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2020 NFL Combine Preview Scouting – DTs

Air Date:
February 25, 2020

My Combine previews of each prospect attending the event is me taking 20-40 minutes and reviewing some game tape and going over career numbers/output and some background info – just trying to get a quick feel for the player and reporting out a few sentences on what I see. So we can watch/look at the Combine results aided with more info going in.

Some of the players I’ve previewed in 2019 and/or at the 2020 East-West Shrine or 2020 Senior Bowl weeks as well. The QBs have been scouted deeper and run through our scouting models already. Overall, it’s my best ‘flash’ opinion without going deeper with the tape or having the true measurables for the prospects.

Once we have the measurables, we’re off to the races with deeper studies and bigger reports up to and through the NFL Draft – but for now, here’s my quicker take…subject to change/being wrong once I get deeper into the studies with them:



DT Carlos Davis, Nebraska, 6’2”/320 (Grade: D-)

From my East-West preview

Played a lot of middle/NT for NU from what I watched. Was just taking up space, no real pop or playmaking ability flashed. Was eaten up by Wisconsin blocking.

DT Khalil Davis, Nebraska, 6’2”/315 (Grade: D+)

From my East-West preview

The better of the two ‘Davis’s’ on Nebraska’s front line. Khalil is the superior prospect. Watching them against Wisconsin – Carlos Davis was getting shoved around, whereas Khalil Davis was more holding his own against the big Badgers’ line. Davis looks like a solid space eater 4-3 DT prospect.


DT Broderick Washington, Texas Tech 6’2”/305, (Grade: D+)

Good pop off the snap but slows down as he goes. Got gassed easy in tape I watched. NFL body but not a difference maker of star level worker that I saw.


DT Raequan Williams, Michigan State, 6’4”/301 (Grade: D+)

From my East-West Shrine preview: A big dude that clogs up the middle, but not much more than that. He’s tough. Gives good effort, but no real ‘pop’ in his game for the next level. Might make it as a hole-clogger but not as an impact player.


DT Darrion Daniels, Nebraska, 6’4”/325 (Grade: D+)

Pretty good movement skills for such a big body. Not chiseled, just an old-school big belly/land mass in the middle. He has some NFL nose tackle ability – just a plugger not a disruptor.


DT Benito Jones, Mississippi, 6’1”/329 (Grade: D+/C-)

From my Senior Bowl preview: From my Senior Bowl preview: Big bodied DT/NT. Decent feet. Takes up space. Can move the pile but I saw him get pushed back 1-on-1 a little too much for his size. I saw no signs of something special or radical. Just an NFL body and decent movement skills. He can hang in the NFL, possible starter.


DT John Penisini, Utah, 6’2”/333 (Grade: D+/C-)

From my East-West Shrine Preview: Slow off the snap but strong as an ox. Holds up the 4-3 DT interior pretty well/isn’t easy to block out of a play. He’s not going to make plays/wreak havoc, but he will give you a strong body plugging up the middle.


DT DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State, 6’4”/310 (Grade: C-)

From my Senior Bowl preview…

Update: Held his own all week and made plays in the game itself. I still do not see star power but he’s a legit potential NFL starter body/athlete at DT.

Org. Comments: Has NFL size for a 4-3 DT and decent movement skills, but really was not a factor on the game tape I watched. Gives up pretty easily on plays. Pops up every now and then with some penetration but really never stood out as an impact player on the field.


DT Leki Fotu, Utah, 6’4”/335 (Grade: C-)

From my Senior Bowl previews

Mass of humanity. Typical Utah space eater in the middle. Can move well for his size but I saw him lose energy pretty quickly in games off and on. He’s a big man moving a lot, he gets slowed down too quickly. He might shave 10-20 pounds and be a real monster. Likely he stays 330+ and plays NT in the NFL.


DT Rashard Lawrence II, LSU, 6’2”/308 (Grade: C)

Played a decent amount of 4-3 DE in 2019, and that hurt his ability to put up numbers – he’s not a rush end, he’s a 4-3 DT with good feet for the interior. Not great feet, but pretty good…NFL-worthy. He will make the league; I just don’t see a high impact player.


DT Josiah Coatney, Mississippi, 6’3”/325 (Grade: C?)

Weird scouting preview session…looks and moves like an A-B grade player at times – seems to be slipping by his blockers pretty regularly. I was impressed, but then…he was never making any plays. He was mostly running past plays, or just going left if the runner went right, etc. All the talent in the world to get into the backfield but then never makes a play when he’s there. If a tree falls in the forest – does it make a sound? His statistics are disappointing, but he was also matched up too much as a 3-4 DE trying to beat an offensive tackle…not the best way for him to impact. There’s something here, but there is something wrong too. I can’t put my finger on it.


DT McTelvin Agim, Arkansas 6’3”/300 (Grade: C+)

From my East-West Shrine Previews: One of those DT prospects that is listed at around 300-pounds but looks like 260 and wears a low uniform number (he’s #3), and he just stands out as this ‘flash’/very quick interior lineman that wreaks havoc. Had registered at least 0.5 TFLs in 16 of 20 games in a stretch during his junior-senior seasons. If Agim is 290+ pounds, for real…then he might be a ‘B’ prospect. He just doesn’t look like it at a glance…and if he’s 260-270 prospect, then he might be more of a ‘D+’, a ‘tweener’.

DT Derrick Brown, Auburn, 6’4”/318 (Grade: C+)

Has size and strength and can move well for his size…but he’s not a top DT prospect that I can see. In a year where the top DT prospects are 300+ pounds and look and move like sleek 260-270 pound guys, Brown is not that – he’s a big-bellied, uncut/non-muscular-armed mass of humanity who is ‘country strong’ not ‘weight room crafted’. I was totally unimpressed watching him against Alabama 2019…single blocked out of plays at will. If he lost 20 pounds and hit the weight room, we might have something here. Not a top DT prospect for me.


DT Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M, 6’2”/304 (Grade: B-/C+)

Played 4-3 DT, looks like a sleek linebacker…not a 300+ pound DT. He is another one of these 300+ pound DTs who moves with grace and quickness from this class.

DT Jordan Elliott, Missouri, 6’3”/315 (Grade: B/B-)

Another 300+ pound DT prospect who looks like he’s 260-270 pounds…these guys are in so much better shape on the defensive frontline than their forefathers. Elliott is going to be desired by teams that are focusing on chasing mobile QBs – Elliott is very quick and energetic shedding blockers and flowing with the play to chase after the action. He could be one of the better run-stopping DTs in this draft, but he played more bum rush the backfield up the middle in college. He may project better in a different role/specialty like a Kenny Clark (UCLA/GB) did.

DT Raekwon Davis, Alabama, 6’6”/312 (Grade: B)

From my Senior Bowl preview (he skipped Senior Bowl)…

I thought he was an ‘A’ previewing him summer of 2019 looking at his 2017 season…but, statistically, it’s been downhill from there – and the tape shows it too. In 2017, he was lean, nimble, and all over the place. In 2019, he was blocked out 1-on-1 by better O-Lineman and looked a little heavy and slow footed. His 2017 season was an ‘A’. His 2019, was a ‘C-‘. So, I’ll give him a ‘B’ because that 2017 guy existed once, he might again. Big disappointment scouting him this time around.


DT James Lynch, Baylor, 6’4”/295, (Grade: B)

Played mostly as a DE rusher for Baylor, and was really good…amazing, really, for a 295-pound player. As a DE prospect, he’s a C+/B-, but as a 4-3 DT prospect, he might be closer to B+ or even A grade. I want to see his measurables, but this could be the DT sleeper of the 2020 class.

DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma, 6’1”/302 (Update: B+)

From my Senior Bowl preview…

Update: Has the body, movements, look of a top DT prospect but he was just ‘good’ in Mobile, not dominant or ‘wow’ that I saw.

Org. Comments: Can really move at 6’2”/302…moves more like a 275-pound DE than a 300+ pound DT. He looks like a traditional 4-3 DT. I’m grading him highly on his movement skills and energy. His stats and highlight reel are limited because he was doubled a lot a 3-4 NT, but he’s definitely NFL top 50 material at first glance.


DT Marlon Davidson, Auburn, 6’3”/297 (Grade: B+)

From my Senior Bowl Preview…

UPDATE: I was given notice he was 280 +/- pounds and he was listed as a DE prospect, but really he is a sweet 4-3 DT prospect and he’s near 300 pounds officially – which now I see his movement skills as ‘great’, for that size. His advanced info was misleading and his work at Auburn as a DE doesn’t help him shine. He needs to be a 4-3 DT to shine.


DT Ross Blacklock, TCU, 6’3”/305 (Grade: B+/A-)

Beautiful feet for a 300+ pound player. I watched Neville Gallimore and Javon Kinlaw ahead of the Senior Bowl and at the Senior Bowl – I’ll take Blacklock over them just looking at movement skills. I watched Blacklock vs. Baylor and they double-teamed him almost every snap, that’s a reason why his stats/numbers aren’t off the charts.


DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina, 6’5”/310 (Grade: A-)

From my Senior Bowl preview: This is a first-round body, a first-round movement ability at 300+ pounds…and it looks like a 1st-round talent overall. Hard to tell how good or great he is from some preview tape because he’s double teamed a lot. When Alabama and Clemson are double-teaming often…you must be pretty good. When he gets single blocking, he is driving blockers into the backfield. He’s a top 20-40 talent for sure in this draft. 



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