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‍It Seems Silly/Minor, But It's Impacting My Redraft-Dynasty-Best Ball Rankings In A Major Way...

Air Date:
June 28, 2019

It Seems Silly/Minor, But It's Impacting My Redraft-Dynasty-Best Ball Rankings In A Major Way...

You may have seen this already; you may not have…but once I watched it – I rushed to the computer.

Watch it for yourself:


That’s video of several Arizona skill position players lining up for a quick race…and that’s Kyler Murray and Andy Isabella neck-and-neck with everyone else many lengths behind.

Andy Isabella is a real 4.31 40-time runner. He was a track star in high school and proved his speed at the NFL Combine. Kyler Murray ran step for step with him.

Murray skipped running at the NFL Combine and at Pro Day visits. On tape, he certainly looks fast, but you never really know for sure ‘how fast’ until they’re timed. Our eyes can deceive us often. I had to hedge a little on scouting models for speed and rushing projections for Murray – I thought he’s likely a 4.4+ runner, but worried he was ‘just’ a low-4.5s runner. He looks like a faster Russell Wilson, but Wilson was a 4.5+ runner. If Kyler is near a 4.5+ runner…he’s ‘less special’. If he runs in the 4.4s…that’s a bit more of a ‘wow factor’ (at QB). But if Kyler is a 4.3+ runner…you’ve gotta be kidding me.

A great, natural passer goes to the perfect system for offense AND he likes to smartly run (not a run first QB like Lamar Jackson), AND he can (potentially) run a 4.3+ 40-time…which means he’s not only going to compile rushing yards…he’s going to bust off 50+ yard TD runs.

We have never seen anything like what’s about to happen with Kyler Murray in the NFL and for fantasy.

All preseason, I’ve had Murray top 3 among QBs in all scoring formats…#1 in 4pts per pass TD leagues and #2-3 in 6pts per pass TD leagues.

I’m moving him to #1 QB…and it should also be #1 overall in all formats. *After the 6/28 midday (eastern time) updates.

I’m going to keep pounding this drum:

You have one job this preseason/dynasty-fantasy draft season – pay up for Kyler Murray. If you don’t get Murray…for the value/bargain he’s going for (because no one in the media/fans will believe it until they see it…like with Mahomes or Mayfield)…you’re making a huge mistake for 2019.

2018 was the Year of Mahomes-Tyreek (MYreek).

2019 is the Year of Kyler-Kingsbury (nickname TBD)



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