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Special Alert: I Missed It on This 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Prospect, But That’s About To Change…

Air Date:
May 21, 2019

Special Alert: I Missed It on This 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Prospect, But That’s About To Change…

Just a quick alert for those in any drafts today, prepping for drafts this week…and those who already drafted (I have a trade to-do item for your summer shopping list…).

And, before I reveal this…I must apologize. I missed this by a mile, initially. I’m in the middle of studying this player because I feared I missed something, and I did. I missed what there was to see with Toledo WR prospect turned shock #66 pick of the Steelers, Diontae Johnson.

You want proof that I’m human – I had an ‘F’ grade Johnson initially (based on performance data and Combine results relative the rest of the class). There was nothing that jumped out ‘on paper’. My scouting models had nothing that stood out. That’s why I changed from pure analytics scout/analyst to a hybrid of numbers and investigative tape and background scouting…there are some things ‘just the data’ cannot catch.

I’ll be completing my deeper scouting of Johnson and filing the report ASAP, but in the short term I wanted to get you this new information…

-- There is an absolutely great reason why the Steelers are running around saying ‘next Antonio Brown’ here. That line got tired with Eli Rogers and Demarcus Ayers, so it was easy to ignore a guy (Diontae) getting the same noise from Pittsburgh, with no one having rated him as highly as the Steelers…that it was just another ‘chasing of the wind’.

They may have caught the wind.

-- When I post DRD ranking updates special today (because of Johnson and the Washington linebacker situation), Diontae is moving from in the 60s to our top 20 (his ADP in DRDs with IDPs is around +/- 30, but my news will send his Dynasty Rookie Draft ADP to the mid-20s or better within a week or so.

-- On our next Dynasty and Best Ball rankings update…you’ll see a sharp move for Johnson as well. I’m beginning to believe he’ll be a starter Week 1 and be relevant in his rookie season in PPR leagues.

More details on how/why I missed this, my corrections, my comps, my ‘joy’ found in his upcoming scouting report.

I feel like an idiot for missing this, but that’s what this game is about…constant ‘on the lookout’, research and re-work – getting right in the end, even if you’re not right first.

You have a right to be mad if you already did your rookie draft and missed him. I’m mad because I’ve missed out on him for a few weeks now. Wait for my report, and then if you agree…you’ll have to slyly backdoor your way to him. You just come out and ask for him in a deal today…his price will double as his current owner wonders what you know.



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