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2019 Week 1 Preseason Thursday Night Video Q&A/Watch Party (9pmET start) *On-Demand instructions...

Air Date:
August 8, 2019

*You can watch/listen to last night's show in Twitch right now by going to the link below and watching the recording (2+ hrs).


2019 Week 1 Preseason Thursday Night Video Q&A/Watch Party (9pmET start)


OK, Shindig has fallen apart on us. I like their format for Q&A’s, but their video and audio were becoming unreliable as time went on. So, we’re switching to a new, easier format.

When in trouble…call out to Amazon.

More specifically, Amazon owned mega-platform for video/live streaming – ‘Twitch’.

Some of you may be Twitch users. Most of you have heard of Twitch but might have not ever used it. It’s pretty simple. You don’t even have to have a user/password to access the show, but if you don’t have the user/pw set up…you cannot send me a question.

You can watch on computer or mobile device with EASE. All the kids are doing it!

Twitch is the home of the video game streamers. The largest platform in the world for it.

Because it’s so huge and ‘it’s Amazon’ we don’t have to worry about stability or support with Twitch. It’s about as reliable as it gets. And that makes my life easier. My YouTube star/son Nateson is an expert at Twitch as is my gifted tech support son (Jakester), so I have extra special help here…you’ll see some clean graphics, etc., already set up with more design and features to come as we see if Twitch will be our new home.

I have a link to the show/my channel ‘ffmetrics’ below. Click it and you’re ready to watch. Again, sign in/have an account if you want to ask questions/make comments. Setting up an account is easy…like 30 seconds tops.

I have little control (right now) over the questions/comments coming in with a Twitch stream. Twitch was designed, in part, to enhance audience participation. With our old format I had all the questions sent to me and I could bring them up one at a time for all to see while I answered. With Twitch…the comments and questions come as fast as they are sent…and they all get intertwined. It’s going to be new for me on how to handle watching football, keeping up with comments/questions, and you being able to see them. I have less control/things move faster on Twitch…we’ll see how I do.

Allow me some grace on keeping up with the questions. I’ll try to get to all of them, but my control is less than before. This will be a nice practice run to see how it goes. I may need to take questions in email instead and read them versus using their fast-moving chat section.

If you want to ask a question, not make a comment, but ask a fantasy/football question…please start out by typing @ffmetrics, which adding that highlights your question when you post it. I can look for the highlighted posts for questions among all the words.

If you have a question, gimme those particulars…scoring system (PPR, 4 or 6pts pass TD, etc.), special bonus scoring, lineup config special items, # of teams, dynasty/redraft, etc., that helps me answer the question.

The chat feature is great, but if anyone gets out of line -- I have the power to ban the user. Let’s keep it clean and friendly!!

Let’s see how this new world of Twitch works for all of us.

Click this link and you’ll be taken to our Twitch channel:

I’m planning to start at 9pmET, watching the various preseason games while I’m taking questions from the audience. We’ll roll on until about 10:30pmET or so…whenever Arizona stops playing Kyler/the rookies we’re interested in.

I may be on 15-20 minutes prior to 9pmET checking the video and getting my bearings straight and watching the games and making comments and answering early questions if anyone is out there early. I’ll send an App alert when I go on ahead of 9pmET, and you can also customize Twitch to alert you when I am on the air anytime.

At 9pmET, sharp, I am going to share my five or so camp notes to start the show and then I’m taking all your fantasy/football questions and we’ll slow down to watch Arizona’s opening offensive drives and then finish 10:30pm+.

The show will be available on-demand with in 24 hours for your viewing/listening pleasure. We’ll set up a post to the show for you. 



About R.C. Fischer

R.C. Fischer is an NFL Draft analyst for College Football Metrics, and a football projections analyst and writer for Fantasy Football Metrics. 

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