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2019 NFL Combine Streaming Notes: Day 1 (RB, OL, ST) *Last update 3:07pm

Air Date:
March 1, 2019

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3:00pmET: All done for day one of the Combine. Back at it tomorrow 10am

For the RBs, a few top 3s quick impressions...

Best Three RBs participating:

1: Trayveon Williams

2: Darrell Henderson

3: Alex Barnes

Three Who Surprised Me (for the good):

1: Alex Barnes

2: Miles Sanders

3: Travis Homer

Three Big Names Who Kinda 'Died':

1: Elijah Holyfield

2: Nick Brossette

3: Dexter Williams

2:48pmET: Good hands/bad hands...

No one here has great hands that I see, but...

Best = Mike Weber, Ohio State

Worst = Dexter Williams, Notre Dame

2:35pmET: Most 'rise' and 'fall' for me so far among the RBs...

Alex Barnes is catching attention because of his size and decent speed, he's also running well through the drills and catching passes well. Not 'wow' just I wasn't interested prior.

Elijah Holyfield has made himself undraftable today...everything is bad...slow 40-times and butchered his first pass catch.

2:32pmET: Getting ready to watch the RB passing drills. Just went through basic run drills. No one is standing out. Josh Jacobs is a winner by not being a part of it. This group is pretty weak for the NFL. Trayveon Williams is the only one standing out to some degree.

2:05pmET: The unofficial times for the RBs...

40 (1) 40 (2) Name College

DNP DNP Anderson, Rodney Oklahoma

4.46 4.46 Armstead, Ryquell Temple

4.63 4.59 Barnes, Alex Kansas St.

4.72 4.75 Brossette, Nick LSU

4.60 4.59 Gaskin, Myles Washington

4.58 4.64 Harris, Damien Alabama

4.53 4.37 Henderson, Darrell Memphis

4.50 4.58 Higdon, Karan Michigan

4.40 4.49 Hill, Justice Oklahoma St.

4.79 4.81 Holyfield, Elijah Georgia

4.49 4.54 Homer, Travis Miami

4.90 4.90 Ingold, Alec Wisconsin

DNP DNP Jacobs, Josh Alabama

DNP DNP Love, Bryce Stanford

4.68 4.70 Mattison, Alexander Boise St.

4.64 4.64 Montgomery, David Iowa St.

DNP DNP Moore, Jalin Appalachian St.

4.61 4.59 Ollison, Qadree Pittsburgh

4.53 4.60 Pollard, Tony Memphis

4.50 4.50 Sanders, Miles Penn St.

4.49 4.48 Scarlett, Jordan Florida

DNP DNP Scott, LJ Michigan St.

4.66 4.69 Singletary, Devin Florida Atlantic

4.70 4.67 Snell, Benny Kentucky

4.49 4.48 Weber, Mike Ohio St.

4.57 4.58 Williams, Dexter Notre Dame

4.58 4.60 Williams, James Washington St.

4.51 4.56 Williams, Trayveon Texas A&M

1:56pmET: Memphis RB Darrell Henderson ran a 4.53 40-time his first attempt, and then a 4.36 the second time...but before we get excited, it didn't look real and we await for the official number to be audited.

1:45pmET: Trayveon Williams didn't blow away the 40-time, but 4.51 is pretty nice among this group...and everyone was focused on his run and was talking to each other after. Like I said on that recent podcast...secretly, the best RB prospect in 2019 (among the Combine guys). I'm waiting for his three-cone and shuttle more than 40-time.

1:36pmET: It's what I thought so far among the RBs...the worst RB group in years, maybe in a decade+. All the talent is at WR.

A lot of 4.6+ times happening on the first attempts. Devin Singletary at 4.66 with his other poor measurements (hands, arms) is in trouble. Myles Gaskin similarly with his 4.60 and not great measurements.

I've got a sneaking suspicion the best RB is looming outside this Combine group. Probably a small school UDFA we'll find ahead of the crowd...

1:29pmET: The first half of the first group of RBs...nothing special. Mostly 40-times that will kill their draft stock...especially Elijah Holyfield's 4.79.

Justice Hill hit a 4.40 and Ryquell Armstead a 4.46...the best so far. A lot of 4.55+. Damien Harris's 4.58 wasn't great either.

*Josh Jacobs is reported to have a groin injury, thus he's skipping. FYI

1:16pmET: Josh Jacobs is skipping the timing drills. I think guys who have earned/been gifted 'draft status' are smart to sit on the hype...because they have nothing to gain at the Combine, really.

I think Kyler Murray is smart skipping the throwing/running at the Combine. Jacobs...not sure if the 'skip' will help -- I think his top of class mainstream status is very shaky/ready to be toppled. The door is open for an RB prospect to pressure Jacobs. My guys of interest to do that are Damien Harris and Trayveon Williams.

Devin Singletary is high on my interest list, but the 28.8" arms and 8.5" hands deflated my balloon a bit.

In general, this is a weak group...we'll see iof we can find a shocker.

1:03pmET: OK, finally setting up for the RBs. Probably 1:15pm or so start time. I'm going to really watch the hands/passing catching drills this year...a lot of these guys didn't get the chance to catch a lot of passes for their college team...or from decent QBs.

People have been reacting to the Jay Gruden talk pumping up Colt McCoy. As I've said, Gruden LOVES McCoy...liked him better than Kirk Cousins. He'll try to start McCoy if he can find a way -- the best way is to draft a 2nd-4th-round QB to go-with.

12:35pmET: Official 40-time 'fastest' for the OLs...

4.89 = Erik McCoy, Texas A&M

12:01pmET: Quick lunch time. Countdown to the RB times and drills, finally!! Estimate about 1230 or so.

11:43amET: Both OL Groups have run, waiting for 'official times'. My instant reaction top 5 from the OLs based on the chatter happening...

1) Garrett Bradbury, NC State...franchise center talk.

2) Cody Ford, Oklahoma...his power and size, but moved well for 329 pounds.

3) Andre Dillard, Wash State -- had high expectations and ran well, looks quick...but got gassed at the very end of the on-field drills (which won't matter for his stock).

4) Chris Lindstrom, BC

5) Erik McCoy, Texas A&M -- might have the fastest 40-time of the group.

Sleeper Buzz: Devon Johnson, Ferris State -- 6'7"/338 running a 5.13...he has a lot of people chirping.

11:28amET: OL Group2 winners so far on their first run...

Texas A&M Erik McCoy runs a 4.90.

BC's Chris Lindstrom runs a 4.92 with a 1.70 10-yd split.

11:13amET: Was just asked...'What happens to Dalvin Cook's fantasy value when Minnesota drafts one of the Alabama RBs?'

Of all the RBs trading as an RB1 this early offseason -- Cook is the most at risk of a value collapse after Day Two of the NFL Draft.

10:48amET: Talking to a friend, we were having a 'draft' of the NFL head coaches most likely to get fired in/after 2019 season...

The six coach draft...

1) Me: Mike Tomlin

2) Him: Doug Marrone

3) Me: Jason Garrett

4) Him: Mike Zimmer

5) Me: Matt Patricia

6) Him: Dan Quinn

We agreed that Tomlin would be the one to get hired the quickest. Where? Minnesota...and we speculated that if Tomlin was gone, that would definitely push Zimmer out if they were on the fence. Tomlin was the D-C for MIN before going to Pittsburgh.

10:28amET: OL1 group still blocking bags and running around the field. It is absolutely the Andre Dillard and Garrett Bradbury show. Dillard pushed as a top OT and Bradbury making a move to be considered the best Center in the draft, and into the first round type of activity.

Dillard was sweet during the Senior Bowl, and I didn't catch/notice Bradbury as much there (but more my issue with not watching the OLs as much)...but looking at the tape the NFL Network is playing...Bradbury is pretty great as a Center prospect. Great work with his arms walling off defenders with ease.

10:03amET: Slow going with the OL1 group doing on-field movement drills. The winners remain: (1a) Andre Dillard and (1b) Garrett Bradbury.

9:51amET: During the OL1 drills, it was announced Brandon Graham re-signed a three-year deal to stay with the Eagles.

9:40amET: The two Combine 'winners' among the OL Group 1 are...

NC State Garrett Bradbury hitting 4.93 (unofficial).

Wash State Andre Dillard had both times under 5.0 (4.99/4.97) with a best 1.69 10-yard (so far).

Good times from the group but no 'wow' moments yet. Dillard's set, with the nice 40s and 10-yards, stands tallest right now.

9:21amET: NC State OL Garrett Bradbury hit an unofficial 4.95 40-time with a 1.74 10-yard split. That's an early 'win' among the OL group.

One of the top guys, Washington State Andre Dillard hit 4.99/1.70.

9:07amET: OL prospects getting to run first, so it will be a while until we get to what we're all more interested in -- the RB prospect drills. I'll report on any key items from the OLs but also dropping in whatever other nuggets come across my desk.

One thing that has my attention -- watching Ron Rivera's press conference yesterday in more depth today... I would take him seriously when he says they are looking to add an RB to help take workload off Christian McCaffrey. I'm taking his numbers down some in Dynasty rankings update today.

8:46amET: This will be the home of my Day 1 notes, commentary, times, etc., as things happen and as I get/hear/interpret information. We're here for the full ride today until the drills end, and the same SAT-SUN-MON.



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