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A Preview Scouting Look at the Top 2020 Devy IDP Prospects (LBs)

Air Date:
June 17, 2019

I’m preview scouting 3-5 of the top players at each position (including IDPs) for the 2020 NFL Draft/Devy Dynasty draft class. I’m looking at 2-3 games (against top opponents they faced), looking at their highlight reel, and looking over their output numbers so far. This is not a perfect way to go about this because I like having their final college season to analyze along with the measurables to compare and profile. It’s early, but I like to take this early look and give my instant reaction. Obviously, we’ll be re-looking at these guys again pre-Draft and at the Combine, etc., next year. For now, here’s my quick take.

*In order of worst-to-best by school grades I assigned. Some of these players will be displayed in our top 300+ Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings going forward so you have an idea – they will be classified on team ‘Devy’ (for your searches of them starting with the 6/14/2019 rankings).

LB Paddy Fisher, Northwestern 6’3”/240 (Grade: C-)

A big’ lumbering middle linebacker prospect. He plays very physical and is like a brick wall when he meets ballcarriers, but the problem is he appears slower than you want your middle linebacker to be. He doesn’t have the punch to chase down ballcarriers. Looks like a defensive end playing inside linebacker. If he’s more athletic than my eyes tell me, then he’s a solid ILB prospect for the NFL. I just don’t see the ‘wow’ at all in him.

LB Jabril Cox, North Dakota State 6’2”/230 (Grade: C)

A raw, FCS linebacking talent. Was a star high school QB. Went to NDSU as a skinny OLB prospect in 2017 and turned into a thicker ILB performer in 2018. Shows some NFL size and athleticism. Has good moments, and then bad. Tends to misread plays and directions and is out of the play. Could be groomed into a better more complete ILB, but could default to an athletic 4-3 OLB in the pros.

LB Dylan Moses, Alabama 6’2”/230+ (Grade: B)

Strong, quick, aggressive, quick feet/agile…he has everything you’re looking for in a linebacker prospect. The fact that he’s ‘Alabama’ will make him a top-rated prospect for sure. He might deserve it. Very good in coverage…shows more 4-3 OLB instincts than ILB ones but picks through trash and finds ballcarriers in the interior pretty well too. Definite ‘B’ first look that could develop into an ‘A’.

LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson 6’3”/225 (Grade: A)

Going to be a terrific NFL prospect. He can legit play Safety, OLB, ILB, and rush of the edge as 3-4 OLB if needed. So multi-dimensional. He is tall, well-built (like no body fat at all) with long arms and fast feet. He moves around the formations to different positions so much it’s hard to get a read on what he’s best at in a short preview, but I can see he is just a talented football player and wherever he winds up he’ll be fine…and the fact that he can line up all over is another advantage. He looks like a thicker, stronger, taller Justin Simmons (DEN safety).

LB Shaquille Quarterman, Miami, Fla. 6’0”/240 (Grade: A)

The best ILB prospect of the group, without a doubt. I’m not sure I’ve seen better feet on an interior linebacker in my years of scouting. He’s like if Barry Sanders was a linebacker, but taller/looked like a linebacker. Lineman try to block Quarterman and he just pop-pops his feet and OLs are blocking air, as Quarterman just sidesteps and finds the ballcarrier. He’s aggressive, athletic, can cover, hits hard…he has it all. After my short preview, I would rate him as better than any ILB prospect in the 2019 class…if he were eligible this year.



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