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2020 NFL Combine Preview Scouting – CBs

Air Date:
February 27, 2020

My Combine previews of each prospect attending the event is me taking 20-40 minutes and reviewing some game tape and going over career numbers/output and some background info – just trying to get a quick feel for the player and reporting out a few sentences on what I see. So we can watch/look at the Combine results aided with more info going in.

Some of the players I’ve previewed in 2019 and/or at the 2020 East-West Shrine or 2020 Senior Bowl weeks as well. The QBs have been scouted deeper and run through our scouting models already. Overall, it’s my best ‘flash’ opinion without going deeper with the tape or having the true measurables for the prospects.

Once we have the measurables, we’re off to the races with deeper studies and bigger reports up to and through the NFL Draft – but for now, here’s my quicker take…subject to change/being wrong once I get deeper into the studies with them:

CB Josiah Scott, Michigan State, 5’10”/171 (Grade: F)

Good feet but tends to play way off in coverage. And is way too small and not physical enough for the NFL.


CB Amik Robertson, Louisiana Tech, 5’9”/183 (Grade: D-)

He’s willing to scrap with WRs, but his size really puts him at a disadvantage too often against NFL-size/strength WRs. I didn’t see huge speed/cover ability either vs. Texas 2019. College good…NFL forgettable.


CB Myles Bryant, Washington, 5’9”/185 (Grade: D-)

Classified as a CB prospect because of his size but played some safety on the tape I watched. He has decent feet, but the size is just not there for a safety. He’s going to have to play corner, slot corner, and what I saw was a safety mindset trying to play corner…not polished in coverage – wants to hit, which is great, except he’s so small a lot of bigger bodies just never budged when he tried to hit them. He might have a future as a corner in the NFL, but his size is going to be a barrier to getting too excited unless he blows away the Combine.


CB Jeff Gladney, TCU, 5’11”/183 (Grade: D-)

They bill him as 6’0”, but he might be 5’9-10”. Saw NFL prospect WRs have their way with him on routes and sprinting deep. I don’t see a great NFL prospect here at first glance.


CB Darnay Holmes, UCLA, 5’10”/190 (Grade: D)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

They list him 5’10”+ and 199 pounds, but looks more like 5’8”+ and 185+. He didn’t stand out in coverage and he looked too easy to push around for bigger WRs (which most every WR is bigger than him). Has the desire but maybe not the ability/body for the NFL.


CB Harrison Hand, Temple, 6’0”/192 (Grade: D)

Energy and effort are there, but the speed/movement skills just don’t pop the way you want to see for an NFL CB prospect. Nothing stood out here. Transferring from Baylor after 2018…that doesn’t make me feel good if a player is going away from Matt Rhule.


CB James Pierre, Florida Atlantic, 6’1”/185 (Grade: D)

Has some length to work with but a very skinny frame and really suspect cover skills. Did not look great in his big spotlight game vs. Ohio State in 2019.


CB BoPete Keyes, Tulane, 6’1”/200 (Grade: D)

Very thin frame. WRs were moving him around at will to get open or blocking/boxing him out of plays too easily without a push back enough from Keyes. Has NFL size/reach but his cover skills are lacking. Plays way off the ball and tries to react from there, gives up a lot of easy activity in front of him.


CB John Reid, Penn State, 5’11”/184 (Grade: D+)

Scrappy, undersized corner…but solid talent. Nice movement/feet in coverage and is aggressive/tough. He’s a legit NFL prospect, just not a high-end one.


CB Essang Bassey, Wake Forest, 5’10”/190 (Grade: D+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Not a great cover corner. Better sitting back in a soft zone and reacting. Better CB prospect for a zone cover team. Might be a better free safety than CB prospect. Aggressive, energetic, but highly questionable cover skills.


CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah, 6’0”/195 (Grade: D+)

He might be 180+ pounds vs. the 195 listed. He has a skinny frame that WRs easily get physical with and get by him. I didn’t see great reaction/mirroring skills. NFL size, reach, and decent speed/agility but I was not blown away by his cover abilities…and he definitely does not tackle well (or try often).


CB Lavert Hill, Michigan, 5’11”/181 (Grade: D+)

From my East-West previews…

A little-smaller-than-you’d-like CB prospect. He’s aggressive and has decent movement skills, but I saw him getting beat by bigger receivers like it was nothing. He may be 1-2 inches smaller than they list him, we’ll see. Just not enough here to get excited about for the NFL, but he’s tenacious…he might make it to a pro roster on sheer effort/heart.


CB A.J. Terrell, Clemson, 6’1”/190 (Grade: D+)

He’s getting a ‘Clemson’ bump from what I see. He has some height and a little reach, but watching him vs. Ohio State…he played off the ball a lot, couldn’t hang with the top WRs when they ran tight routes, and had a difficult time tackling because he’s thin-framed and not that into it. There’s a lot better built, trained, executing guys in this draft at corner that didn’t go to Clemson. I guess we need more Mackensie Alexander’s in our lives.


CB Javaris Davis, DB, Auburn, 5’10”/180 (Grade: D+)

Good effort, solid instincts but so-so athleticism and might be less than so-so for cover speed/mirroring ability. He looks like he might be a decent nickel or dime DB in a zone concept. Not the greatest one-on-one coverer that I saw…likes to hang back and guess/move to the action.


CB Javelin K. Guidry, Utah, 5’8”/185 (Grade: D+)

I wish I could give a better grade but he’s so small it’s going to hurt his translation to the NFL. He has really fast feet and nice coverage skills…a legit cover talent but in such a small package he’ll be at a major size disadvantage in most all his matchups – it’s going to be tough for him to overcome getting boxed out or worked over the top on. It’s a shame, but if he’s that small it’s a problem in his profession.


CB Stanford Samuels, Florida State, 6’2”/185 (Grade: D+/C-)

Decent cover skills. Nice length. Not very physical, weak tackler. Skinny frame.


CB Nevelle Clarke, Central Florida, 6’1”/187 (Grade: D+/C-)

Has the size for a nice NFL CB prospect. Tough like a safety. My question is his footwork/speed…whether he really is an NFL starting CB. He has a lot pieces but watching him cover I didn’t see the natural speed/cutting of a great corner. The NFL Combine might make me re-think that. Might be a decent safety prospect if not a corner.


CB Trevon Diggs, DB, Alabama, 6’2”/207 (Grade: D+/C-)

Very raw CB prospect…a WR to CB convert in his sophomore season. Has the size/length to impress. Suspect burst/closing speed. Has the long speed to go deep with WRs, but he’s either off on his technique or struggles to close in on throws in front of him. There’s definitely something to work with here. There is an upside…I have cautious grading here. Maybe too cautious.


CB A.J. Green, Oklahoma State, 6’1”/190 (Grade: C-)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Update: Showed size, toughness, ability to hang as a serviceable NFL CB at the Senior Bowl.

Org. Comments: Plays cornerback like a safety, and sometimes I mean that as a compliment on toughness…but I mean it more insulting here. Slower feet in coverage. Looks more bulky, more physically suited for safety. Smart player. Good college CB, but I don’t see a high-end NFL corner prospect on the tape I watched.


SAF Alohi Gilman, Notre Dame, 5’11”/202 (Grade: C+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Very quick safety. Works in coverage and closing in on the running game. Willing, solid hitter. This is a very legit NFL safety prospect. Began his college career with the Navy, transferred to Notre Dame after his freshman year.


CB Trajan Bandy, Miami, 5’9”/186 (Grade: C+)

Mixed bag of things to consider… Plays much bigger/tougher than his listed size. Has one of the best bursts/closing speeds at this Combine. There are things to love. On the other side of things – not the ideal size for an NFL corner and plays a little erratic…wanders around the field watching plays a little too much (when he could be running to the scene to help just in case) and some jawing and woofing that’s not needed, but fine…but would be better served just making plays instead of getting in opponent’s faces every time he makes a normal/good play. He’s got skills for sure, might be a B grade with more info.


CB Michael Ojemudia, Iowa, 6’1”/200 (Grade: C+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Update: Every time I watched him, it seemed, he was checking up nicely on all the WRs. Possible ‘B’, maybe?

Org. Comments: Has nice length. So-so cover skills. Not bad in coverage on short passes but doesn’t appear to have the high-end speed to keep up/mirror with high end receivers. Watched him against Michael Pittman Jr./USC in their bowl game…Pittman got open pretty much any time he wanted, but his QB was not looking his way much of the time/the USC QB isn’t great/looked like he decided not to test Ojemudia as much as everything else was available.


CB Reggie Robinson II, Tulsa, 6’0”/197 (Grade: C+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Physical corner who likes to play up in a receiver’s face. Has longer arms and uses them well to jam receivers off their initial route. Plays a little grabby but stayed with WRs fairly well. His NFL Combine speed and agility times will determine his fate, on whether he can use that same aggressive style at the next level or not. Came on strong as a senior and as the season went on – 8 pass defenses in his final three games. Teams tried to go at his aggressiveness, but he held his own mostly.


CB Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn, 5’11”/200 (Grade: C+)

Good size, good feet. Covers nicely on tape. Not ‘wow’ but very solid. Watched him v. MINN and was surprised he didn’t want to take on Tyler Johnson more, and when he did…Johnson bested him.


CB Dane Jackson, Pittsburgh, 6’0”/190 (Grade: C+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Update: Was one of the better CB prospects all week. Tougher and better than I believed from my preview.

Org. Comments: Solid cover corner prospect. Good size. Suspect speed for the NFL. Was a team captain. Watching him against Joe Reed (Virginia), I thought Reed just looked like the NFL athlete and not Jackson. Jackson is active and tough, and played a little linebacker at times for Pitt in some alignments. He’s got some NFL hope, just not high-end hopes at my first preview.


CB Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi State, 6’2”/185 (Grade: C+/B-)

Great size/length. Good speed. Physical in coverage. I thought his cover skills were so-so, judging on an NFL level. He’s got a lot of the other tools in place…speed/agility to cover as an NFL starter is the question. Could also move to safety – he’s a big, tough player.


CB Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern, 5’11”/190 (Grade: C+/B-)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Seems like a solid cover corner. Hard to tell his full capabilities because teams stayed away from him in 2019, the game tapes I watched…even Joe Burrow was like ‘no, thanks’ not testing Vildor’s side of the field. Vildor has a solid size, good movement/cover skills, a solid frame, and was a team captain. He looks like NFL material for sure. Hard to tell if it is A or B or C grade material from this preview alone. This Senior Bowl week will fill in some blanks. 


CB Damon Arnette, Ohio State, 6’0”/195 (Grade: B-)

Very solid CB prospect. Not much more to say. He checks a lot of ‘good’ (maybe no great) boxes – good size, a bit on the skinny side (and may be 5’11” not 6’0”), nice feet, mirrors WRs well. May be better slot CB than outside CB but should be fine either way.


CB Bryce Hall, Virginia, 6’1”/200 (Grade: B-)

Great length with long arms. Highly energetic, passionate cover corner who appears to have NFL starter speed/break/mirroring abilities ready to go. Not blazing speed, but good speed. Willing tackler, but a shoddy tackler sometimes (dives early and whiffs a few too many times…he tackles like a corner). Plenty of tools and gifts to work with here. QBs avoided him in 2019 after a great, breakout 2018.


CB Kristian Fulton, LSU, 5’11”/200 (Grade: B-/B)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Well-schooled, smart/instinctive cover corner prospect. Has NFL size and speed and agility to play corner at the next level. He’s not afraid to be physical. He has good break on the ball and nice recovery skills on underthrown/timing passes. Just a solid prospect all the way around.


CB Troy Pride, Notre Dame, 5’11”/194 (Grade: B+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

QBs didn’t want any part of throwing his way. Pride has high-end feet/speed to stay with receivers. He has a good NFL size with the right bounce in his step/movement skills. He has a sturdy frame and is physical…plays CB with the mindset of a safety at times. A very solid CB prospect for the NFL.


CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska, 6’3”/215 (Grade: B+)

From my Senior Bowl previews…

Update: Was way off on him in his preview. His cover skills were way better than I realized during my preview. He was great mirroring WRs all week and in the game. He might be a 1st-round CB if his NFL Combine numbers come in right.

Org. Comments: A prospect coming over from the East-West Shrine group. His size is getting him noticed.

What I wrote on his preview for the E-W Shrine: Raw CB prospect. Was a safety for a few seasons, then moved to CB full-time. Has nice size. Has some athleticism but not very fluid in coverage. Is getting better. His versatility and size might get him into the NFL to work special teams while they groom him at CB or SAF or both.


CB Stantley Thomas-Oliver, Florida International, 6’2”/184 (Grade: B+)

A ‘wow’ player for me…in that he is a WR to CB convert and he has all the raw tools of a 1st-round CB draft prospect. Has the size/length, and a sculpted, muscular body that looks like a safety. He has the energy/toughness of a safety but the speed of a corner, and the ‘wow’ size for a corner. He could be one of the great sleeper prospects of this draft because he’s like a Richard Sherman look at corner or could move to safety and be a player too. This is a legit prospect that a sweet speed/agility time at the Combine could launch into the top 100.


CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State, 6’1”/200 (Grade: A)

Very aggressive, confident cover corner with all the mirroring and closing speed skills you’d want in a cover corner. He’s also a very willing tackler. Hard to find a flaw in his game. He’s right up there with Florida’s C.J. Henderson. I like CJH a touch better in coverage, but Okudah’s energy and tackling make up the gap. Their Combine numbers will likely be a tiebreaker for me.


CB C.J. Henderson, Florida, 6’1”/202 (Grade: A)

It’s hard to scout him because QBs stay as far away from him as they can. I thought he was terrific when I previewed him summer of 2019, and I’m not changing my opinion now after watching some 2019 work. It’s the same guy – NFL feet/movement skills. Covers/mirrors with grace and confidence. He’s an instant starter day one for his new NFL team. His Combine numbers could cause him to be an A+, maybe. 



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