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A Preview Scouting Look at the Top 2020 Devy IDP Prospects (DBs)

Air Date:
June 15, 2019

I’m preview scouting 3-5 of the top players at each position (including IDPs) for the 2020 NFL Draft/Devy Dynasty draft class. I’m looking at 2-3 games (against top opponents they faced), looking at their highlight reel, and looking over their output numbers so far. This is not a perfect way to go about this because I like having their final college season to analyze along with the measurables to compare and profile. It’s early, but I like to take this early look and give my instant reaction. Obviously, we’ll be re-looking at these guys again pre-Draft and at the Combine, etc., next year. For now, here’s my quick take.

*In order of worst-to-best by school grades I assigned. Some of these players will be displayed in our top 300+ Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings going forward so you have an idea – they will be classified on team ‘Devy’ (for your searches of them starting with the 6/14/2019 rankings).

CB Stanford Samuels, Florida State 6’1”/180 (Grade: C-/D+)

First thing that jumped out – terrible tackler. Is too often trying to hug around the shoulders and wrangling ballcarriers down. That won’t work well/at all  in the pros, unless he’s a real shutdown corner…which I didn’t see that either. He plays more like a free safety, and covered receivers pretty well but his tackle skills are such a turn-off. Nothing I saw here made me interested in him for fantasy/IDP.

CB Cam Dantzler, Mississippi State 6’1”/175 (Grade: C)

Nice length in coverage. Pretty quick sticking with his WRs. Is a thinner-framed but plays a lot tougher and is a willing tackler. I was not ‘wowed’ with what I saw, but he looks like he’ll be an NFL body someday…and I could see him with some upside ahead.

CB Bryce Hall, Virginia 6’0”/195 (Grade: B-/C+)

Impressive body…plays CB but looks like a strong safety, physically. He’s average in coverage but more aggressive in pursuit of a tackle. I could see him shifting to strong safety or free safety and becoming one of the top safety prospects in 2020.

SAF Grant Delpit, LSU 6’2”/203 (Grade: B+)

Very impressive, sound football safety – he works well in so many ways. He’s can play strong safety, but often moves up into linebacker for LSU, and occasionally comes up and rushes off the edge. Covers well. Smart in his blitzes. Tough, quick, good tackler. A very nice, sound prospect.

CB C.J. Henderson, Florida 6’0”/190 (Grade: A)

Hands down the best cover corner I saw of the group. Better than anyone in this past 2019 NFL Draft group when I think about it from that aspect as well. Very quick feet. So smart mirroring a WR. Sturdy…can hit people or play physical in coverage. It got to be boring watching his tape because QBs just gave up even looking at his side of the field most of the time.



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