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2020-2021 Devy Prospect Scouting: RB Ty Chandler, Tennessee

Air Date:
July 7, 2019

2020-2021 Devy Prospect Scouting: RB Ty Chandler, Tennessee



True sophomore in 2018



I was doing research on Maryland’s Anthony McFarland when I came across a YouTube report on the top high school running backs (from a few years ago). Apparently, McFarland was one of the ten…so, I started watching just to see what was said about him. I didn’t know what number on the list he was so I just started watching their top 10 countdown -- and #10 was Ty Chandler.

As soon as I saw Chandler in motion, on high school tape, I had my attention captured. One of the most fluid in movement runners you’ll see. He just moves unlike 99% of the running backs out there. As the rest of the top 10 list played there were a lot of guys who are known now (Najee Harris, etc.) and some I didn’t know…but none of their highlights captured my attention like McFarland’s and Chandler’s. Thus, I wanted to do some more research.

After watching 2-3 games and his highlight reel, here are the notes I took on Chandler…

 -- Great hands, like NFL receiving back-ready right now hands.

 -- Fluid movement like he’s a robot built for efficiency of movement. One of the only guys I could think of with movement like his, at first, was David Johnson – but he’s a much smaller RB prospect than DJ.

 -- Plays like an Alvin Kamara…not a great runner of the ball on instinct, but makes up for it with his athleticism, strength, elusiveness…and has those great hands like a WR. Better than Kamara’s hands.

 -- Runs like Josh Adams in the open field…efficient movement and avoidance skills and will just dash by or pull away from defenders like they’re standing still.

 -- If you trust what I’m saying about Chandler’s hands, then get this…

2018 season, first three games…no catches.

2018 season, next four games…4-5-3-7 for catches in a game (nearly five catches a game).

After those 7 games, he didn’t have a catch the final 4 games of 2018 season…even though he had a decent amount of carries/he was playing in those last four contests.

Not sure what Tennessee is thinking underutilizing this great receiving weapon.

 -- Tough runner, hard to bring down…it’s just he is more of a run-to-the-hole RB vs. shifting, finding space where there wasn’t. He needs holes to operate. He’s not an NFL bell cow worker because he’s weak working the congested interior – but, maybe, he improves on this with another CFB season or two?


Chandler, if/when he gets NFL attention, will be known for his great receiving skills…and because he plays for Tennessee, the Kamara comps will be flowing…and he does play a lot like Kamara. He will enter the NFL with a skill set to contribute right away but not as a lead guy as part of a duo. He lands in the right offense…’next Kamara’ could be reasonable.

I’m looking forward to seeing if a full breakout might happen in 2019…or 2020. 



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