Power runner, and really good hands.

DE Marcus Davenport showed more why he is a top 10 prospect. He's too much of a freak pass rusher.

That's it for Senior Bowl practices. Next up is the game and we'll break that down in a report on Sunday.

5:05pmET: More South practice notes...

-- UTSA DE Marcus Davenport is having his best day for sure in today's practice. For many, he's the top-rated prospect at the Senior Bowl. Frustration was growing with him but he's ending on a high note.

-- LSU RB Darrel Williams has to be considered one of the better 'sleepers' here. He'll be a late pick but could have fantasy impact right away in the right spot. Really good hands, big power runner...buried behind Leonard Fournette and Darrius Guice.

-- CB Siran Neal, Jacksonville St. is popping a little today.

-- LSU WR D.J. Chark keeps making plays today as well. His best day for sure. Known more for his return skills but he has receiver skills as well...just played with a bad LSU pass game.

4:38pmET: South practice notes...

-- Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta has stepped up to be the best QB on this squad. He's a smart, savvy QB who just lacks the big arm and a big awareness of him. Not a star but capable.

-- Indiana TE Ian Thomas...every time I see him in passing drills he's coming up with catches/beating coverage.

-- Auburn ILB Tre' Williams just does not look like he can hang with receivers at all. Didn't like his tape coming in and haven't loved anything I've seen this week.

3:53pmET: They are transitioning to the South practice.

North final practice/Day Three 'winners' (according to me)...

-- Arizona RB Kallen Ballage is showing skills, but the conundrum is his wild performance swings in college. He looks more 'legit' than fraud.

-- CB JaMarcus King, South Carolina...every time they have any live drills and a great coverage play was made, it was usually King stuck to his guy like glue. 6'2"/186

-- DT Justin Jones, NC State...A big man (6'2"/312) shouldn't move that quickly. When the interior line corrupted and a DT was in the backfield chasing a was usually Jones creating the havoc.

-- CB Trayvon Henderson, Hawaii...just 'good at coverage'. That's all I can say. He's just a really good corner.

-- Penn State WR DaeSean Hamilton is embarrassing some people with his cut ability. He gets himself open at will with his bounce and jab step and changes of direction on a dime.

3:31pmET: More North practice notes...

-- Baker Mayfield is so gifted at playing QB. He's just exudes an 'it' factor. he's not a 'system' QB...he is the system.

-- Here's Josh Allen football analysis in Senior Bowl practices in a nutshell... good passes = ogle over his arm. Bad passes (usually overthrown) = it's OK, everyone throws high sometimes and he just 'needs to clean that up'.

However, whenever the other South QBs do anything good (and Mayfield and Falk are doing great)...just a bunch of yawns. Allen has all the attention from the analyst community...and it's going to burn them again.

3:10pmET: North practice notes...

-- CB Trayvon Henderson, Hawaii looks great today. I'm a fan.

-- Luke Falk is such a natural QB...every throw is in a perfect spot it seems. He deserves to be in the 1st-round conversation.

-- Kallen Ballage is uncoverable in the passing drills v. linebacker coverage...then they put a safety on him for the drills...still uncoverable.

-- Wow, Penn State WR DaeSean Hamilton is putting on a clinic of route running and cutting the last three days (and today). Hamilton is one of the biggest risers of anyone in Mobile this week.

2:55pmET: Whatever you want to take away from the conversation I was just having...

-- The CB prospect teams are falling in love with at Mobile...Isaac Yiadom, Boston College. I thought he was the best CB at the Senior Bowl at my initial, basic study.

-- This person was also telling me some things about Matt Nagy...I can't share them here but it will be part of my Matt Nagy report coming soon.

-- Jaylen Samuels is gaining draft a running back. Analysts keep asking 'what is he?' because he played TE/H-back/RB in college...but NFL people are seeing an RB who has great hands and size.

**Commentary will go dark from about 1:45pm to 2:30pm for a meeting I'll be in...I'll be watching stuff but I cannot type real-time posts while having a discussion. I'll catch it back up right around 2:30pm or so.**

1:39pmET: People are expressing negative reviews on Josh Allen, and the NFL Network team is doing all they can to spin for Allen. I'm not pro-Allen, and I get the arm strength, but NFL people are so bought into his arm that they cannot see straight. They are going to make a story fit that Allen is only inaccurate because of players graduating from 2016 (but he was inaccurate every season with every supporting cast) or that the Senior Bowl WRs not used to his arm speed. It's sickening that you cannot have an honest discussion with a guy who has a lot of scouting flaws.

They have no problem bringing up Mayfield and Falk negatives, but mention Allen negatives and the system rallies to spin. I have no idea why. I don't know what's in it for them. They do the same thing with fading Sam Darnold. They lock in on a player and won't let go despite evidence to the contrary.

1:32pmET: Talking with some people with knowledge of the personal interviews...teams are pleasantly surprised by Luke Falk, like I thought they would be, and what they like/are surprised by...basically, Falk ran the whole offense himself. He could change plays, move to running plays back and forth, etc. Consider he ran his offense...and defeated Stanford, USC, etc. It's why we have Brady-Manning DNA running with Falk in our scouting models.

Pre-Practice Notes...

-- I spent some time looking up 'winners from Day 2 Senior Bowl' material on the web...and my takeaway is -- comedy, a delightful comedy. I looked at 6-8 different 'takes' from big-to-small outlets and no one had the same takes. There might be a name in common for some but what they are talking about on that player is different.

It all just struck me today on how complicated, and how random all this football scouting really is. All these football people looking at the same players/practices and they are coming away with different winners/losers and sleepers and their reasoning why they like whatever they like. Football scouting is an art mixed with science and it isn't easy -- it can't be because instant reactions to watching the same exact things are so different by person/scout/analyst.

Everyone, me included brings a bias to the table...we like certain characteristics, positions, schools, looks, etc., and it subconsciously taints our view. The hardest thing about scouting football is setting aside or recognizing a bias and not being influenced by what others are spouting off about.

All the no-name people, like me, watching Mobile Senior Bowl week...they all walk away with different viewpoints...they then (later) alter their views to fit the scouting of the mainstream because the mainstream has the loudest voice and assumed 'smarts'. The NFL team scouts will succumb to this as well...a way to cheat at their job, just follow the crowd's wisdom and you're always right/wrong together...and they push these copycat, mainstream scouting reports up to the GM, etc. The GM probably has less sleeves rolled up time than anyone...and they're the ones that have to make the pick. The whole system is dysfunctional...and some teams recognize this and hire outside consultants, but then tend not to listen to them. The outside consultants tend to be just a collection of football people in business for the sake of being in a business to collect income.

Having 10-20 scouts makes an NFL team/consulting firm seem powerful, but what are the odds 10-20 scouts are all great at what they do? You're lucky if you have one...and the other 10-20 are window dressing. Same for all the networks and all their analysts, etc. It's tough, thankless work over many years to become a great scout...and it's ever evolving. It has to be a life's work...but many people giving you 'winners and losers' from the Senior Bowl will be off to do fantasy basketball articles the next day. There's a difference in dedicating to this scouting life to just being 'super aware of things' and grinding it out and testing/re-testing theories and learning from the past year-after-year like a mad scientist, and living it/immersed in it everyday.

I have no idea why I wrote those 3-4 paragraphs, because I just meant to write that it's funny how everyone is looking at the same thing and no one agrees on anything they're seeing...but it turned into a soliloquy for some reason. But...I tend to do that from time to time.

Real notes...

QB Luke Falk is starting to get some love from the mainstream today, while people are backpedaling off DE Marcus Davenport -- that's a little too reactionary, I think on Davenport.

Besides UTEP OG Will one player is getting universal love through two days...that's good for dynasty/fantasy players because all kinds of guys are staying under the radar.

The guys I tend to find myself watching each day that keep making my scouting Spidey Senses tingle -- Missouri WR J'Mon Moore, NC State RB Jaylen Samuels, QB Luke Falk.



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