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A Preview Scouting Look at the Top 2020 Devy Prospects (TE)

Air Date:
June 14, 2019

I’m preview scouting 3-5 of the top players at each position (including IDPs) for the 2020 NFL Draft/Devy Dynasty draft class. I’m looking at 2-3 games (against top opponents they faced), looking at their highlight reel, and looking over their output numbers so far. This is not a perfect way to go about this because I like having their final college season to analyze along with the measurables to compare and profile. It’s early, but I like to take this early look and give my instant reaction. Obviously, we’ll be re-looking at these guys again pre-Draft and at the Combine, etc., next year. For now, here’s my quick take.

*In order of worst-to-best by school grades I assigned. Some of these players will be displayed in our top 300+ Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings going forward so you have an idea – they will be classified on team ‘Devy’ (for your searches of them starting with the 6/14/2019 rankings).

TE Jake Breeland, Oregon 6’4”/245 (Grade D)

Looks like a 4.8+ runner, a weaker athlete for a TE prospect. There was nothing special that I saw here…not in his movements, hands, size, general activity.

TE Jared Rice, Fresno State 6’2”/225 (Grade D+)

Undersized ‘move’ TE prospect. Really nice, smooth hands catching the ball. Nothing special is his speed/burst moving around the field. He’s thinner-framed, more like a WR than TE. You want to hope there’s some Jordan Reed-like abilities/skills here, but he’s really much smaller, less athletic looking than you’d desire for that specific role. Perhaps, he surprises at the NFL Combine with speed/agility, but I didn’t see it upon this preview.

TE Joey Magnifico, Memphis 6’4”/235 (Grade: C+)

He’s going to get a lot of Travis Kelce comps because he’s ultra-amped up, demonstrative about everything and is about the same size/movements. He’s going to gain prospect attention just by his enthusiasm and on-field ‘displays’. He looks like a solid enough TE prospect, and a pretty solid, active receiver. Being a sneaky Kelce-a-like pro is not out of the question.

TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt 6’4”/250 (Grade: B+)

One of my favorite prospects to watch of the entire 2020 offensive group that I previewed. There’s just something about Pinkney that my attention is drawn to. He has some of the best feet for a TE prospect I’ve ever seen. I’m not talking 40-time fast, because he’s probably a 4.6+ runner (which is fine for a TE but not ‘wow’). It’s just how fast he can make his cuts, stop-start movement – I rarely see TE prospects with this foot skill. He’s not the fastest, tallest, biggest vertical but he might possess the most important skill of all…quick off the draw and smooth changing directions. He has very good hands and is a smart receiver. 50 rec., 774 yards, 7 TDs in 2018 is pretty nice for a college TE.

TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri 6’5”/250 (Grade: B+)

I’m giving the slight edge for top TE prospect in 2020, at this stage, to ‘Albert O.’ He just has that NFL TE look with high-end movement skills. I’d project he’s a 4.5+ runner with very good agility for a TE prospect. He has a young Jimmy Graham-ish or Kellen Winslow Sr. way about him in the passing game. His tape is basic because Drew Lock is a somewhat limited QB…too much of Okwuegbunam’s passing game action was him slipping out off the line or fake blocking and taking off down field (or so much attention to the WRs, he slipped out undetected), and he’d be wide open for an easy toss from Lock. He’s not going to be able to get away with that in the NFL so easily, but he looks capable of being more of a real TE/passing threat not just a surprise option. There’s something here – 17 TDs in his first two seasons, for a college TE that’s amazing. Most college TE’s are lucky to score 10 TDs in a 3-4 year career. We’ll see how Albert O. reacts in 2019 without Lock.



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