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Jason Katz Test Interview With R.C. -- Talking A.J. Brown and Miles Sanders and a Million Other Things...

Air Date:
July 23, 2019

I shot/did a test/concept video interview a few weeks ago with Jason Katz on the subject of why my dynasty rookie rankings/outlook was so low on A.J. Brown and Miles Sanders. Because I cannot answer a simple question without going into a 10-minute story and sidetrack, the video went like 90+ minutes…and went all over the place into various related discussions. There’s some interesting audio (there’s not much to the video besides our faces talking words) discussions on the value of rookies, etc. I think/hope you’ll enjoy it killing time on a walk, a commute, or when you’re supposed to be working, etc.

We’ll release it to subscribers only. It’s not for public consumption for a few reasons.


Couple notes…

*It’s a test video for us testing the YouTube format/process.

*We didn’t edit it much or put any cool graphics, etc. in on it behind the scenes because I was just testing a conversational format.

*Video ends abruptly because the format we used (Shindig) ended the recording at a certain time for unknown reasons so we lost the last few minutes.

*Audio gets off, if you’re watching it, the last 20 minutes or so. The words and our lips are not in sync…and my video-editing-son fix it as best he could (and it was an issue starting 5-minutes into it). Testing this format (Shindig) for this project – it didn’t test well, technically. Lesson learned.

So, note…it’s just a test/raw footage. Released because I think you might enjoy the conversation. We’re still testing and trying to figure out video presentations behind the scenes – it’s a lot more involved then ‘hit record’ and ‘upload to web’. You’ll see more tests ahead. 

YouTube Link: FFMETRICS ajbrown-3042



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