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2019 NFL Combine Streaming Notes: Day 4 (DBs) *Update 1:43pm

Air Date:
March 4, 2019

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1:37pmET: The DB names generating the most chatter from Indy work according to me...

1) Greedy Williams, LSU

2) Isaiah Johnson, Houston

3) Jamel Dean, Auburn

4) Zedrick Woods, Ole Miss -- the safety who ran a 4.29

5) Juan Thornhill, Virginia -- freak numbers, then minor injury and was done.

1:13pmET: No more 40s this week. It's over but for the on-field drills that make little sense...but is an opportunity for Deion Sanders to promote more things, and to call himself 'Prime' in the 3rd-person.

Unofficial times for the Safeties:

40 (1) 40 (2) PLAYER COLLEGE

4.50 4.45 Abram, Johnathan Mississippi St.

DNP DNP Adderley, Nasir Delaware

4.52 4.54 Amadi, Ugo Oregon

4.68 4.71 Battle, John LSU

4.84 4.84 Bell, Mike Fresno St.

4.48 4.51 Blair, Marquise Utah

DNP DNP Crawford, Jonathan Indiana

4.65 4.73 Denis, Lukas Boston College

4.81 4.62 Dixon, D’Cota Wisconsin

DNP DNP Edwards, Mike Kentucky

4.64 4.66 Gant, Malik Marshall

4.49 4.50 Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey Florida

4.48 DNP Hampton, Saquan Rutgers

4.45 4.42 Harris, Will Boston College

4.53 4.49 Hooker, Amani Iowa

4.69 4.74 Johnson, Jaquan Miami

4.80 4.78 McLaurin, Mark Mississippi St.

DNP DNP Rapp, Taylor Washington

4.45 4.50 Redwine, Sheldrick Miami

4.39 4.37 Savage, Darnell Maryland

DNP DNP Tell, Marvell USC

DNP DNP Thompson, Deionte Alabama

4.43 DNP Thornhill, Juan Virginia

4.40 4.51 West, Darius Kentucky

4.56 4.72 Willis, Khari Michigan St.

DNP DNP Wilson, Donovan Texas A&M

4.59 4.57 Wingard, Andrew Wyoming

4.37 4.30 Woods, Zedrick Mississippi

4.69 4.64 Worthington, Evan Colorado

12:48pmET: OK, we have the breakout DB of the day emerging...a guy who has everyone diving back into their notes and saying they need tore-look at his tape: Virginia Safety Juan Thornhill...a 4.43 40-time with a 44.0" vertical (not a typo) and an 11'9" borad jump with 21 bench reps. That's freakier than D.K. Metcalf in some senses. Wow. I know my initial preview wasn;t anything memorable. I'm going back to re-study as well.

12:30pmET: Word on the street is the NFL guys were not thrilled with what they saw with the CB group. The NFL Network guys were joking about it too. It should mean that Greedy Williams has a lot more guy in a weak class?

12:27pmET: Here comes the last 40s...the Safeties.

12:11pmET: All these DBs are going crazy with high-end/record setting broad jumps and verticals. The league is being invaded by athletic freak WRs and CBs. It's cool, but it dilutes how important t take one early in the draft when so many will be there Day-2 and Day-3.

11:40amET: Listening to some of the NFL Network coverage...Deion Sanders giving tips on what CBs need to do makes me wonder...sure, Deion was a 4.2-3s guy before that was more normal. How great would Deion have been as a 4.57 guy? I mean that's easy to say what the DBs need to do in drills, but they all have different gifts, sizes, etc. It's like Magic Johnson coaching basketball...not everyone is Magic Johnson. You can't teach his vision...especially 20 years ahead of his time...and not at that size. How is a 5'11" point guard going to relate? Deion was super-fast before his time playing when there were five good QBs and 5-10 good wide receivers...this era is totally different from talent to their experience in the passing games from their youth.

You can tell by that rant not much is going on right now with on-field CB drills...

11:11amET: Watching the DB on-field drills with half-an-eye. It does little for me. No WR to play against. I like seeing their 'hands' catching the ball, but if a guy is a great cover corner with top measurables, I don;t care if they can catch. I want a corner so good the ball isn;t even going their way to pick off.

10:39amET: Non-DB thought this morning...

-- It should be a pretty easy decision for the Cardinals to pick Kyler Murray #1 overall…it’s simple to figure out how to value Josh Rosen compared to Murray. Here’s how easy it is…

At least 3-5 teams will want to draft Kyler Murray top five, if they can get to them. A few will be willing to trade several draft picks, etc., for the right to have the #1 for Murray.

If Josh Rosen was offered to any team today in exchange for any 1st-round pick, not one phone call would arrive. No team wants Josh Rosen as their starter, on purpose, and the Cardinals would be lucky to get a 2nd-round pick for him today. Washington is now the team linked to Rosen, but I doubt they give up a 1st-round pick.

If Murray and Rosen (after his year of work in the NFL) were both in this draft…and every team had to choose one or the other – the 31 other teams would choose Murray. Only Son-of-Owner/President Michael Bidwell and GM Steve Keim have any loyalty to Rosen.

We’ll see if Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury are destined to get themselves fired this year (Keim) and the following year (Kingsbury) by not making this upgrade at the NFL’s most important position, as we all know and proclaim always.

It will be the drama of the offseason and it makes the Arizona Cardinals interesting again, for now.

10:20amET: Based on the 40-times, reactions, and chatter...the top five CB winners so far...

1) Greedy Williams, LSU

2) David Long, Michigan

3) Isaiah Johnson, Houston

4) Jamel Davis, Auburn

5) Derrek Thomas, Baylor -- 6'2.7" running in the 4.4s.

The unofficial 40-times:

40 (1) 40 (2) NAME COLLEGE

DNP DNP Austin, Blessuan Rutgers

DNP DNP Baity, Derrick Kentucky

4.53 4.63 Baker, Deandre Georgia

4.48 4.47 Ballentine, Corey Washburn

4.45 4.46 Boyd, Kris Texas

4.76 4.75 Brown, Blace Troy

4.53 4.52 Brown, Jordan South Dakota St.

4.43 4.45 Bunting, Sean Central Michigan

4.55 4.52 Cheevers, Hamp Boston College

4.50 4.48 Crawford, Xavier Central Michigan

4.58 4.68 Davis, Davante Texas

4.31 4.33 Dean, Jamel Auburn

4.53 4.76 Fenton, Rashad South Carolina

4.37 4.39 Fields, Mark Clemson

4.69 4.69 Hartage, Montre Northwestern

4.65 4.61 Holder, Alijah Stanford

4.46 4.5 Jackson, Mike Miami

4.40 4.45 Johnson, Isaiah Houston

4.52 4.61 Johnson, Lonnie Kentucky

4.50 4.51 Layne, Justin Michigan St.

4.54 4.60 Lewis-Marshall, Iman USC

4.47 4.46 Long, David Michigan

4.54 4.58 Love, Julian Notre Dame

4.49 4.55 Miller, Jordan Washington

4.46 4.54 Mullen, Trayvon Clemson

4.55 4.56 Murphy, Byron Washington

4.48 DNP Oruwariye, Amani Penn St.

4.66 4.63 Peters, Jamal Mississippi St.

4.62 4.69 Pulley, Ryan Arkansas

DNP DNP Sheffield, Kendall Ohio St.

DNP DNP Smith, Saivion Alabama

4.45 4.54 Thomas, Derrek Baylor

4.49 4.43 Webster, Ken Mississippi

4.38 4.45 Williams, Greedy LSU

4.65 4.69 Williams, Joejuan Vanderbilt

4.59 4.52 Ya-Sin, Rock Temple

10:03amET: Low key day with the corners. Combine fatigue is setting in all over Indy. Only the Greedy Williams 4.38 got a crowd reaction and head's turning and things being written in notebooks by the football people.

9:49amET: 32 corners ran a 40-time (1st attempt) and 26 of them ran under 4.60/in the 4.3-4.5s.

Greedy Williams locked in his top 10 status with a 4.38(un).

9:37amET: Still the corners all are falling 4.4-4.5s, but Auburn Jamel Dean just shocked everyone with a 4.31(un)...coming off a knee injury.

9:23amET: First couple CBs running...everyone is in the 4.4s and 4.5s pretty much. They wave of speed/talent at WR is matched, to a degree, by the corners covering.

8:14amET: One more day…one more day…I keep telling myself. This is the final day of the 2019 NFL Combine. I’ll be glad for it to end, in the sense that…all these numbers, all this data -- it’s like I just 300 Christmas presents on the same day. I want to play with them all, but I don’t even know where to begin and how do you play with 300 new toys in one day? I’ve got a lot of work to do uploading the data, seeing what The Computer says, and studying the prospects deeper. I need to get to work, but first I got 50+ more presents to open today.

What I’m looking forward to Day Four…

CBs: Lonnie and Isaiah Johnson, Joejuan Williams, Blace Brown, Jamal Peters, and Greedy Williams. I wish Kendall Sheffield, but he tore his pectoral at the bench press – more reasons for top guys to skip this dog and pony show.

SAFs: Andrew Wingard and Jaquan Johnson…and Deionte Thompson, but I’m wondering if he’ll skip everything with his ‘Alabama Hall Pass’. If I were him, I’d be inclined to skip it all.

As soon as the final drill is done, I’m done. Taking the next 24 hours off. Don’t worry, I haven’t slept for four days, been working, so my first deeper scouting report will be out Tuesday along with other things I’ve prepared in advance.

I’m also finishing my D.K. Metcalf scouting report. Let me just say, 1,000+ word lead-in before we start getting to a deeper analysis…that puppy might be 3-4-5K words. The Metcalf scouting report is going to be bananas, you’ll see. An analysis, I think, you won’t see anywhere else (until it’s copied by others after). You think you know where I’m going with it based on some Twitter jokes and my normal sarcasm…just you wait and see. This report is for the pro and anti-Metcalf crowd. You’ll see.



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